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Brand was founded in 1984, are the establishment of the Hong Kong fashion brand, in April 1999 formally listed in Hong Kong. 
Shops throughout Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, China, more than 300 branches, the China market has become the group focuses on opening up the target market, outlets are all over major cities, the business is rapidly developing. 
WANKO Brand 
Founded in 1984, the network in Southeast Asia more than 100 branches all over. WANKO fashion developed specifically for young fashion models office workers, aged object is 26 to 36-year-old Lady, simple and elegant style and fashion, popular prices, product value for money, well received by young and Women welcome. 
Famous artist "Carina" Miss WANKO brand spokesman, highlighted the excellent brand noble taste.


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Over-priced beyond believe

Do not be fooled by the "auntie" and low-priced looking store front. Yes, it might be where older ladies purchase their outfits, or it might look like a cheap clothing store. The clothings Wanko offer are not cheap at all and are over-priced beyond believe. I was out shopping with my aunt when she wanted to pop into one of their outlets. Maybe because I am of a younger generation, but I found their designs rather appalling and apparels made of a very low quality. It looked as if an old seamstress had thrown a few materials together from here and there to make a top or a pair of pants. After closer inspection, I even found their stitchings to be horribly carried out.

Not wanting the sales assistant to be offended, I actually texted my aunt to leave the store. I do not recommend anyone to shop at the store. Number 1, it is not worth your money and Number 2, you young ladies will probably look much better in apparels from other brands.

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Not exactly very fashionable

My impression of Hong Kong designers are that they are fashion forward as HK is known to be a fashionable city, Wanko proves to be an exception.

The design of clothes retailing at Wanko are poor, they look outdated, outlandish and worst yet, cheap despite them being rather pricey. The layout of the store does not attract me and 95% of the time, I simply walk pass the store and would not even step in. And on the few occasions that I do, I step out within seconds. Wanko is highly unappealing to me, I have never purchased anything from them before and highly doubt that I ever will.

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Poor designs

I don't usually visit stores selling work wear like Wanko, but my mum tends to drag me into such shops when we go shopping together, and I am certainly not impressed by Wanko.

Wanko retails work wear for women, and can typically be found in several heartland malls. However, I question the existence of Wanko as the designs there aren't impressive at all, and the quality of some clothing pieces are a little dubious.

I personally abhor the clothing at Wanko. Somehow, they manage to do everything wrong. I once spotted a cardigan with a pretty good design, but I was horrified to discover that it was already pilling from merely being put on display. Definitely shows a lot about the quality.

The clothes at Wanko are definitely priced more affordably. However, what you pay for is definitely what you get. The clothes there seem like they're fall apart after a few washes.

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Poor quality, horrible designs.

Everything in the store shouts office lady, a dreaded term that everyone below the age of 21 strives to avoid. The store obviously caters to the working group, selling mainly work wear for the ladies.

However, even work wear cannot be purchased from Wanko, as a closer inspection of the clothes would show loose threads and buttons galore. The quality and workmanship of the clothes is extremely poor and the clothes look like the type to start to lose shape and fall apart after more than one wash.

Wanko has priced its apparel more reasonably, such that the clothes there are easily affordable. This plus point is negated by the sheer low quality of the clothes, and longer-lasting work wear can be found at other places such as G2000, albeit for higher prices.

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If you go for quality and not design

I personally don't really like the designs of this store as they look a bit cheap. The colours and designs of the clothes look like they are from Gmarket. However, periodically I see a piece or two that look good enough to purchase. The material used is not bad, it's just that the designs are not that good.

There's still some pieces that are worth buying if you look around the shop. I'm actually surprised that the number of outlets they have in Singapore is growing. Pricewise is about the same as other shops, ranging from $25 onwards.

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