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Bugis Junction, #03-21 200 Victoria Street Singapore 188021
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Rui Ling Teo
Listing created by Rui Ling Teo on December 09, 2012    

Miss Emily is a Singaporean fashion retailer that has been in business ever since 2007. Miss Emily offers trendy fashion styles and quality fabrics for women at affordable prices. Miss Emily currently has three outlets in Singapore, all of which carry their own in-house label known as MISS EMILY, as well as other fashion labels from young designers throughout Asia. 


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yes, girly, but thanks

I am somehow always attracted to Miss Emily due to their feminine clothes and floral prints, which greatly appeals to me. In addition, the decor of the small shop interlinks with their products, all country and girly, really cute and makes one feel as if you have been transported to dainty land. Staff lend a hand if you require, but occasionally the staff does look disinterested which turns me off.

Unfortunately, the range of lovely, feminine clothes aside, the price tag for their products is a tad high, and for the quality and sewing of the clothes, it is just simply not worth it. I would rather shop at Zara or any other retail stores for better quality clothing.

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(Updated: December 26, 2012)


I tend to visit Miss Emily when I run out of shopping options, and it has always disappointed me so far.

Miss Emily generally sells sweet and feminine clothing, and it's definitely the go-to store for shoppers who adore floral prints, as such feminine prints are pretty much everywhere in the store.

The interior of Miss Emily resembles the theme of the clothes in the store - sweet and girly, with walls painted white and the occasional dainty looking chair at the side. The service is also pretty good, as the staff offers their help politely, and stays aside if you do not require assistance, only coming to your aid if you need it.

The tops and frocks at Miss Emily are also reasonably priced, though I have my doubts about the quality of the clothing there. I once tried on a dress there, and the material was extremely stiff and scratchy, and not in the very least flowy as most dresses ought to be. There were also several stray threads, and the workmanship of the stitches was awry.

Also, the clothes there can be mildly outlandish, and occasionally makes me wonder if the staff got the clothes off Bugis Street.

A sweet store that definitely deserves brownie points for the impeccable interior, but I don't think I'm about to pay $30 for a dress that I can purchase at $15 in Bugis Street anytime soon.

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Bugis Junction
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I usually only visit Miss Emily after browsing through Hula & Co, and if I am feeling a little bored. To this day, I still have yet to buy anything from the store, because I find their designs rather boring and bland.

Miss Emily's clothes all share a common theme: downright girly. Most of their dresses and tops have floral prints and girly fluffs and lace. It is all a bit too girly for me and I haven't found anything I've really liked yet either.

Also, Miss Emily actually isn't that cheap. It is about the same price as Hula & Co, or slightly more expensive, depending on what you buy. I could easily find similar designs at Bugis for a much lower price.

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Affordable dresses!

What caught my eye the first time I saw Miss Emily was how feminine their clothing were! Most of the dresses and shirts that they sell are in pastel colours (especially pink) and many even carried floral prints - not exactly my type of fashion.

Yet, I decided to give the small boutique a look due to the claims of '$10 storewide'. I was surprised by the apparels' quality, given the bugis-esque prices and bought a few of their items. Since then, I have successfully expanded my wardrobe to include more feminine pieces!

I think the shop could do to have other types of clothings besides their pastel/pink/floral stuff to cater to more customers. But for those who love those stuff, it's heaven for you!

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Affordable with quality!
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