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65 Airport Boulevard Singapore 819663
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Listing created by prisailurophile on July 15, 2012    
A mid-market women's fashion and accessories boutique, Purple Attic aims to provide its customers the excitement of “hunting for girly treasure” and each finding their special pieces – whether it is a lacy top or a pair of dangling floral earrings.

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(Updated: November 14, 2012)

Be greeted by the friendly staff upon entering the store

The first item that caught my attention: Red telephone box. No kidding! The store actually sells them. But don't get too excited as it costs... Are you ready? Be ready to get shock! Here goes... S$1800! Unless you have a liking for quirky items or you happen to be rich, otherwise, I doubt people will actually buy them...

The minute I stepped into the store, the store assistants immediately stopped what they were doing earlier on. Although it kind of intimidates me (think each pair of eyes observing your every actions), it sure beats having staff members ignoring you.

Anyway, the store offers really attractive and girly fashion wear and accessories. Some of them may be a little ex(remember the red telephone box?), but if you're sharp, you will be able to find something affordable for yourself. I managed to find a cute top for S$20++.

The store is spacious enough. It's nicely furnished and very appealing. Overall, a super great shopping experience at Purple Attic.

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