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Rui Ling Teo
Listing created by Rui Ling Teo on December 25, 2012    

Purpur is a local fashion retailer that aims to become the fashion leader in bringing women fashionable and versatile clothing pieces. Started in 2002 as a store in Far East Plaza, Purpur has gained recognition over the years and has established its presence in Singapore with 9 outlets spread across the country. 


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Purpur attempts to emulate trendy fashion for the younger crowd, but fails, and can only come up with boringly common apparel.

Purpur dabbles in a bit of everything. They have accessories, casual dresses, formal dresses, and tops - pretty much everything that a female might need in her wardrobe. However, what the store sorely lacks is direction, as it's easy to spot a refreshing party dress placed in the same rack with a dowdy piece of clothing that's probably meant for the working crowd.

I'm definitely not the biggest fan of Purpur, but I have a friend who absolutely adores the store, and makes it a point to drag me into one whenever we go out shopping together. She once bought a pink knitted top from Purpur for $30 - not exactly cheap, when I saw a similar piece of clothing selling online for below $25.

I do have to admit, the service at Purpur is pretty commendable, as they're helpful without seeming too overeager, and even offer fashion advice to their customers by giving suggestions about how to wear some of their apparel.

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good sales tactics

Purpur's clothes will fit into any girl's wardrobe. They have every outfit for every occasion, from semi-formal wear to party dresses to formal cocktail dresses. They range from $30 - $70, for most casual wear it was around $25-$40. Everytime i shop there i try on HEAPS of clothes, because its like a mini shopping mall into one boutique. In terms of design, nothing too special but the quality is pretty alright.

The service staff and the boss herself are both helpful and approachable. They won't give you the intimidating eyeing-the-prey stare, they'll just smile at you and offer assistance if you really seem to need it. They seem rather shy but when i ask them for opinions e.g. which dress colour suits me, they do share openly. I like the service, feels comfortable.

One thing that really keeps me coming back is the membership. I was given a membership card after spending more than $100+ on a single purchase. The clothes was quite affordable and the 15% discount was tempting. To top the icing on the cake, they have promotions regularly and i would enjoy an additional 5% on top of all the discounts. AND, they would give me an SMS reminder on their sales period, how can i possibly not go back?!?!

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