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Listing created by Melody on May 19, 2012    
The name "Rip Curl" was taken from a vee-bottom surfboard that co-founder Warbrick bought in 1968, upon which he'd written "Rip Curl Hot Dog." The Australian surfing sportswear specialises in surfboards and wet suits but has since franchised out into designing surf and beach wear as well.


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Exclusively InExpensive

I have always been a huge fan of those Australia brands associated with wakeboarding and beaches. Quiksand and Billabong were raging in popularity when I was in secondary school.

Ripcurl sold beachwear, bags and wallets that were similar to the aforementioned brands. However, I find the items under Ripcurl to be slightly better in terms of designs and quality. I, too, am no fan of commonly found or used items. Adorning a tee and bumping into someone who’s wearing the exact replica of my tee would be akin to committing a major crime in the fashion realm. Hence, I strayed from both Quiksand and Billabong seeing as to how their items were selling like hotcakes. Sales like that tends to boost the probability of bumping into someone with the exact same item.

Ripcurl, on the other hand, was like the underdog. Not many knew of it’s existence and if they do, it’s harder to find them in departmental stores. Hence, it lowers the rate of bumping into someone with the same outfit. The quality was satisfying and the designs were ranged from sophisticatedly simple to extensively elaborated. Some ripcurl items were even cheaper than the overrated brands like Billabong or Quiksand.

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Surfing, in Sunny Singapore?

I've always had the impression that Rip Curl would be best represented by a ripped and muscular man in a wetsuit, hair all sleek and styled by the sea water while he glances longingly into the sunset, hand casually holding a surfboard plunged into the golden sand of the beaches. Seems like the impression that I've always had doesn't differ too much from the products and apparels that Rip Curl carry.

However, while there are several outlets in Singapore, the concept of surfing is hardly a sport to pursue in sunny Singapore. In fact, this just leads to usually empty Rip Curl shops. They end up depending on their bags and other small products to survive, which is quite a pity. I'm sure if the shop were to be placed somewhere where the sport of surfing was thriving, it wouldn't be a ghost town more often than not.

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Expensively Trendy

I cannot tell the difference between brands like Rip Curl and Billabong. To me, they all just sell floral bikinis. Funnily enough though, I do like Rip Curl. Singapore does not have many of its outlets and they are usually not crowded even if there are sales. The items in Rip Curl may be slightly pricier than what people are prepared to pay. I don't usually mind though, because I have never had to deal with others bearing the exact same product as I have.

Rip Curl is especially worth it during a sale as you can get products at very affordable prices. Your wallet won't feel the pinch then! Personally, I'm not a fan of their backpacks because I don't like their designs. However, their beach bags are really pretty and definitely worth a chance. It's proven to be versatile too, as I can also bring the beach bag when I go out instead of leaving it exclusively for the beach.

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Lasts a lifetime

Ahhhh, the memories of RipCurl during my secondary school days. Everyone wanted either RipCurl or Billabong then. Popular brands from Australia, I went through a period of crazed shopping for these surf brands. RipCurl is the epitome of sun, sand and surf. Basically everything an island country of Singapore is; except during the monsoon seasons.

RipCurl offers a huge range of products that cater to surfer boys, skater boys, beach-going girls and everyone who is cool. I personally prefer splurging on their various bags and tote bags. I purchased them about 10 years ago, and I must say, they are of great quality to last me until now. Though I have grown older, I still carry those bags when I'm out with friends just shopping or chilling at the beach. I had a particular bag I used for storing my makeup, and I had it for over 5 years before being gifted a new one a few years ago.

All in all, I do recommend Ripcurl to all the teenagers who are looking for something of good quality and are able to last a long time.

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I like Ang Mo brands

I had been putting on weight ever since I completed my NS. Now, I don't like shopping for clothes in Asian brand shops because there is a trend to go slim fit for Asian brands and even an XL size shirt does not fit me comfortably and some of these brands don't carry anything larger than XL. I felt discriminated.

Rip Curl is one of the shops that I can still comfortably find a polo shirt or T-shirt. Their designs are mainly beach styles and so may be a bit flashy. I will normally looked for the plainest designs in the shop, people may find me weird buying a brand like Rip Curl but not going for their beach designs. I am only buying for the size and comfortable fit, designs do not mean much to me now.

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Pricey for bad quality

I used to have a black sling-over bag from Ripcurl for $80+. Bought it since I think it looks cool and hip but the quality was really atrocious. The bag surface tear within 3 months although I've to admit I'm a rather rough abuser of bags but none of my bags lasted 3 months or less!

Fine, that might have been quite some time ago and Ripcurl might have improved over the years. While shopping with my gf one day, a backpack on displayed caught my gf eyes. We went into the shop and left within a minute. She practically just went up to the backpack, looked at the price tag (the bag cost $90+ by the way), touched the bag material and left. "The material and quality of the bag felt like it's only worth $10" was what she said to me.

I guess you're literally paying for the beach brand name rather than the quality if you're buying stuffs here.

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Beach-only clothes

I remember Rip Curl used to be a really hip brand in my primary and secondary school days - it was one of the popular sources of wallets, school bags, and the like. But I don't see much of their stuff in the streets nowadays. I think with more affluent kids, newer and higher-end brands have replaced Rip Curl as the epitome of cool. Rip Curl's not so cool anymore.

Aside from wallets and bags, Rip Curl produces a line of clothing in what I may describe as surfer chic. It seems to me that all of their clothes are dedicated to surfers. Doesn't help that all their ads feature only surfers. Because of the image in my head that people wearing Rip Curl only exist at the beach, I feel like I cannot wear Rip Curl anywhere but at the beach.

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(Updated: May 21, 2012)

Only bags and pouches are recommendable

Personally, I feel that although Ripcurl has been in the market for quite a long time, the popularity is decreasing, price is increasing and hence, not many people would really get anything from this shop.

When I stepped into the shop, I could find a wide range of swimwears, T-shirts, towels , sandals and some other accessories such as wallet,pouch and bags. However, not much designs and models for us to choose from ; the main colours are either blue, pink, or white.

The prices differ for each category of items sold. For example: T-shirts would range from $39 - $69 , swimwears would range from $49 - $69. Although some people might feel that the pricing is fine, I might not think the same way. They are too overpriced. Take an instance of the T-shirts. Some of them have materials that are too thin. I would think twice before paying $69 for that kind of materials.

Maybe if there is anything that you have to get from Ripcurl, you can consider its bags and the long pouches ( many people use that as stationary pouches ). The prices are decent and they are quite durable. Or, if you find the prices too costly, you can wait for Sale and grab the stuffs you don't want to miss.

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