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Miss Selfridge began as the young fashion wing of Selfridges department store in 1966, the start of 'swinging London'. By 1967 Miss Selfridge had started to open within Lewis' department stores and by 1969 had opened independent stores in Croydon, Brighton, Regent Street and Brompton. There are now over 180 Miss Selfridge stores offering a unique range of clothing and accessories. Over the past four decades, Miss Selfridge has proven to be one of the most well loved brands on the high street. Through a number of changes in ownership since its birth, Miss Selfridge has proven that its name, reputation and brand power have stood the test of time. Miss Selfridge was one of the first retailers to use Kate Moss in their campaigns plus other famous models and actresses such as Yasmin Le Bon and Nicollette Sheridan. As a boutique brand, Miss Selfridge works hard for its customers, always aiming to give them something unique. Whether it's getting inspiration from vintage prints, sourcing its cloth from all over the world or using its in- house design team, our aim is to create a distinctively feminine, flirty, fun and contemporary style for fashion aware women.

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Like everything UK, I found the price for the items in this store is expensive. I can't deny the fact that all the clothes are trendy and stylish. I have my favorites when I shop here, but at times, the price can be so high it seems ridiculous.

I love their outfits as they're funky and I always find great club wear from Miss Selfridge. Although pretty, I really can't afford to pay so much for a top which I knew I can get somewhere else cheaper.

However, I love coming here especially during sales and being a member, it's always good to know that I'll get another extra discount on my total purchase.

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Awesome items but highly priced.

Miss Selfridge is definitely for the fun and edgy girls out there! Apparently according to them, fun comes in cute party dresses, spunky tops and statement shoes. If you're out for a party, I'm pretty sure Miss Selfridge has everything you need from head to toe.

I adore the direction and concept of theirs, where they seem to promote another level of fashion that is rarely seen on the girls in Singapore. They have many eye catching collections that will leave you wanting a piece or two.

However, even as a F3 member, the prices of their stuff locally are still considered quite high. Shopping online for their products would be a great alternative due their extensive range of collections, as well as the availability of items that are not internationally available.

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(Updated: January 04, 2013)

Dress Shop for the Fun Size

Looking for a dress for date, event or just casual day? This place could be pricey but it is definitely for you.

I often go here to buy dresses for special events like prom or christmas parties. They offer variety of designs and for a petite lady like me who only stands about 1.5 metres, I find it very easy and convenient to find dress cuttings that suit my body. I once bought a dress for a company party and everyone praised it due to its unique design! It is an asymmetrical black dress with studs on the frontal area. "Rocker" yet classy.

Moreover, one of women's fears in attending a party is having someone wearing the same dress as them. Fashion disaster 101. However, due to the scarcity of Miss selfridge shops in Singapore, the chances of this happening is very low.

Beauty is not just skin deep but good physical impression still counts.

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Petite dress
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(Updated: December 16, 2012)


I love the designs at Miss Selfridge - they are re trendy, cool and chic. They usually have quite stylish and stunning collections that make you go "Wow!" and I love looking around the store.

The downside is that their clothes are quite ridiculously overpriced. I highly recommend buying their clothes online or if you can wait, buying their clothes directly from the UK instead. Over in the UK, the clothes are less than half the price in Singapore, and they have a much wider range of designs. I can't shop at Miss Selfridge without feeling slightly ripped off.

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Party-ready outfits!

I was recently looking for my prom dress and had a budget of $100. I don't know why but I always had the impression that clothes at Miss Selfridge would be really expensive and more mature looking. In fact, I was proven really wrong!

There were many party dresses there, including a really shimmery pink one, some feathered dresses and some sparkly nude dresses! The variety there really exceeded my expectations and most dresses were below $!00!! But the staff there were really unfriendly though. As I was queuing up to try on several dresses, they just stared at me emotionless. I was not even greeted with a smile! That made me really angry and I just left the place.

I know it is quite ridiculous to leave a store just because the staff is unfriendly and unwilling to help. But to me, if the staff were nice in the first place and willing to help me find different sizes, I would have gladly bought the dress in an instant!

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Feminine and stylish.

Miss Selfridge does feminine to a tee.

With stylish, sequined pieces and floaty, ethereal, dreamy dresses, Miss Selfridge can do no wrong. Although their prices are on the higher end, the beauty and glamour of the clothes there are worth every penny you pay. Their gorgeous skirts and dresses, paired with sky-high stilettos and cute clutches guarantee to make you look AND feel absolutely stunning.

With the new outlet located conveniently at Bugis Junction, now I can get my shopping fix even more frequently!

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Why are the stores always so small?

Is it just me or does all the Miss Selfridge's stores seem really, really small and sorta cramped? Are they trying to make customers feel more comfortable in an intimate setting because it doesn't feel that way?

That aside, I think Miss Selfridge is quite wonderful. Their clothes are mostly more on the feminine side, so if you're feeling particularly girly, then treat yourself to Miss Selfridge (yes, I mean treat because their prices can be quite expensive)! Personally though, I'm not such a fan.

Their staffs are quite indifferent and not very attentive.. they probably are trying to let people shop alone without any hassle from them but I don't know, it comes across as a bit cold to me. But I did get a few smiles here and there..

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I only wish they had more stores in Singapore!

Miss Selfridge is one seriously underrated brand in Singapore. With only a few stores around the island (Wisma Atria, Marina Square, Paragon, to name a few) and each store being exceptionally small and tiny, I wish more people would realize how this is seriously a gem in the works!

Less famous than its UK counterpart Topshop, Miss Selfridge houses high-street fashion as well. Solely dealing in women's wear, this label carries funky dresses, studded heels, leather bags, chiffon tops and the works. A blend of punk rock and girly charm, Miss Selfridge houses style so eclectic and diverse- one can be transformed into a pixie princess with a floaty, floral maxi dress to a British indie rocker with studded high-waist denim shorts to a sexy socialite with a bodycon dress.

The prices for the pieces are somewhat steep though. Expect to pay nothing less than 70 dollars for a dress and more than 100 dollars for a leather jacket. However, if you happen to be a F3 member (F3 comprises of other brands like Topshop and Dorothy Perkins as well) and flash your membership card with every purchase from any of the listed stores, you receive points. When a certain amount of points has accumulated in your card, you can redeem them for actual shopping credit and deduct some actual dollars off your purchase! Suddenly, shopping at Miss Selfridge doesn't sound so exorbitantly bad anymore~

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Wisma Atria
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Turn on your girly charms

Miss Selfridge is a fashion haven for women with a penchant for clothes oozing feminity and sweet girly charms. You could find a range of stylish pieces for almost every occasion - skirts and dresses, frills and ribbons, laces and prints, basic structured work wear and glitzy party wear. Besides clothes, you could also purchase handbags, jewellery, shoes and other miscellaneous items but those are only stocked in a limited range.

The best part about Miss Selfridge, in my humble opinion, would have to be their skirts and simple collared blouses. You could find a great variety of skirts - a basic skater skirt (only $19 if memory serves me well), an ethnic printed bandage skirt, and a long flowy chiffon maxi skirt in maroon, just to list a few. Their shirts are also crisp and smart-looking for that effortlessly chic and smart casual look.

Customer service at Miss Selfridge is average. Their staff are not as warm as friendly as their Topshop and Dorothy Perkins counterparts but act on a level of professionality.

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Twiggy Wardrobe

The nationwide UK high-street fashion store originated in 1966, with the first mannequins based on sixties icons and the model Twiggy. The international retail boutique is one of the first fashion houses to use supermodel Kate Moss in their campaigns, other supermodels include Naomi Campbell and Tess Caly. In April 2010, the label even launched a Gossip Girl collaboration with the Gossip Girl stylish Eric Damon, that consisted of 8 dresses worn by the four main characters.

Its unique style combines sophistication and elegance with a well-balanced design that makes it semi-formal but yet casual. The clothing are usually designed to suit the latest trend, with the hottest and most stylish colours. Furthermore, the sizing of the dresses are a little smaller and for the petite individual it would be more fitting. Besides having its classic pieces, there are also selected few 'party' dresses every collection that add a little glitter and spice to the average coloured/ patterned wardrobe.

When in luck, during the sale season there are also massive discounts off the clothing. Although one might have to sit through the agony of looking through all the clothes to find the right sizing and the right design, the price cuts are usually quite great. In comparison to the rest of the Arcadia Group retail boutiques, I feel that Miss Selfridge brings out most class and elegance with its slightly old-ish designs with a modern feel. For the price that I am willing to pay or the event dress that I am scouting for, Miss Selfridge never seems to disappoint.

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