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#02-10, Orchard Central 181 Orchard Road Singapore 238896
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Listing created by poppy on May 17, 2012    
Blackmarket is retaliating and rejecting all the ideals of commercial bombardment. A situation, where the focus becomes your own self, like a starving person of the depression era, and you need to be someone by hook or crook. We don’t need condolences on our dead thoughts, we can resurrect. Let our rebel yell resonate again.


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Unlike any other

One step into Blackmarket and you’d be instantly transported into a different dimension — one that is uber cool, soothing and quaint. Like the aesthetic it prides itself on, the products (clothing and accessories alike) sold in the store are tasteful and charming. Here, you’d be able to chance upon goods that are designed and produced by local and Asia (e.g. Indonesian) designers. The non-pushy staff also gives you ample time to browse the entire store, which is an experience itself for you’d never know what you can find. It is the epitome of alternative fashion and a hidden gem amidst mainstream retailers.

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(Updated: January 28, 2013)

Black Is The New Black

I must admit I am mutton dressed as lamb. Puberty is mercifully well behind me but I still choose to dress like a stroppy teenager as far as possible. Of course, my sartorial palate today is a lot more sophisticated than my sartorial palate when I actually was a stroppy teenager. Probably why I hanker after too-cool-for-school gear from the likes of Raf Simons, Rick Owens and Hedi Slimane. However, the limitations of my adult wallet mean that I am not always able to indulge my teenage tastes.

Catering to this sentiment, the selection of merch at Blackmarket aims to provide cooler-than-thou edginess at poorer-than-thou affordable price points. Also admirable is the healthy mix of international and local labels.

We need more Blackmarkets and less Zaras here in Singapore. Anarchy!

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(Updated: September 15, 2012)

More stores like this in Singapore please

The main reason why I love Blackmarket is because it carries a huge range of local labels. I feel that these Singapore labels aren't widely-known and loved enough, which is a shame. But that being said, most are quite pricey, and some of the labels uses materials that doesn't look like it's worth the price.

The interior of the shop is somewhat minimalistic, which I guess puts the attention to the items on display. And since it's almost always empty of people, you feel much more relaxed shopping.

The staff has a very casual demeanor about them, usually minding their own business. Which is alright I guess, but a bit more attention given to customers like me would be nice.

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