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Bossini is a leading apparel brand owner, retailer and franchiser in the region. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Bossini launched its first retail outlet in 1987. Over the past 25 years, it has rapidly established an international operating platform and distribution network and successfully expanded its business to 36 countries.

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(Updated: February 08, 2013)

I hate their stuff.

I own a number of polos and T-shirts but not any of them is from Bossini. I don't go for big brands or elaborate designs; sometimes, simple stripes and light hues are good enough for me. But, as much as I am a fan of stripes and light, mellow colours like sky- and sea-blue, I don't buy shirts based on colours alone. I look at the cutting and design and, if they're just plain ugly, I won't give them a second thought. For some reason, just about everything at Bossini is like that, if not worse. Sometimes, the stripes are way too huge, the colours way too bright. Usually though, my problem is with the annoying logos, which I think really spoil the whole design.

I have more or less given up on Bossini and do not even pause to look in to any Bossini shop I happen to walk by, wherever I am. And it's no surprise that most Bossini shops have no customers. If this chain is going to survive, it at least has to match up to the likes of Cotton On and Uniqlo.

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Out of sync with me but it's not a bad shop

In the past, I used to buy my shirts from Bossini because of their bright and sprightly colours. As a kid, I enjoyed the exuberance of their designs.

That part of Bossini hasn't changed, which is good. Whenever I pass by their shop at West Mall, I am taken in by the bright colours of the shop, the general air of cheerfulness and the well-trained staff.

Unfortunately, Bossini's style has fallen out of favour with me. Fashion is ever-changing and with comeptitors like Cotton On and Uniqlo and avant-garde fashion etc etc, Bossini will fall out of sync with teenagers. The material, cutting style, and simplistic designs are no longer appealing to me. Not to mention, the prices at Bossini are not low, and I would rather buy more sophisticated designs from elsewhere at a slightly higher price.

Overall, Bossini is more for children than anything, So take your kids there because I think they will enjoy the simplistic brightness of the designs.

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(Updated: February 02, 2013)

Children like this

My children have a few t-shirts from Bossini. At that time, when Kung Fu Panda was showing, Bossini had a range of clothing with very cute Kung Fu Panda prints. Normally, I would not buy this type of clothing because it went out of fashion very fast. But that time, I bought a few for my children because the prints were so cute.

Another time, they had the Avengers characters print t-shirts. The prints were also very cute and I had to buy a few for my children again. Such designs clothing was not cheap, I guessed they need to pay licensing to the movie company or something like that. Anyway, for children clothing, as long as it is cute and comfortable, fashion does not matter so much because they will outgrow their clothing very fast.

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Narrow target group

I used to visit Bossini alot but with so many competitors that have emerged over the past few years, it is no surprise that Bossini is no longer that attractive. The target group of Bossini is rather narrow, producing basics meant for mostly kids and teens. While people from these age groups might relish purchasing clothes from Bossini, I have long grown out from this and moved on to more matured clothes. Its not the Bossini's clothes aren't matured, they're just somewhat boring to me I guess? Moreover with the strong competition from online shops that also sell basics at a more affordable price, it is an inexorable truth that Bossini would sooner or later lose its standing in the market.

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Won't interest most teenagers.

Be be be be be be happy! You and i be happy!~

Up till now, the song used in their advertisement keeps ringing in my head. That is a rather smart way of advertisement, viewers will never forget their brand!

However, this is one of the shops which i would never or rarely step in. The clothes they sell is not my taste matter of factly. They do not sell the type of clothes that are in trend which most teenagers would be eyeing for. Basically, they just sell basics, which may capture the hearts of probably adults looking for something simple.

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Great for basics

Bossini has been around for as long as I remember, just like Giordano. Unlike Giordano, which has become extremely overpriced recently, Bossini still remains relatively affordable - although I still wouldn't really shop there.

However, if you need basic or plain T-shirts, tank tops or shorts, Bossini would be a good place to go to since:
a. It is located at various malls all over the island.
b. Their clothes are of good quality.
c. The prices are affordable.

Singaporeans tend to look down on brands like Bossini, favouring other brands such as Forever 21 and H&M. Show some Asian pride! (and Bossini is comparatively cheaper than Uniqlo, just so you know)

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Hey, I like Bossini!

I know what the typical Singaporean notion of Bossini's clothes is - silly, childish, and bordering ugly. That is definitely not true, and if locals refuse to deviate from their horribly wrong and preconceived notions, then they're definitely missing out on a gem.

Bossini has made a real attempt to reinvent itself and its image in recent years. Although it used to be a store that only produced kiddy clothing, it has ventured into teen fashion, and that move is probably the wisest choice that it has ever made. The teenage clothing collection at Bossini is usually on trend. Although a little hit or miss, I have spotted some amazing pieces in those collections, and at affordable prices too.

I have a friend who once wore a shirt by Bossini to an outing, and she looked absolutely gorgeous in it, and the shirt was definitely a remarkable piece. I was wearing something from Mango, and I probably didn't even look half as gorgeous as she did.

The service at Bossini is average, though I have come to realize that the staff usually place greater priority on serving kids and preteens.

Take some time to look through the racks at Bossini. You'll be sure to find a precious piece that's affordable and on trend amidst the other pieces gone wrong.

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Tampines Mall
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Neighbourhood store

I honestly have nothing to say about Bossini, be it good or bad. The stores and brand just don't leave much of an impression on me as a consumer.

You can find Bossini stores in most neighbourhood malls. They are part of the casual clothing trio - Giordano, Bossini, and Hang Ten. I remember purchasing t-shirts from an outlet in the past whenever something popped up; a renovation job, my shirt tore, etc. The designs and look of their products just isn't good enough to justify a place in my wardrobe. However, this isn't too say it isn't good - it just doesn't suit my style. All in all, a reliable, albeit boring store.

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Hardly even consider walking in nowadays...

I used to go to Bossini to purchase basics for various reasons back when I was in secondary school. It was so convenient to go to because it was at the mall near to my school, and I would instantly just stop by to purchase a red basic tee for National Day, or other school/performance events similar to that.

However, today, when it comes to basics, it's always Qoo10, where you can easily buy one plain top for a dollar plus, apart from limited colours, or Uniqlo or Cotton On, where their tees are cheaper than usual.

It's strange that Bossini is still alive today, and actually, it kind of surprises me to still see people walking in to buy clothes from Bossini. There are times I would witness quite a number of people browsing the clothing inside, although there is no sale going on at the moment. I also find some of their clothes a bit costly, especially after having the impression that Bossini is more of the 'common' option to buy clothes from nowadays.

I wouldn't say that all hope is gone though. I mean, what I just said is evident that Bossini is still surviving in this extremely competitive world of today, but also, who knows, there might just be a time that they sell really nicely designed tees at really good prices, but as for now, you can definitely get the same/similar thing at a cheaper price, so I'd give it a miss till then...

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Who's the boss now?

Back in the bad old days before Uniqlo landed on our shores, Bossini, along with rivals Giordano and Hang Ten, was the go-to shop for generic basics in every colour. I used to live in their colourful pique polos! They were cheap, cheerful, well-made and machine-washable. And then Bossini went and put an ugly logo on the chest. I'm sure I'm not the only chap who stopped buying this staple basic immediately because of this addition. Ironic isn't it, they go and spend extra on embroidering the logo and the result is loss of sales. Moral of the story: if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

And now we have Uniqlo. How does Bossini still survive I wonder?

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