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Listing created by jeremy on January 28, 2013    

Benjamin Barker is a an Australian brand offering office-appropriate menswear. To date, Benjamin Barker has four retail outlets in Singapore. The stores are a one-stop shop for the trend-conscious office gent with their range of tailored separates, formalwear and leather goods.

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Tailored look

A man in a perfectly pressed tailored shirt is sure to get my attention. I am not superficial, but don't deny it ladies, he looks sophisticated and classy and is worthy of that brownie point.

Benjamin Barker retails shirts that look beyond smart and although most are not tailored, they fit well. Each time I see my boyfriend put on a Benjamin Barker shirt, I feel as though my breath has been taken away. The attention to detail, such as button seams in a contrasting colour, is spectacular. The shirts are all priced reasonably for their amazing style and quality.

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Office Boy

Thank heavens I am not an office drone. It must be ever so boring to have to don the corporate uniform of long-sleeved shirt and tailored trousers day in day out. That must be why more and more office drones succumb to the urge to personalise their office attire with quirky colours, printed shirt details and novelty collar shapes. Some office drones even manage to show off their gym-buff physiques by getting their threads altered to fit like a button-popping second skin by their friendly neighbourhood seamstresses. Not exactly tasteful, no.

Raoul made a killing selling tacky office shirts to wannabe yuppies and now Benjamin Barker aims to muscle in on a piece of that menswear pie. Sort of like a poor man's Paul Smith. Benjie claims to hail from Down Under, but its dot au website doesn't have an actual Aussie site (yet). Curiouser and curiouser.

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