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Rui Ling Teo
Listing created by Rui Ling Teo on December 28, 2012    

LALU is a fashion retailer that offers clothing and accessories inspired by the rustic mood of the 1980s. Apart from accessories and apparel, this store also aims to reinstate nostalgia through its store interior, as well as interior enhancements accents like wind chimes and flower vases. 


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beautiful but expensive clothes

I make it a point to visit the Lalu store in Marina Square every time I'm in the area. Their new arrivals are something to look forward to, as their designs are really pretty, sweet, and rather uncommon!

The clothes sold in Lalu have a very Korean or Japanese feel to them, and would definitely appeal to those who like girly, feminine clothes. Prices are somewhat steep - I bought a babydoll blouse for $50. However, given that many designs are really unique and not usually seen elsewhere, I think it's worth the price!

Furthermore, the store is huge and spacious, and is decorated such that it feels like I'm shopping in an artsy indoor garden. A very pleasant shopping experience!

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unique designs
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Marina Square
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countryside vibe~

I was attracted to step into LALU due to its store front, which was very feminine and country like. Aside from clothes and accessories, they even had a small flower shop which sold various bouquets and stuffed toys. Cute :3

The display of clothes on racks were placed with various fake potted plants and flowers, tying in with the impression of the country side. Some of the clothes were unique and gave off a Japanese girl feeling, and they even stock some Mori clothing, which is a natural, vintage and feminine vibe. There are also antique decor items which added to the fun and quirky side; even my boyfriend was fascinated by their clothes! Best of all, they stocked a few iphone covers- which was what I was recently on the hunt for- and I purchased a black and gold one at a reasonable cost, around $13. Score! Not only does it look classy and elegant, it appears more expensive than it really is.

Definitely recommend checking out this store if the feminine and girly style appeals to you, and if you have money to spare as some of their clothes are really expensive :/

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Liang Court
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Dainty vintage-inspired clothing

The storefront of LALU appears as if it was crafted from a fairy tale. The store is lighted up by bright, clean lighting, and is decorated with dainty furniture like books, miniature white chairs, and even clocks of exquisite designs, which definitely makes for an extremely attractive sight. The appearance of the store certainly draws customers in like bees, only to have them leave disappointed by the pricing in the store.

Like any typical female, I am attracted to LALU, both by the appealing racks of clothing on display, as well as its interior design, so I certainly had a very fun time wandering about the store, admiring its countless displays and impeccable design. Then I spotted a top which captured my fancy, and took a peek at the price, then courteously left after placing the shirt back.

The prices at LALU are near ridiculous. Though not exactly a high end brand, tops can be priced at more than $55, which is far out of my budget, but perhaps an affordable brand for the slightly richer, as the clothes are of decent quality and of amazing designs.

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