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Bugis Junction 03-22 200, Victoria Street Singapore 188200
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Rui Ling Teo
Listing created by Rui Ling Teo on December 19, 2012    

Flesh Imp is a contemporary street wear brand that has been shaping the urban subculture since 2000. This label produces versatile clothing inspired by street culture, and has set trends to bridge the worlds of music and design through beautiful clothing. 


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sometimes you old self isn't that bad

I remember patronising Flesh Imp during my rebellious secondary school days, when graphic tees are a must-have in every teenagers' closets, alongside the black eyeliner. Ahh, such memories! With their tees and tankies well designed and at a pretty affordable price, they can never go wrong or be outdated.

After years of being forgotten, I chanced upon their outlet and decided to check it out. Thinking I could find my previously loved graphic tees, I could never have been more wrong. The designs were different. Even the store no longer has the grungy condition it previously possessed. I couldn't find designs from which they were popular for.

Needless to say, I left the store empty handed. I do hope Flesh Imp find their previous self and start offering designs which placed them on the shopping map at the first place.

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Teenage Picks

In my secondary school days, flesh imp was such a cool brand to have. Little did I know that it was a local production, and when I came to know I felt quite proud of Singapore fashion. I was quite into the graphic t-shirts and the prints and fitting of flesh imp always seem to fit the bill. Especially when it was always within budget, it was always my top shopping destination.

However, as I slowly grew older, I disliked their designs more and more and it became quite difficult to continue having flesh imp in my wardrobe. It was either the designs were just not up to mark anymore or I was just outgrowing them. Flesh Imp hence retired from my wardrobe as my wardrobe evolved from graphic tees to more sophisticated clothing pieces. I noticed too that Flesh Imp went through a make-over phase where the clothing designs went through a massive transformation and the brand looks very much different today as compared to how it did many years ago. Speaking of which, its been a while since I last visited this ex-love of mine. Perhaps I would go take a look at it some time soon to see if there are any better buys.

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Street style

I first came across this store while walking around at Scape. I saw some t-shirts on display and liked the designs on them. I didn't know it was a local label until I finally went into the store on another occasion. I was quite fascinated by the interior of the store, it had a very rustic finish to it, but very modern at the same time.

The clothes sold there are mainly street wear like tank tops and t-shirts. They follow the trends that come and go, and make t-shirt prints that are "in", like the moustache print that was quite popular recently. Although I haven't bought anything from the store before, I see great potential in this label, and will definitely patronize them soon.

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Not bad for a local label.

I'm not trying to dismiss local labels, but since I've met up with countless disappointments with them, it's hard not to be cynical. Flesh Imp is an exception.

The first time I went in was because they had a massive sale going on, and I couldn't resist the chance of getting tank tops for $15. I was actually quite impressed with how well-designed their clothes were.. and thought that they could actually make it big if given the proper exposure.

The tank tops that I brought fit me well, and felt really comfortable. For the price I paid, it was so worth it.

The customer service could be improved on, though. I was served with quite the unfriendly face.. I mean, come on, it doesn't hurt to smile? Besides that, I'll definitely give Flesh Imp a thumbs up.

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