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Fashion in constant movement, with the essence of the glamour and style that every woman desires. The Stradivarius spirit is feminine, fresh and creative. Stradivarius is the dream and fantasy of a real world, which seeks to enchant its clientele through its designs. So that every woman can create her own style, Stradivarius offers a wide range of collections of fashion wear and accessories. Its creations are inspired by the modern world, and follow the latest trends. By exhaustively analysing what its customers want and giving its collections a touch of fantasy, it is able to ensure that its products fill the gaps in each customer's wardrobe. Stradivarius focuses on its designs, fabrics and accessories, for girls who want the very latest trends, and know where to find them Every season, the collections help women's styles to evolve, ensuring that they are always wearing the very latest fashions.

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Stradivarius is owned by Inditex, the same company that owns brands such as Bershka, Pull and Bear and Zara. That might raise your expectations for this brand, but don’t be fooled, because it really isn’t that great.

Clothes from Stradivarius, though trendy, are really over-priced, and the quality is just so-so. This is especially so for their basic tees. The material is very thin, and I'm sure you can get much better ones at other stores. My first purchase from Stradivarius was a hot pink blazer for $129, and I really regretted it, because other stores like H&M and Cotton On later came out with similar blazers at half the price!

The only time I would enter Stradivarius is when there’s a sale going on. You can find really good deals, as some pieces may be up to 50% off. If there are no sales going on, I’d say, just give Stradivarius a miss.

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Mixed feelings

If I'm not wrong, this is a sister brand of Zara. The apparel designs shadow those of the TRF series in Zara and prices are similar too. The designs are fashion forward and follow each season's trend. But somehow, I feel that the prices do not justify with the quality of its clothes like Zara does. I bought a few cotton tops and after a few washes, they look worn-out and old. Some even became dusty looking, as if it had been worn for many times! - into the bin they went.

However, I like the dresses in Stradivarius. Their cut is suitable for ladies with heavier bottom, like myself. Once in their sale, I bought two dresses which I already had but because the fit was so good, I thought getting the same ones wouldn't be too silly a thing to do. :)

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Trendy, but not really worth the price.

I'm an avid fan of shopping but visiting this outlet did not seem to please me as much. While the clothes were rather trendy, they were something that I could find at other stores like Forever 21 or H&M. Also, prices of clothes here tend to be rather steep and not worth the money. Imagine a dress that costs about 79.90, it may not look extremely fantastic and may only be something that you may wear almost once or twice?

That is something that you would often find at the store. Pretty, but not entirely something that you may want to wear frequently. Well, there are still some pieces that are nice but overall, prices are rather expensive and it is not really value-for-money.

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I can never resist stepping into a Stradivarius store whenever I see one - there is just something about the lighting, and the interior that makes me feel that I can probably obtain a good piece of clothing from the store. However, of all my countless trips to Stradivarius, I have only purchased a shirt from Stradivarius once.

Stradivarius definitely provides a good shopping atmosphere. There is something about the racks of clothing, dim lighting and the feel-good music blasting from the speakers that makes me enjoy walking into Stradivarius and browsing through the clothes.

However, the clothing and accessories can be a little expensive. Although the prices at Pull and Bear and Stradivarius are similar, I find myself buying being more willing to pay for items at Pull and Bear. It isn't that the clothes at Stradivarius lack quality, but I just can't quite envision myself wearing anything from there, as their clothing tends to be a little more flashy and feminine.

I don't quite get the hype about Stradivarius. My friends once held a mini discussion about how awesome Stradivarius was, but according to their usual clothing of choice, it didn't really seem like they would wear anything from Stradivarius.

A little hit or miss, but I have definitely seen some romantic frocks at Stradivarius, and I'm waiting for them to resurface once more.

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Ion Orchard
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great designs

Stradivarius has a very cool and inviting interior and I have been attracted to walk into it many times.

The thing about Stradivarius is that they have good and bad points. For example, I recently bought a pair of black trousers which were very fitting and the material is very flattering. The quality is very good too and it costs only $89. They've got nice looking jackets too which, in my opinion, is abit too thick for normal wear in Singapore. Their designs are nice and trendy and I specially like the way the staff layer and coordinate the clothes together on the mannequins. However, one thing I do not like is that some of their t-shirts and tops are rather sheer and loose. It costs about $30 for a t-shirt and I feel that it is rather pricey for something that is so thin.

Other than that, Stradivarius offers great designs and is probably one of my favorite shops around.

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oh yes!

Stradivarius is probably one of my favourite places to go when I'm looking for new pieces for my wardrobe. The items in Stradivarius are really trendy and have a lovely cut. Well at least everything I've tried on has been that way!

I recently got a sparkly knit top from Stradivarius and it has become my new favourite piece of knitwear in my wardrobe. Frequently, I feel like sparkly knit wear can be very prickly which is really irritating. But this piece is soft and smooth and extremely comfortable. I love Stradivarius and it's items.

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Hip interior, cute & affordable clothes

Upon walking into the ION Orchard outlet, I was immediately taken by the walls pulsating with fresh new beats and the dim interior. They combined to create a hip atmosphere for us youth to shop at.

The clothes at Stradivarius are priced similar to those at Pull & Bear or Bershka. The apparel there is trendy and fresh, but does not really differ from anything that can be found at any other major fashion retailer. There is nothing in particular that really sets Stradivarius apart from the rest.

My favourite items to purchase at Stradivarius have to be their floral wallets. The floral wallets there are really cute and affordable. Given their little size, they can also easily be slipped into any pocket, unlike the bigger and more cumbersome wallets that are trendy nowadays.

The skirts at Stradivarius are also really comfortable and reasonably priced, as are their stylish button downs and butter soft leather jackets.

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When the brand first launched its shop in Ion Orchard, I was very amused at the brand name itself because I found myself starring at it in awe for a long while wondering what exactly it stood for. Embarrassing as it seems, I have not actually realised that the musical note was a S and that the shop was stradivarius.

The shop is placed strategically at the intersection of wheelock place and ion itself, hence shoppers who are looking to walk through that path would have possibly walked past the store before. With the appealing looking clothing placed right at the doors, it is difficult to resist not stepping in to take a look at the collection and designs that they offer. So, I too stepped into the shop with much curiosity because it did look rather affordable and the clothing looked rather simple. I would say that the shop reminded me very much of pull and bear just that it was a more girly version, the designs are somewhat similar to whatever pull and bear had to offer like the jeans are about the same shade and about the same price and material. The cardigans are also all about the same and after 5 minutes or less in the shop I had concluded that they were possibly from the same chain. However, the designs had a little more feminine touch to it because it usually is a little more light, with a little frill or something.

After taking a whole round in the shop, I really would say that it is a hit and miss by collection shop because the things I buy from the shop varies drastically every season. For instance, the recent trend may be lace and being not a fan of lace at all, I was easily turned off by most of the designs of the clothing. However I did find myself some good finds, as the price is always affordable and justifiable for the quality of clothing.

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Boho X Street Chic

Stepping into Stradivarius, you get the feeling that it is associated to Pull & Bear (which it is!) except that is more towards bohemian trends and that its party wear are more tame, ditching sequins and glitter for soft leather, blazers and tres chic black dresses. Also, Stradivarius only caters to females (I'm sorry, dudes.)

The prints selection at Stradivarius is also very pleasing to the eyes of fashionista with coveted tribal prints and delectable floral prints. The clothes are also well-structured and tailored. Their skirts and dresses fit like a dream while their tops rests comfortably above. Prices wise, they are pretty similar to Pull & Bear's or just slightly cheaper. You could also find affordable bohemian jewellery amidst wallets and handbags.

My favourite item at Stradivarius is their leather apparel which triumphs over other fashion stores in terms of wear-ability, quantity and design. Their leather apparels are made of soft and thin leather giving you comfort with the right amount of structure to complement your frame. Next off, would be their blazers which are comfy and well-tailored.

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