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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on November 19, 2012    

Montif is a shop that specializes in updating themselves and teens with the latest fashions. They restock regularly and is a stop to go to when teens shop at Bugis.

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Blogshop Finds For Cheap

Montifs might look like any regular blogshop to you, but while it stocks pretty chiffon and up-to-date prints, it does so at a cheaper price than others in the market. Based in Toa Payoh and Bugis Street, Montifs’ variety of clothes cater to a wide range of ages - from highwaisted shorts and crop tops to classy office wear and even male shirts. It also stocks inspired pieces from named blogshops or high fashion, which is great for anyone looking for a style steal.

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Toa Payoh Hub
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Affordable steals - clothes and accessories

I first noticed this store as I was strolling down leisurely in Toa Payoh Central - having not been there for awhile, I decided to stop and take a look at this new shop that had opened with seemingly trendy clothes and a huge sign saying "SALE". I decided to take a chance and was not disappointed. Not only did me and my friend find some really nice steals from the place - a few maxis and a few chiffon shirts - we also got a member card which entitled us to discount from our future purchases which we redeemed on the spot since our purchase exceeded the number of stamps.

The shop keeper was not only nice and friendly, she was amiable and told jokes. Not only that, she also informed us about the best way to purchase the items and save on our purchases. The other service staff were also helpful in assisting us in choosing the clothes that we wanted.

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Cheap trends

No store does affordable like Montifs, with all-the-rage skater skirts retailing for about $10 per piece and maxi dresses for around the same price. These normally retail for much more, even in Bugis Street so needless to say, I was pleased to discover Montifs on a shopping trip with my friend.

Montifs mainly sells skirts, dresses and tops and I rarely see shorts or pants retailing in the store. They do carry some basics, such as tops, bottoms or dresses in solid colours. Although there are a few real gems (think long, Grecian style maxi dresses and togas or semi-formal mini dresses) many of the items are the ubiquitous ones found in every store in Bugis Street. The only thing they have got going on, then, would be their prices.

I own two skater skirts from said store - one in black and the other in burgundy - and although not much can be said for their quality, they get bonus points for the prices I purchased them at.

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Breath of fresh air

While walking around Bugis Street, you’ll pretty much see the same things over and over again. The stuff there is affordable, yes, but it gets… well, boring. That’s when I came across Montifs, which was such a breath of fresh air.

The clothes at Montifs are trendy, and are not quite like the ones that you'll find online. Another big plus point is Montifs has consistently kept its prices low (think $10 for a studded tee) which is great for teens shopping there.

To me, the best thing about Montifs is the variety it offers to Bugis Street. Their clothes can’t easily be found elsewhere, which is a nice change from what the other stalls offer. It's conveniently located around the middle of Bugis Street Level 2, so I always make it a point to check out their new arrivals!

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Trendy designs for affordable prices

Montifs is probably one of the more fashion-forward stores that lurk about in Bugis Street. Amidst the outdated clothing that pretty much line the shopping area, Montifs stands out with their bright lighting and trendy clothing.

Personally, I'm not a crazy fan of Montifs. The clothing that this store retails may be trendy, but they can be exceedingly typical, and are probably found in every other blogshop as well. However, there is no doubt that Montifs is one of the better stores in Bugis Street, as in relative comparison to the rows of dated fashion made of cheap material, Montifs definitely seems like a better shopping option.

The quality at Montifs is slightly better than that of other stores, as I don't really see that many pieces made of cheap chiffon, but some of the items do seem like they may pill after a few rough washes.

Although not one of my absolute favourite stores over at Bugis Street, Montifs will always be a store that I will make a point to visit, and would be a good place to shop as well for the trendier shoppers!

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Look fabulous for a tiny price

Montifs has got to be my favourite place to shop at in Bugis Street. At crazily affordable prices with uber trendy and chic designs, Montifs is the place to go if you are looking for great clothes at a steal.

Shopping at Montifs might not be the same as shopping at Forever 21 since you can't try your clothes on, but it'll dazzle you just as much. Don't look down at Montifs just because of the price and its location - its clothes are made of good quality and you pay the fraction of what you would pay elsewhere. I once found a beautiful black silk collared top for only $10!

Looking fabulous doesn't always require a fat wallet; head down to Montifs and you'll know.

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I ♥ Montifs

Montif is that kind of shop that makes you wonder why isn't it in every shopping mall yet.

I have loved every single purchase I ever made at Montif and I will support them to my last breath. They kep up with trends and skip right past them onto bigger things. I remember them bringing in tribal and galaxy way before any of the other shops in Bugis had the foresight to, and I was their first few customers for their top-notch collection.

They stock up all sorts of high-waist shorts in varying designs and I've bought 6 from them at a go so the shopkeeper has since been giving me happy discounts since. And like a hopeless clothes-aholic, I keep going back for more. And their collections have never failed to impress me.

Drop by and get hooked today!

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Bugis Street
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