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Listing created by jeremy on January 27, 2013    

W.E. Workshop Element is a home-grown fashion retailer. Their coterie of labels is a mix of local and foreign fashion talent. Occupying a substantial amount of floor area on the third floor of Wisma Atria, W.E. Workshop Element offers a comprehensive selection of style options for the girl / guy about town.

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Support Local Talents

W.E. houses several local brands, such as Max Tan and Reckless Erica. If you're a tourist, do pay this place a visit and get a feel of our homegrown designers.

I always love paying a visit to W.E., as I believe our local talents have so much to offer. I've seen very unique pieces that I can't find in commercial stores like H&M and Zara.

The one thing holding me back from a purchase though, is the prices. Obviously, the designers are unable to price their items as cheap as those of the stores I mentioned above. I enjoy looking at the designs, and wish I can purchase some items one day, but right now, I just can't afford to.

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(Updated: January 27, 2013)

Size Does Matter

W.E. Workshop Element is a brave new concept store occupying a correspondingly brave amount of Orchard square footage on the third floor of Wisma Atria. Instead of pandering to mass market taste (or lack thereof), the merchandising mix here is clearly not trying to catch the crumbs from the H&M/Uniqlo fast fashion table. There probably isn't much of a market in sartorially ho-hum Singapore for the likes of KTZ from London or design veteran Woon Chor but it is heartening to see their wares on the shop floor.

The price point of the merchandise is more accessible than it might seem at first, with snake skin clutches and Lanvin necklace knock-offs providing an affordable entry point to avant-garde style for the twenty-something set.

I love the spacious, loft-style interior with its white-washed walls and faux industrial decor. C'est cool!

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