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The Hang Ten label was introduced to the consumer market with two golden feet embroidered to the bottom of the trunks. The symbol stands for the best move in surfing – to hang ten toes over the nose of a surfboard. America's beach and surfwear industry was borne. Hang Ten was the first brand to go from surf to a full lifestyle brand. Consumers identify Hang Ten as cool, California, authentic garments.


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I used to frequent Hang Ten pretty often, but that was back when I was still in primary school, and polo tshirts were still the 'in' thing. It's the year 2012, and it's been long since I graduated from primary school, but I still see Hang Ten selling the same kind of clothes that I used to buy back then. Fashion is constantly moving forward. Hang Ten, on the other hand, has apparently gone stale and stationary.

Still, if I had to be honest, the quality of the clothes are pretty good. The cotton is thick enough without being too stifling, and is soft enough such that one can move around comfortably while wearing the clothes from Hang Ten. The last time I went back to Hang Ten was just last year, to buy some oversized men tshirts as sleepwear, because the sales made the tshirts pretty worth it, and the quality of those shirts were surprisingly good.

Hang Ten would probably still be a pretty good place to shop for menswear. The tshirts aren't ugly (though they can't exactly be considered appealing either), and are definitely worth the cheap price for their quality.

I have seen some attempts at Hang Ten to modernize their clothing collection, namely removing the horrible logo of a pair of footprints from some of their shirts, and producing crop tops for females, but perhaps a greater revamp is necessary.

Hang Ten has potential. It's just that I can't see that potential materializing right now or anytime soon.

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Hang yourself if you shop here.

Hang Ten seems to be stuck in a time warp.

The clothes there are ridiculously unfashionable and should be obsolete by now. They reek of 65-year-old-nerdy-librarian-who's-stuck-in-the-past. They have no style, and are repulsively unflattering.

Somehow, Hang Ten manages to do even the most basic of clothing wrong. Their polo tees and normal shirts are of the worst quality. The shirts will start pilling after long wear, which is terribly unsightly.

Save your money and go elsewhere.

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(Updated: November 23, 2012)

Perpetual Sale?

It's affordable, I'll give you that. But honestly, Hang Ten needs to hire new designers. Everything there looks like something I'd hide at the back of my closet and my ashamed to admit to owning. I might sound harsh, but it's my honest opinion. The clothes on sale at Hang Ten look like things that my aunties would wear when they were teenagers. My advice is thus: unless you are going to an 80's themed party, don't even bother to walk into Hang Ten and expect to find something trendy.

Also, I've realised that Hang Ten is perpetually on sale. I have come to one conclusion: all there clothes are not in season and hence it is a post-season sale.

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Hang Ten was definitely cool... About 10 years ago.

I remember Hang Ten as one of the exciting leading brands in the market when I was way younger. I remember them selling cool tees and berms and the like.

Now that I'm older, it's really disconcerting to see Hang Ten still selling those same tees and berms that look exactly the same!! Hang Ten seems to be eternally on sale, and it's always the same plain cotton tees. It's like they have a billion of them and can't seem to get rid of it.

Hang Ten needs to close down, or it needs a major, and ultimate revamp the likes of which have never been seen, in order to save itself.

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(Updated: November 14, 2012)

Hang me instead.

Hang Ten. Whaa-?

I absolutely, absolutely detest this brand. I'm sorry, but this is my personal opinion.
While other newer brands have catched up with this season's fashion, hang ten is still stuck in time. Please, don't give me those smiley faces and 'I love Singapore' texts at the front, couldn't you do it better?

Their clothing is devoid of any cutting at all, wearing their shirts just makes one look horizontally challenged.
And what about forever having sales? Buy 5 at --- bucks? Hello, who wants to wear a PLAIN cotton tee everyday? I can't stand stores forcing you to buy so many clothes, worse still, the same cutting, design and pattern, at one go. Though the price of one shirt is cheap, buying all 5 would lead you to spend 50 bucks at one go at their store. I say go somewhere else. ?Unless you are really in need of rainbow coloured basics to wear everyday or you need something to use to clean the floors.

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Unpopular at best

Calling Hang Ten unpopular is already sugarcoating it. Although a household name for most Singaporeans, it is by no means viewed in a positive light. I myself have never bought a single piece of apparel from this business.

The clothes are rather tacky and ill-fitting. I remember when I first tried something from the store when I was around in my primary school days, they were so large and oversized. I also do not like the designs that they put on their print tees. I am sure that the majority of their clientele comes from the more mature market, as I personally have not seen any youths wear Hang Ten.

May be good, but not my cup of tea.

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(Updated: November 11, 2012)

Nobody but the retail assistants

The clothes there are not fashionable. Nobody enters the shop expect for their retail assistants. Sales can be so ridiculous and yet nobody bother to give it an extra look. This is how bad Hang Ten is.

Sometimes I really do pity the store especially the fact that they still insist on opening it even though there's not a single customer. I just feel that they are making losses each and every day.

I think that the main reason why Hang Ten is just not popular among people is because of how they design their store and arrange their clothes. It does turn me off. Their clothes aren't that bad actually, still wearable though. However, the way they tuck it in big navy blue carts just makes it looks so unprofessional. The least they can do is to invest a few wooden or modern shelves and do something to the arrangement such that it would look more appealing to the people.

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Bukit Panjang Plaza
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Why aren't they closed?

I do not understand Hang Ten's logic.

How do they stay open when nobody ever goes in anymore? Hang Ten is somewhat a joke amongst my friends. Whenever we see over-sized shirts or badly tailored pants, we'd say it's from Hang Ten.

It's nothing personal but I think Hang Ten is past its prime. Maybe if they went for a major shop revamp it'd save the place. The clothes are honest to god not too bad, but it's really past expiry.

Maybe change a name to Perfect 10?

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Jurong Point
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Much like Giordano

The design of the stores and clothes are almost similar to Giordano to me. I usually don't see lots of people in HangTen but then again, why are there so many outlets in Singapore? The clothes' designs are really not bad but I guess there's a stereotype that makes people avoid shopping there. But hey, not everyone can afford buying branded clothes all the time! After all, you can't really tell if a person is wearing branded clothes or not.

The quality is not bad as well, just about the same as everywhere else. So if you don't mind not wearing branded clothes, this is not a bad place to consider and especially so because it doesn't hurt the pockets that much!

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Not for the 'fashionistas'.

I'm sure that if you ever told someone who would consider themselves or be considered as fashionable that you were buying or bought clothes from places like Hang Ten, they would stare at you with an eyebrow up and imagine themselves spitting on the floor or something like that. That brand with the feet logo? They would think. I think you know what I'm trying to say.

But Hang Ten is not all that bad. They do have some pretty nice looking tees, and I think for basic tops and polos, especially when they have cheap sales, why not, right? It's always good to have some basic tops! You can wear their basics for exercising purposes too, I guess! Their t-shirts can be quite comfortable at all. I guess the reason why 'fashionable' people would not wear this is because it is common. You can literally find a Hang Ten outlet in every 1 out of 3 shopping places, and from what I see, they don't really cater to a fashionista's sense of dressing, thus the poor reception of this clothing store amongst such people. But hey, if no one's buying it, then there would be no reason why they aren't still around, right?

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