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In 1993, Kate Brosnahan, a former accessories editor at Mademoiselle opened Kate Spade for its purpose of designing sleek utilitarian handbags that she had always wanted. Today the brand is home to graceful exuberant designs of women's handbags, clutches,wallets and accessories with a playful but sophisticated twist.


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Lost all interest in it

I always thought Kate Spade was a fashionable brand that I would one day be able to afford and purchase a number of their bags. This wishful thinking lasted until the time when everyone was Kate Spade crazy! And I mean crazy! Obviously, I don't want to be a part of it. It was mental, to put it nicely.

Now years down the road, the demand for the brand decreases as fast as it increases during the frenzy. It can definitely be compared to the survival mayhem during the Y2K period. Even now, I still didn't understand it and has lost all interest in it. On a lighter note, they do have a range of pretty bags and accessories which might just put a smile on a girl's face.

Fun fact: Do you know that Kate Spade's brother-in-law is the famous comedian David Spade who starred in Grown ups? I was really surprised when I got to know about this. Lol.

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Gorgeous Accessories

Oh this place, be prepared to spend spend spend when you enter because you're about to come face to face with some beauties.

I admit, I'm usually the slower ones when it comes to the wave of fashion trends. It's been awhile now since the crazy wave of young teenagers have decided to patronise the Kate Spade brand: from the Classic Kate Spade bag to the Beautiful, minimalistic wallet, they seem to be banal objects today. In fact, they may even seem to be must-haves with the young teens - almost every averagely well-off Singaporean teen is either carrying a Kate Spade or a branded wallet. However, being slow that I am, I only realised the minimalistic beauty of these leather (and non-leather) Kate Spade wallets that seem to get the better of me. Now I really want one of those - although long wallets aren't really my thing. Just for a collectable maybe.

Just a few days ago, I also came face to face with my friend's creame coloured Kate Spade which was just adorable, and I must say it really looked so classy and youthful.

Maybe it's time to get a Kate Spade of my own... but with their extensive collection, I'm spoilt for choice.

Now that's another problem of mine. I end up buying more than what I need because I can't decide.

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Good quality and pretty

I recently got a wallet from Kate Spade because I decided to spoil myself a little on my birthday. It was quite a splurge but definitely worth it.

Aside from the visual appeal because of the vibrant colours, the quality is impeccable. It's not one of those brands that slaps on their logo and demands a hefty sum of money. You actually get quality products! I'm one to test the durability of my wallet by throwing it around in my bag and I hardly ever really take care of them, but my wallet is actually still in one piece which took me aback a little because this is the longest a wallet has ever lasted with me. Definitely worth the price!

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Love It

Absolutely adore the products from Kate Spade. I like that it not a direct in-your-face luxury brand, yet still manages to retain that certain level of appeal. Their products are catered more towards a younger audience based on their product designs that emphasise more on trends and fads rather than timeless appeal. I own a small pouch from them and I like that it is incredibly versatile and useful. It's just the right size for all my things and it can match most of my outfits.

TIP: Although purchasing a Kate Spade item may be incredibly tempting, I recommend that you not purchase their products from Singapore. Kate Spade is a brand that hails from America, so if you buy from an American outlet, the price difference is actually quite substantial. Remind yourself to get friends or relatives to get a Kate Spade for you if they're heading to the US for a trip!

If you don't see yourself purchasing from the US anytime soon, perhaps you could just wait for the Great Singapore Sale and then rush down to their outlet to buy them. Put on your game face though, for there will definitely be a huge crowd vying for the items.

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Ngee Ann City
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Bright, bold and classy!

My mother absolutely reveres Kate Spade. And now, I think I do too.

I think that there's just something about walking into a Kate Spade store, then running your hands along the rows of hand bags, clutches or wallets, feeling as if you might possibly own the world if you could own all the beautiful pieces in store.

But of course, that's not very possible. Kate Spade is, after all, a designer brand, so you can expect relatively hefty price tags - oh, but I assure you, those price tags are worth their every cent.

I was given a patent striped Kate Spade wallet near the start of the year, and it's been holding up extremely well. If anything, it's the one wallet that has managed to last me so long without signs of considerable wear.

Give Kate Spade a try if you're in the mood to splurge - you won't be regretting it. Also, look out for their sales! Prices can get slashed quite a bit, and wallets may actually dip beneath the 100 dollars margin!

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Appealing to the young adults

As with life, we go through many stages, even for branded goods. To me (as a girl), Kate Spade marks the start of my journey of consumerism. Kate Spade appeals to young adults like myself who would soon move on to higher end more matured labels like Chanel and Gucci. But for now, Kate Spade is THE one.

What I like best about Kate Spade are their bold designs that still have a sophisticated touch. What I find most annoying is how pricey Kate Spade can be in Singapore! Prices here are almost twice that of those overseas (in New York for e.g.) for the exact same product. So my advice to everyone is to go to the shops, pick out what you want (model no, and colour) and then find out who is travelling soon, bat your eyelids at them and nicely ask them to buy it for you when they are overseas.

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For all Gossip girl lovers.

If you are a big fan of the American hit TV show Gossip Girl, you will realize how Blair Waldorf's style is so close to what Kate Spade has for sale! The shop's signature green items are all trademarks of Blair Waldorf's unique style!

The shop's bright colored items ranging from bags to clothes, will all call for your attention. I remembered visiting there once to find a nice present for my mum. The staff were really nice, and even took out all the keychains and wallets out for me to view. They even asked me what my ideal budget was and took out everything that was within $300 for me to see. I was really surprised and happy that such warm and friendly staff are still present today! Eventually, I got my mum a really nice lipstick keychain and the staff even helped me pack it into a nice box with ribbons to make it the best present ever.

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(Updated: November 18, 2012)

Bold and stylish

It's bright and appealing colors of the items will always attract me into the shop or at least, stop for a second look. Their staff are helpful and polite unlike some of the other luxurious brands and that really makes a good shopping experience.

I used to be a Kate Spade fan thanks to its affordable prices and bold designs. Especially their hot pink wallets, so gorgeous and sexy! I bought a Pink Patent Leather wallet with golden matte finishing in the inside. The staff was nice enough to warn me that the gold finishing can wear off easily but i insisted on getting it since i really love the design. True enough, it starting wearing off just 2-3months after using.

If that is not unfortunate enough, i accidentally got a 2cm pen mark on it and after 1 year of using, there's stains on it already.

Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying that Kate Spade products are bad. It's just that i'm not suitable to use a Patent leather product, i'm more comfortable with my leather wallet that can last me longer.

Overall, its still a good brand.

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Psychedelic colours.

Kate spade has a distinct style to them which makes their goods discernible even from a distance and even when their brand name cannot be seen on their goods. It has always been a favourite of my mum's, she'll always ogle at the psychedelic colours of their goods in the large display windows as she walks past their outlet at Raffles City everyday.

Besides, tote bags and handbags, they also sell a range of high end fashion clothings, wallets and shoes for the young and rich. Their goods don't come cheap though, but what you pay is what you get, the quality of their items is indeed good and can last for long periods of time.

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Dare to wear Kate Spade

Colorful pops of neon pink, yellow, blue and green greet you as you enter the store. Kate Spade is a luxury brand, but definitely a lot more affordable than its luxury counterparts Louis Vuitton and Chanel.

The store at Raffles City has got to be one of the most comprehensive outlets in Singapore to date, with bags, shoes, jewelry and apparel for sale. And the sales are fabulous. I purchased a hot pink patent leather wallet for 300 dollars, more than half off its original 700 dollar tag. Whenever I carry that wallet, people never fail to ask me where I got it from and how fabulous the color screams.

The Kate Spade wrapping box and shopping bag are classic as well, with its signature color combinations of robin's blue and orange or hot pink and orange. Kate Spade is for the modern, independent woman who loves to stand out without being too flamboyant. The brand is classy and fabulous.

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Leather Goods
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Raffles City
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