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Japan Home started off by selling household products like plastic-ware, laundry-ware, kitchen-ware and other daily necessary products. Now, Japan Home offers a variety of items like stationery, electronic products and snacks at affordable prices.

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Anything Japanese

Japanese things everywhere - from the cutlery to the food stuffs, they were all stamped by an official verdict: Made in Japan. Or rather, they came from Japan. My sister, who is a fan of anything Japanese, went crazy on her first visit here. She had almost bought the whole shop.

Since the items are more authentically Japanese from Japan Home, it seems that the prices are also a little bit more than the usual price for home applicances - perhaps a confirmation of the higher quality of the products, having come directly from Japan.

For me, my favourite part of this place would be the Japanese food. I went crazy over the Japanese Seaweed, Fried Pancakes, and even the Japanese curry.

Sigh, I love anything that has to do with the word food, especially Japanese.

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For the housewife

Japan Home is very similar to Daiso. Both offer really really cheap prices for Japanese items, both carry a wide array of household items, from containers to stationery and cooking utensils.

I do not really like the store layout of Japan Home as it is usually very cramped, with narrow aisles. Probably the only thing I ever bought from Japan Home was a torchlight. However, my mom frequents this shop and buys her pots and pans, etc.

I suggest you try Daiso first before Japan Home. Well, it is cheaper. Both stores have similar quality items, so I would recommend you to go to Daiso for the more expensive items.

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Jurong Point
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(Updated: December 23, 2013)

Daiso's Cousin

One might be confused, thinking they are in a Daiso outlet when walking into a Japan Home store. Maybe because both stores originates from Japan and sell almost similar products. But don't get mistaken, not everything in Japan Home is $2 like Daiso. Items are individually priced but are still affordable.

Customers who frequent Daiso stores have to keep the "value-for-money" policy at the back of their minds. The same policy applies to shopping at Japan Home. Although wallet-friendly, some products are not of the highest quality and may stop functioning after some time. But, this shouldn't stop anyone from hunting down their unique Japanses knickknacks or household items.

Happy hunting!

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Worth it

Japan Home feels like a mini Daiso, though not as cheap. However, they really sell all sorts of things there, ranging from batteries to vacuum bags to ceramic peelers to storage boxes. Before I travelled overseas, I will normally drop by Japan Home for a visit as there are a lot of handy and convenient stuff that are ideal for travelling and packing. (Vacuum bags for example, small containers etc.) There are less crowd and it is easier to walk around the store as it is smaller than Daiso. I frequent the one in Jurong Point. (The walking spaces in the store are okay)

Perhaps visit Daiso first, and if you could not find the item you want, drop by a Japan Home store and you may be pleasantly surprised. The quality is okay for its value. You can check out its website for promotions before dropping by the store. =)

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For the money savvy

One might get turned off when walking into a Japan Home store because the place is relatively cramped. However, on closer inspection, one would realise that the various products retailed are all very useful for the house!

Japan Home sells almost everything that is required for use at home save for electronic appliances. Moreover, everything sold at Japan Home are all reasonably priced! The area might be small and cramp, but dive in and with patience you might find a piece or two of treasure. Do remember to check the quality though as some products are not of the highest quality.

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Awesome customer service!

My mum is a huge fan of Japan Home, and since there's like two outlets near my place, I decided to pop by one of them (Bedok) and have a look (coincidentally I was also looking for an apron).

The place was sorta cramped, and I had trouble finding what I was looking for, so I asked one of their staffs. She's so friendly and helpful! Very rarely do you come across customer service which brightens up your day, but she did! Within minutes, I got my apron and was talking to her about the most random stuff (seriously, I'm not talkative at all and when I do talk to complete strangers it means I'm at ease with them).

The only bad thing was the apron was this horrible blue color with polka dots all over, and that was the most alright compared to the others! Oh well.

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Practical and Affordable

Japan Home is like a up-sized Daiso for me, in terms of the pricing. The range of products is usually very pretty and Japan-esque and there is almost everything under the sun from slippers to cushions to large storage items.

Items I have purchased before include a USB mini fan ($5.90), a large foldable fabric box ($9.90) and mini drawers to organize my accessories ($3.90). All the items are reasonably priced and of good quality as I have never had them spoil on me. Even the dubious looking plastic USB fan worked well once I had it up and running. Other interesting things you may purchase from Japan Home include a mini-wok pot.

Japan Home can be found in most shopping malls but the one I frequent most often is located at Bedok Point. The shop can feel quite cluttered as the walkways are narrow, and this is troublesome if you are carrying many of your purchases around. However, the staff are very kind and would offer to place your item at the counter first while you continue to look around.

Overall, shopping at Japan home is always a pleasant experience for me and I enjoy looking through their range of interesting and fun home items.

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A great place for all things home.

This is a place to get all the essentials you need for your home. Be it for decorations, makeup, or kitchen ware, they sell it. Better, at cheap prices too! Most, almost all of the goods are made in Japan which i'm very satisfied and pleased about, I trust the quality of Japan goods.

They also stock according to season. Since Christmas is round the corner, they have started to sell assorted colourful christmas decorations at cheap prices, a great place to get from rather than from those expensive deparmental stores.

A great place to come for cheap japanese goods.

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Housewives Paradise

Every time I go Northpoint with my mother, we will go Japan Home no matter what. Not that I like that place but my mother likes it, so I have no choice but to go along.

She likes to see those pots and pans, floor towel mat, brooms and even cushions, but she never buys them. Those things really bore me, if I go there with my mother, I will stay at the stationery area or snacks area, but I never buy anything as well.

Recently one of my relative moved house and they don’t know where to get inexpensive house necessities, my mother recommended Japan Home, no doubt she’s a fan of Japan Home.

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