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Helen Accessories Pte Ltd No.1 Kaki Bukit Road 1, #04-27 Enterprise One Singapore 415934
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HELEN was established in 2000 and subsequent expension has led to the incorporation of 11 outlets located at Tampines Mall, Lot One Shopping Centre, Thomson Plaza, Change Alley, Hougang Mall, Harbour Front Centre, Compass Point, Plaza Singapura and Whitesands. HELEN represent a broad selection of fashion accessories, complementing career wear, dinner wear as well as casual wear.

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Hair Ties!

The entire concept that Helen brings across, doesn't really appeal to me - probably because it isn't really quite my style to wear their blings.

They have many floral and blinged up accessories. Their accessories aren't cheap either. But the quality of their stuff seems to be pretty high. My mom has some of their hair clips from a few years ago and it's still going strong despite daily usage, and we all know that hair accessories do not last long at all. They seem to have this 'self-disintegration' superpower.

But the one and only thing that I foresee myself buying from Helen for a good period of time, would be their hairties at 3 for $2 - not the cheapest around, but definitely holds up my thick, long and heavy hair in place. Would recommend to girly friends, and for those of your who need a good, trustworthy hairtie, Helen is the place to find.

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Really pretty accessories but expensive!

Helen sells really nice hair accessories from hairbands to hair clips to hair pins to brooches. Most of them have really shiny crystals but Helen sells sweet and cute hair bands too. Their necklaces and bracelets are also very pretty too. I generally go there to get the simple hair ties because they last really long like 1 year or longer even though I use them daily.

The necklaces, brooches and bracelets are more expensive around $20 or more so I have not bought any of them but I think they would be great as gift ideas (: or for working adults.

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Decent quality

Whenever I am in need of clips and hairbands, I always go to Helen. It is the best place to go if you are in need of long-lasting day-to-day necessary hair accessories like pins and hairbands. The hairband that I am using is almost as elastic as it was when I bought it months ago. They are also quite cheap, and prices are from about 80 cents onwards.

However, other accessories like necklaces and earrings are quite expensive, and I could find much cheaper accessories at Forever 21 or H&M. I would recommend Helen, but only to buy accessories that you really need.

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Pricey but good Quality

Helen offers a wide variety of accessories, from hairbands to necklaces to earrings. I rather enjoy shopping at Helen as the display is attractive and easy to browse. Their accessories may be expensive, but they are of good quality. A rhinestone hairband that I bought about half a year ago is still in good condition, none of the rhinestones have fallen out. Also, those elastic hair bands have not lost their elasticity after about 3 months of everyday wear.

However, I do agree with other reviewers that their items can be quite tacky or overly fanciful. So if you're searching for some simple, plain, everyday accessories, Helen may not be the place for you.

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Can be Quite Nice

Helen’s accessories are of the higher price range, and they do provide a very wide range of items, however, you must search quite a long time to find something that suits a younger crowd. I think this shop has items that suit the middle age or older generation as there is a lot of gold and crystals. Nonetheless, I did manage to find my prom earrings from here as it was quite fanciful.

My mother personally likes this shop a lot and the items she picks are also quite nice for young people. I suppose she spends quite a long time browsing before she buys any items. I would not pay those prices for the same items though because I feel that you can find something nicer at another shop such as Mini Bits where the jewelry looks genuine and younger.

When you first enter the shop it is also quite intimidating as the shop is usually dark with one sales person following you everywhere you walk. I personally do not enjoy that feeling of being followed as I would rather be left to look around freely. Perhaps the dark layout is meant to enhance the shine of their jewelry.

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Overpriced for tacky accessories.

I should just make this clear - I've never been one for rhinestones, so maybe if you have a penchant for them, this store would be better for you.

Helen is like paradise for the lovers of hair accessories encrusted with tacky rhinestones and fake gemstones.

My first experience in there was absolutely horrid. Everywhere I turned, there was so much bling, it was blinding. I finally unearthed a more subtle hairpiece under the horrors masquerading as hair accessories, a black hairband with a (thankfully un-blingified) bow attached to the side. Upon glancing at the price tag, I received a shock. A simple hair accessory of dubious quality cost $20.

I say give me my Chamelon any day, at least it isn't sorely overpriced.

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Too costly for me

Being a student with no salary to take every month, I find the things sold in Helen a tad too expensive for me. An elaborate hairpin would cost me almost $20 in Helen when I can jolly well buy it elsewhere for $2. Of course the accessories are beautiful and of high quality, but I have to say that similar items are sold for less than $5 in shops in Bugis and Fareast Plaza!

There're some affordable items sold in Helen though, like rubber bands and the simple black hair clips you'd wear to school. I often purchase them because they're of good quality and are rather affordable as well.

As for the usual shopping though, I wouldn't choose Helen as my favourite, but it probably will when I start having my own income!

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Expensive but generally worth the price

Helen is definitely one of the better accessories store in Singapore. Selling various accessories ranging from delicate scarves to lovely head bands, Helen is definitely a store to look out for.

Although the prices of accessories at Helen can be a little overpriced (simple thin head bands can cost up to 10+ bucks), the quality of the accessories there definitely differ from the norm. While typical accessories stores like Aries or Chamelon stock up on cheap plastic head bands, the head bands at Helen are usually made of material that are definitely more luxe, and it's hard to find similar head bands at cheaper accessories stores.

Helen also sells head wear like berets or fedoras, and are definitely worth the look though. The prices of these head wear can be a little ridiculous, but if you like a piece, be sure to grab it. It'll be difficult to find the same one elsewhere.

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Worth taking a look

Yes, their accessories may be slightly on the high side.
However, it is compensated by their excellent service as well as quality, classic designs. Similar to diva, but better! They sell almost all kinds of accessories, from necklaces, to earrings, to different hair accessories, not forgetting bags and clutches for any event!

Recently, i bought a clutch and to my surprise, they only brought in a small quantity for each design. (Such as one piece per clutch design)

I’m sure none of us would like to see someone else having the same item.

Well, more often than not, they do conduct sales such as the recent ‘buy two get one free’ promotion. They do offer life time membership as well as vouchers when you spent over a certain amount.

Time to pamper yourselves!

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(Updated: November 05, 2012)

Too expensive.

Beautiful and trendy pieces but it's too expensive for the quality.

The hairbands, earrings and bracelets are totally to my likely. Whenever i walk in to the shop i will feel like a princess trying out the different accessories. Not much of their bracelets and earring, i really like their hair pieces though.

Initially i will still spend the money on these hairbands however I gradually found out that they can be found at other places at a much cheaper price! I even saw a shop at Bugis selling the same items at only 1/4 of the price.

Ever since then, i have never stepped into Helen again.

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