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#03-36 & #03-37 3 New Bridge Road 188869
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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on November 19, 2012    

POSH (Place Of Shopaholics) is a retail boutique which offers a wide variety of styles to suit each and every individual. For all our products, we only bring in limited pieces so it's exclusive. We also manufacture our own designs & hope to design more exquiste pieces in the near future. Besides spreading our love for fashion, we also hope to work with young aspiring designers. We welcome aspiring designers to submit their unique designs and there's a chance that we'll manufacture it. It is another platform for our local designers to showcase their talent as well. "POSH" also aims to bring beautiful clothes to beautiful people at an affordable price.

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10AM to 10PM
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  • < $20
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Used to have better deals

If you go to the third level of Bugis Street, this store will probably catch your eye. Its huge display of trendy shoes and pretty clothes will beckon to you invitingly, and you’ll take your first step into this store. Well, that’s what happens to me, anyway.

Posh brings in apparel that’s popular on blogshops, so it’s a good place to visit if you want to see the actual quality of the clothes before purchasing. They have lots of studded shoes that are priced around $25, so I do like checking them out, as I’m a huge fan of studs. However, that being said, I haven’t bought anything from Posh in a while. In the past, their apparel was priced at $15 storewide, which made it really worth it. Now, they only have miserable rack at this price, while the other pieces are priced at around $20. I know I can get better deals at other stores, so I usually don’t bother.

You can get good deals on the shoes, especially if there’s a sale going on, but for the clothes, it’s a no for me.

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(Updated: November 20, 2012)

This is a shop I always drop by

But never really purchased from.

I guess this is one of those places that you go to to get inspired, but not to spend. The clothes here are pretty in their own right and absolutely worth you tearing your wallet for. But just not enough.

Posh, in all the times I've visited and held a dress up to myself and then let it go, just has the kind of vibe that they didn't need your business. They stock really pretty sailorette and lacey dresses once in a while and it's very worth the look, but not so much the money. The staff don't try to close the deal and very often, what you're holding onto will be the last piece and anyone can tell that it's been seasoned badly so I'll always, always end up smiling and leaving sadly.

I think I'll stop coming here.

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