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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on November 19, 2012    

Cheris Collection is a local company  where our headquater is located at the bugis street. Thanks for your support for the past years.We hope you will continue to support us on site and store. We will continue to bring you better service and support.

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And now you've got past the very cliched wordplay on the name of the store (it HAD to be said, I mean come on, it's OBVIOUS).

The apparel retailing at Cheris are simple, yet chic and stylish. They have laid back sweaters that are perfectly comfortable and fashionable at the same time (a HUGE plus in my book) which I absolutely love. I once bought this off-shoulder grey sweater from them which was great for those lazy days that you don't feel like dressing up but don't really want to look absolutely hideous either.

It's kind of a hit-or-miss place though, there are ridiculously hideous pieces of clothing there too, so RUMMAGE.

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Favourite shop in all of Bugis Street

Bugis Street generally houses a plethora of tiny shops that sell the same items - it's so easy to find the same piece of clothing selling at other shops nearby. Then there are the slightly more unique shops that carry clothes that you can't probably find in another shop (or at least, not in another shop within Bugis Street). One prime example of such shop would be Cheris.

My friend and I always make it a point to visit Cheris whenever we hit Bugis Street. Relatively larger than the other shops that litter Bugis Street, I always have a pretty enjoyable shopping experience at Cheris as there is enough room for several shoppers to move around comfortably within the shop, and the staff is pretty attentive.

The clothes at Cheris are definitely of a better quality. In fact, I hardly see them carrying anything made of (cheap) chiffon. Perhaps that is why Cheris is on the top of my list of favourite shops in Bugis Street, because I hate chiffon to the core.

Cheris is a great place for shoppers who enjoy classic colours and understated patterns. Their tops and dresses usually come in neutral shades of white/black/grey but as boring as these colours may sound, the clothes at Cheris are pretty sweet and manage to stand out despite the boring colour theme.

My only grouse about Cheris would be that the staff doesn't allow you to try on the clothes there. Personally, I feel that this is absolutely ridiculous, as Cheris does house a fitting room (unlike many other shops in Bugis Street), and I can't understand why customers can't try the clothes on since there is in fact a huge fitting room at the side of the shop.

Lack of logic aside, Cheris is definitely one of the best shops in Bugis Street.

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Never really bought anything from here

I have a best friend who swear by this place, but I'll never understand why.

The clothes here are extremely lacey and Lolita-ish. They have 2 racks that's always on sale outside and it literally collects dust. I regularly spend my time helping them flick the clothes around while my friend runs into her little heaven inside and spend her life savings in there.

The prices are apparently quite steep - she's always spent at least $100 inside and usually it's only on 2 dresses. This shop probably has a cult following of Lolita fashioners. Normal folk like me would stay far, far away from this place.

Cherie for you? Because it's definitely not for me.

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