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Rui Ling Teo
Listing created by Rui Ling Teo on December 19, 2012    

Shana is an international fashion brand that hails from Spain. A fast growing high-street fashion chain, Shana offers a wide range of affordable apparel and accessories for young women, and even boasts of in-store features such as digitalised catalogues. 


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Budget Fashion

The first impression that you get when you enter a Shana store is that the store retails fashionable wear that are targeted mainly at teenagers and young adults. As you take a closer look at the pieces and the price tag, you realise that this is fashion heaven as the pieces are all very affordable yet they are attractively fashionable.

Most of the pieces at Shana are generally cheap and good. However, try to moderate your expectations on quality given the price, the quality here is definitely not the best but what are a few loose threads for a skirt that costs $20?

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Awesome basics!

I first came across Shana at Bugis+, and I was really impressed by its collection of affordable basic tops. For someone who has a lot (and I really do mean a lot) of printed bottoms, basic tops are a must-have. Shana has a nice range of colours, and the material is pretty good – stretchy and comfortable. In addition, Shana also has other cuttings apart from the usual t-shirt design, and I love that as I can play with silhouettes to instantly change up my outfit!

Of course, Shana also carries other pieces apart from basics. The store is targeted at young women, so the clothes there are influenced by the latest trends. I really like the designs of their T-shirts, as they’re fashionable and not too cutesy. I also like Shana’s shoes, as the designs are bold and really quite attractive. Overall, Shana is definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for pretty, easy-to-match tops that won’t burn a hole in your pocket!

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Amazing fashion for low prices!

Shana is definitely in my list of current shopping crazes, and it's definitely not hard to see why. Upon entering the store, shoppers will be greeted with loud dance music which can definitely bring out the groovy shopper in any lady. The dim lighting of the store, combined with the various racks of clothing in the latest trends are definitely set to impress as well, and I hardly step out of a Shana store unarmed with a shopping bag.

I adore Shana for its low prices. The prices at Shana are within an extremely affordable range - kept below $35, and although the quality may not be the best around town, at least the clothing do not fall apart after a few mere washes, and they actually offer white shirts which are thick enough to not appear sheer!

Shana also has the craziest sales. I once purchased two boyfriend knit cardigans from Shana for the price of one, because there was a 'buy one get one free' promotion going on at that time. Prices are also slashed during these sales, but not to the crazy extent like Cotton On that the entire world and their cousin would stock up on clothing from that brand (in other words, devalued!).

The designs at Shana are also extremely in trend, and they even have themed sections according to the various collections, which makes it easier on shoppers, as shoppers can simply head straight to the section carrying clothes of their style.

The staff are also helpful - I once purchased a shirt in which the buttons were coming out, and the staff gladly switched it up for one with intact buttons.

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