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Rui Ling Teo
Listing created by Rui Ling Teo on December 09, 2012    

Dip Drops is a casual Japanese brand which epitomizes the best of feminine looks through essential basicsDip Drops is a well known brand in Japan, in which it is frequently featured in magazines, and currently has four outlets in Singapore. 

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10:30AM - 10:00PM (Sun to Thu), 10:30AM - 11:00PM (Fri, Sat, PH, Eve of PH)


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Pretty, but pricey!

Dip Drops is yet another store that is bringing Japanese fashion to the shores of Singapore. Fans of sweet, cutesy clothes will definitely find something to their liking here, as this store is packed with gyaru, Vivi-style pieces.

I was attracted to Dip Drops because of how the mannequins at the storefront were styled. Upon entering, I was pleasantly surprised by the femininity that the clothes exuded. In addition, the store layout, lighting and ambience were all set for a delightful shopping experience. What did put me off, however, was the price. I suppose it’s not all that surprising, considering it’s Japanese fashion we’re talking about. If you have extra cash to spare, go ahead! The quality is pretty good, and the designs are on-trend and girly. But if price is a factor, I’d say keep looking!

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Chic, somewhat pricy Japanese themed fashion

The first time I entered this shop was because of the eye-catching hairstyles that the mannequins sported. Shallow, perhaps, but if there is anything that shopping has taught me, it’s that shops that put that much effort into the little details are generally much more pleasant to shop in. Dip Drop didn’t disappoint, with warm service staff that were attentive to my needs, while not slavishly waiting on me hand and foot.

The selection of clothes is quite eclectic, with strong Japanese themes behind it. Kitten motifs are in abundance, and the material of the clothing is more than decent. Overall, I would judge the clothing and apparel as being extremely attractive to those with an interest in Japanese fashion, assuming one can stomach the somewhat high prices.

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Fashionable Japanese clothing

This store is the prime object of my current affections, and it is among my list of life goals to one day purchase something from the store, though that prospect seems more improbable each time I spend my money on something that I don't really need.

Dip Drops is one of the rare Japanese brands that has hit our local shores. Being a fan of Japanese fashion, I was definitely ecstatic when an outlet opened up at Tampines 1, which is relatively near my house. The store boasts of several racks of trendy clothing, all in line with seasonal wear, so you'd probably see fur coats and cardigans around at the store if you visit it this month. The clothes at Dip Drops follow Japanese trends, rather than local trends, so it'd probably make a good place for shoppers keen on Japanese fashion to pick up some unique pieces.

As for the prices, Dip Drops hails from Japan, the land of all things expensive, so don't expect Bugis Street worthy prices. A cardigan can range from mid-$60s to around $90. However, Dip Drops does come up with coordinates known as sets, which usually consists of a top and a pair of bottoms, for a relatively lower price, so these might be worth the purchase.

The staff at Dip Drops almost always have thick make up on, which often leads me to wonder if their make up is so exceedingly thick that it suffocates their ability to offer customers help. Dubious service!

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Tampines 1
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