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#B1-31/32 Ngee Ann City 391 Orchard Road Singapore 238872
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Listing created by Melody on May 19, 2012    
The Malaysian Retail store is owned by entrepreneur Pat Liew who aims to blend colonial flavour into designs. Besides having its natural fabric and easternised western design feel, it also retails household furniture and decoratives.

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Cultural Amalgamation in Intricately Designed clothing

A fragrant smell wafts into my nose from this stall - it is a mix of something spicy and fresh at the same time. Taking it in, it is all very intriguing for me. Since I have a very sensitive nose, smells attract me the most. Walking into the shop, the stall is adorned with clothings that seem to promote the idea of cultural amalgamation. Chinese motifs are mixed together with more Indian looking outfits or Indian motifs adorning a simple tee.

Though I love the style of the place and the simple wooden furnitures, I never quite know how to pull it off - they are clothing that are beautiful and unique in their own way, but not congruent to the unique way I am.

Still, I love this place. If you have the style for it, come here and rock these clothes!

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Elegance at its simplest

I never knew British India originates from Malaysia until I stepped into their store in Ngee Ann City recently during the sale period. Their clothings never appealed to me due to their mature designs and patterns. Don't get me wrong, I do like some of their dresses which looks like something you would wear to a resort next to a beach.

I must say, their apparels are made of high quality and stitched to perfection. Their choices of apparels ranges from polo tees to flowy tops and dresses which all spells ELEGANCE at its simplest. Most of the ladies tops has sequins and beads stitched around the collar which makes wearing a necklace unnecessary. The brand also offers beach-style accessories.

Although the line of clothings they offer are a little too pricey for my pocket, sometimes it is the quality that you pay for. I can definitely foresee myself purchasing their items of clothings in the future.

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Expensive, but they last

Making clothes that last can be a double edged sword. For those who are frugal, it represents economy. For the fashion conscious, it may make you look like a fashion dinosaur until the cycle swings back right again.

But yet again, British India (EIC in the past if I am correct) never purported itself to be a fashion trend setter. They make timeless classics and their clientele would be the more mature crowd who do not give two hoots what the fashion gurus say.

Buy it, if you don't mind spending more on quality.

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Store with a unique theme

The clothes at British India are generally inspired by the clothes worn in India during the period when it was colonized by the British. The unique theme of the store, coupled with the interior design, definitely draws shoppers into it. The store at Kallang Leisure Park is usually spacious and clean, and decorated with such earthy colours that offers shoppers a nostalgic vibe that no other store can give.

However, I personally find that the clothes from British India can be a little hard to integrate into Singaporean streets. One can hardly see any teenagers or young adults purchasing stuff from British India, as the clothes are simply not of a youthful flair, nor does it attempt to be.

Also, some of the cotton kaftans can feel a little rough to the touch, though I am not sure if that is the intended purpose, but I wouldn't like the feeling of rough cotton on my skin. The clothing can get a little pricey, with simple white shirts costing as much as $80 or $90.

That said, I've once seen cute little pajama shorts retailing at an affordable range. I'm still waiting for the sleepwear of my dreams to surface at British India. Perhaps that is why I always find myself stepping into British India despite clearly knowing that the clothes there differ from my usual taste.

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(Updated: November 11, 2012)

Exotic clothes, exorbitant prices

As British India is one of few retailers at Kallang Leisure Park, which I visit quite frequently, I would often enter the outlet there, look around half-heartedly, and then leave empty-handed.

British India probably caters to the older crowd, and it is hard to find anything inside that a normal teenager or young adult would wear. The apparel there have an earthy and ethnic feel to them, and it carries mostly exotic kaftans or loose trousers made of thin cotton. The clothes there are also quite pricey, and a normal pair of shorts can set you back $80.

The clothes retailing at British India do not really fit in with the Singaporean style, but I’ve seen Caucasian women purchase the basics there in bulk as if they were stocking up for the apocalypse, so I suppose the clothes there do appeal to the foreigners.

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Expensive cotton

The only reason I go to British India outlets is to appreciate the effort they put into the interior decoration and design of the stores. The aesthetic appeal is there but when it comes to the clothes, I don't see why anyone would pay so much for rough dull-looking cotton clothing. My dad shops at British India often and I can tell all he is buying is really just the brand. The clothes, though exotic and interesting, would not blend into the normal Singaporean wardrobe. Maybe you should get an interesting kaftan for a holiday but one would look really odd wearing that on a regular day in Singapore.

The whole store gives off a very yoga-ish zen vibe. It is usually spacious, with ample room for displaying their apparel and giving them the all-important aura they so desperately demand. You will find the sales people dressed in exotic (again yoga-ish) 'costumes' all the more emphasizing how different and odd their brand is. No go for me.

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Expensive colonial-style clothing

British India is one of those stores that actually has a theme to its clothes - something I can only describe as colonial style. (Personally, the British Indian theme is rather annoying because I reject colonialism, and don't understand why a store would want to celebrate its history.) This style entails lots of cotton, loose-fitting clothes, short shirt sleeves and khakis. The cotton quality is quite good.

But I would never buy from British India, not because of a personal grudge, but because of the sky-high prices. A cotton button-up shirt might cost $80-90. I'm sure I can go somewhere else for similar quality and much lower prices!

Given the theme and the prices, I never buy at British India!

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Raffles City
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unique clothes but very pricey for its quality

British India is not a store that many people would think off their head when they are in need of new clothes. It is a place that sells many clothes of the British India style. Think thin, flowy fabric with ethnic prints. I personally wouldn't wear their clothes but my window-shopping experience at the store has always been good. I really enjoy the atmosphere there as the neutral interior design makes it very comfortable and relaxing to walk in. The store is also very clean, spacious and has a nice smell. The cement flooring also enhances the whole atmosphere of the store. You can tell that they have put in a lot of effort into the whole decor of the store.

However, their prices are more towards the higher spectrum and for its quality and material used, I would not pay $80 - $90 for a dress from there. They sell basics as well but these basics are priced very high and I just cannot bring myself to purchase it because I know of other cheaper and better alternatives. I wouldn't recommend you to purchase from here unless you really like their designs which are quite unique and British India-esque, other than that, save your money and shop somewhere else.

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