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PepperPlus Group Corp. is the leading fashion apparel Group Corp. combining R&D, design, production, and marketing of pepperPlus brand includes apparels, handbags, shoes and accessories.

PepperPlus Group Corp. history dates back to 2002 primarily as a production and sales of ladies fashion in Singapore chain stores. With the consumers’ increased cognition to the PepperPlus brand in Singapore, Pepperplus has evolved into the apparel leader which designs, sources, markets, licenses and distributes a broad line of ladies apparel, men’s apparel, handbags and shoes in Asia. The Group Corp. highly recognised brand name has been established in their respective markets for extended periods and have attained a high level of consumer awareness

The Group Corp. headquarter are strategically located in Singapore.

In China, PepperPlus Group Corp. is located in ShiJje Town, Dongguan City, a famous fashion apparel distribution center. Presently, there are more than 200 employees in the Group Corp. and we have over 100 equipments and occupies an area of more 10,000 square meters. Our annual production averages 500 thousand pieces/suits with the capacity to produce potentially up to 800 thousand pieces/suits.

Our employees first management style,modernised production and office environment ensure a conducive workplace for our employees and customers, which create a smooth full supply chain, retails and franchise management system.

Insisting to “honesty-oriented and credibility-centered” tenet, holding the operation principle of “maintain superior quality and creating a future together”. PepperPlus Group Corp. is endeavored in supplying fashionable woman’s and men’s wear and accessories synchronizing with the leading European and American market, and well combining the foreign culture with Chinese culture, offering a “Unique style for a Unique client” .

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Reasonably price basic clothing

I've never really taken notice of this shop but I've realised that most of its outlets are located in the vicinity of some of the big malls.

The vague impression that I have of this shop would be the cheap, reasonably price basic clothing that are available for women of all ages. From simple tank tops to easy to match tees, this shop makes it perfect and easy to choose plain clothing in the midst of a fashion disaster - no matter what, plain and simple is the solution for a fashion disaster.

However, some of the collections are not my style. Certain sections of the clothing side seem to appeal to older people with patterns that may seem to be less trendy and appealing to the young.

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Nothing to rave about

I have never been a fan of pepperPlus, even throughout my adolescent years. With their not-so-trendy apparels, I usually browse the store and ALWAYS come out empty handed. The clothings they offer are definitely affordable but I believe their quality are not of a high standard; which is a shame. It's also a miracle that I don't suffer from a panic attack, walking into their tightly-spaced stores, bumping into their other customers.

Even on the last day of 2013, as I'm typing this out, I don't think pepperPlus will ever change my mind on their clothings even if they were to revamp their whole line. Older patrons, on the other hand, might have better luck there.

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Next This Fashion

I used to frequent this store, just like I did This Fashion in my much younger years, where the store also catered to the younger crowds. But that was a long time gone by, and has been eons since I last entered a Pepper Plus.

They do have really affordable clothing, but I also realised that they now very rarely have clothes that will fit my palette, and most of the clothes point out to the more mature age groups. And because of their perpetual affordable racks, the tiny stores are usually packed and squeezy with mature audiences whom I really already have enough of on trains. So yea, I'd personally give it a pass. :)

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Not For Me

I've only ever shopped once at pepperPlus, and I honestly think I would never shop there again. In terms of pricing, the clothes are pretty affordable, similar to H&M prices.

However, they lack the one thing that has made H&M so successful - trendiness. The clothes look okay enough, if you still live in 2000. Everything seem to belong in the back of the closets of 30+ year olds. Not fashion-forward, not trendy, not aesthetically appealing.

The younger set, definitely forget about this place. For older ladies, there might be one or two things that are quite suitable, but its like finding a needle in a haystack. Search carefully.

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I like it that the clothes can be tried on!

I always browse through the sales section because although cheap, some of them are still nice and also of good quality. The best thing about PepperPlus is that we can try the clothes and its perfect because sometimes the clothes look nice on the rack but when you wear it, it doesn't. Its style basically revolves around both working adult style and also casual as well which makes it convenient for people who want to look for formal looking clothes that can also be wore casually as well.

I would say that the usual prices for new arrivals are rather pricey around 30-40 because they do look like Bugis street clothes but probably of a better quality. I would definitely recommend it to people who want better quality yet not too expensive clothes.

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Not my cup of tea

My mum adores PepperPlus, and she tends to drag me into the store whenever we go out shopping together, and despite my countless visits, I have never ever spotted anything that I like in this store.

PepperPlus generally sells clothes in understated tones like beige or black. I am usually a fan of neutrals, but the neutrals at PepperPlus is the exact epitome of boring. The clothing collection seems pretty stale, as they generally sell the same type of clothes again and again, and I can hardly find variety in this store.

The prices at PepperPlus are acceptable. The quality isn't too shabby, and the prices are generally of an affordable range, so I can probably see how the slightly more mature crowd finds their calling in this store.

The staff at PepperPlus are helpful, or at least I always see them flocking to my mum, though no one ever comes up to the (disinterested) teenage daughter.

PepperPlus could probably do better if they introduced more vibrant clothes. I highly doubt any teenager would want to be caught dead in PepperPlus of their own volition. Till then, the staff will just have to stick to entertaining the OLs.

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A very 20s to 30s fashion

I never liked boring clothes so I'd stay far, far away from pepper.

This place can go through as many revamps as they want, changing the decor from black to red, mysterious to stunning, but the clothes do not change. They all look like they're tailored for everyone 25 and beyond, the bottoms come in such big sizes that I have never found one that actually comes close to fitting me -- I would walk past this store even if they're on 100% sales.

I never understood why pepper is still standing. For all their lacklustre clothes and steep prices, it's an amazement they still have a following. I'll go to G2000 for all my office wear so this place is technically pointless.

Maybe when I'm 29 I'll think differently and bring all my cats to pepper, but 19 year old me says no.

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West Mall
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Cheap fashionable clothes.

I never fail to go in to the outlet at Jurong Point. Selling a large range and variety of affordable yet fashionable clothes, even if im not buying anything, i find it a joy to take a look at the clothes they have on sale to update myself on the latest fashion trends.

They have a large variety and style of clothings for different people. Recently, they also change the bag they use to package their clothings and they came with a sweet paper bag sealed together with a pretty ribbon. That just increases its aesthetic appeal, making me more attracted and inclined to get something from their store.

They always always have sales going on no matter what. It's 2 months after the GSS and they still had GSS sales going on. But, im not complaining! However, not all of their clothes are made of good quality though, so it is wise to sieve out the better buys.

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I like!

pepperPlus has recently become my favourite shop to hunt for bargain clothes. I have bought clothes on several occasions from the outlet at Toa Payoh.

The tops range from in the $20-$30+. However, they always have sales, and there will be this area where all tops are $15-$20, and another area where tops are $25 etc. This is the source of my good hunts!

Other than the budget prices, I also like the clothes there. They are not as common as those seen or identified as those at Bugis Street, the typical ones of 1 for $10 or $15. I would say that the tops are more formal, with a range that can pull off as office wear including the usual blouses. Perhaps, the fashion apparel from peppePlus do like some range at the departmental stores.

The staff are helpful enough to help with your clothes before and after your fittings. I once felt quite bad for using the fitting room 3-4 times but the staff doesn't seem to mind, or at least she doesn't show it much.

For a small shop like pepperPlus, they have 3 fitting rooms. One thing that I like about trying clothes at that shop, which I am not sure if it applies to everyone, is that there are always people in the shop so the staff are generally not so free as to wait for you right outside the fitting room to ask how the clothes were. Yet, it never was crowded to the extent that people have to queue for the fitting rooms too (there are 3 fitting rooms anyway).

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Toa Payoh
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Affordable trendy clothing

PepperPlus is a shop that sells fashionable and affordable clothes for teenage girls. During their sales period, the clothes are cheaper; they give up to seventy-percent discount.

I went into the shop during their sales period and it was filled with people, the whole place is messy and the staffs are all busy trying to tidy up the place. The whole place is like a little battlefield.

Although the clothes are cheap, but a lot sizes has been sold out or otherwise is that the condition of the clothing is not very good. However, I believe that the next time I go I will find something that I like and is suitable for me.

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Branch Location:
Jurong Point
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