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Listing created by Melody on May 16, 2012    
Aéropostale which is french for "air mail" was founded in 1987. It is a casual clothing retailer targeting the younger generation shoppers with its vibrant colour-ed designs.


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Worth visiting only during sale

I find the clothes at Aeropostale nice, but really expensive. They sell a variety of things at Aeropostale such as hoodies, dresses and towels. It’s style reminds me of Billabong, and the prices are also similar.

The prices are so much more expensive than in US, and even a simple tee costs 30 bucks. It’s insane! I personally would not buy clothes that are too expensive, especially if I’m just going to wear it a few times. The comfort level of Aeropostale clothes are alright, comfortable but I have seen better.

The only time worth going to Aeropostale is when they have sales that can go up to 50% off. The clothes become more affordable and worth it. Other than that, Aeropostale isn’t a shop I would visit often unless there is something I really like.

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(Updated: January 09, 2014)

Not something I would rave about

I always group Aeropostle and Abercrombie&Fitch in the same category - trendy clothes with a very expensive price tag. Although some of the clothes offered by Aerospostle are of good quality and fits my style, it always comes down to how much it costs.

In my opinion, I don't find the need for such expensive clothing if it meant that I will only be wearing it a few times before it being pushed towards the back of my closet. And it will continue to sit there because I don't have the heart to chuck it out due to the money spent on it.

Argh! Such dilemma, or what I call First World Problems. On a side note, I find that Aeropostle doesn't have the popularity in Singapore as much as Abercrombie&Fitch does. Maybe Aeropostle needs to start hiring them shirtless hunky boys to increase their patronage!

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Overly Expensive Clothing

"What's this brand, Aeropostale? I heard its branded in the states, look at these tees!" My mother was so excited when she unwrapped my christmas present from a family friend. Apparently, back then, Aeropostale was only available in the states and our family friend, being generous as she was, has bought back a few tees as a little christmas present to me.

When I visited Aeropostale in the states, I was stunned by the prices of the clothing available there - they were reasonable and even to an extent comfortably casual.

Fast forward to today - I walk into an Aeropostale shop and I'm immediately stunned by the prices that have been marked up many times. Even the sales prices are exensive relative to the prices in america. Although I do like the material and the style of the clothes, the prices put me off. In Singapore, this brand has been marked up to be "branded" just because it's American.

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trendy, good quality clothing

The first thing that struck me about the Aeropostale store in Suntec was the great service. The staff cheerfully greeted each person who visited the store, and seemed genuinely warm and enthusiastic about their work.

In general, the clothes there aren't cheap, but still affordable especially when there are sales. I bought two shirts for $35! There were so many designs I was spoilt for choice. Most come in vibrant, eye-catching colours. They're very comfortable, and in my opinion of really good quality too. Some shirts I bought over a year ago are still in excellent condition, and don't have noticeable 'furrings' common in cotton clothes.

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Preppy and cute, but expensive!

I love Aeropostale’s casual, preppy style. The font, colours and design are so happy and vibrant. Just pair your Aeropostale tee with a pair of denim shorts and you’ll look effortlessly cute. I also like the quality of the clothes here, as they’re comfortable and very flattering. One thing I like about Aeropostale is they have a wide range of V-neck tees, which I love. They come in all kinds of colours, so there’s definitely something for everyone.

Aeropostale’s clothes are pretty long-lasting. My favourite white V-neck hoodie, which I’ve had for two years now, is super warm and comfy, and still in pristine condition, so that’s a major plus.

The only thing about Aeropostale is it’s really expensive, with a simple pair of denim shorts costing almost $90. Luckily, they often have sales of up to 50% off, so definitely look out for that!

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Good Quality Casual Clothes

HOODIES! It's the first thing that reminds me of Aeropostale. Their hoodies are the kind that when you wear them, you really don't wanna take them out because of the fluffy inner linings that make wearing them a dream come true.

They have a wide range of casual clothes, alongside with basics. But I'm always hunting for shorts and hoodies in Aeropostale. Although their prices are definitely on the higher side, their sales always ensure a major cut from their usual price.

I really like the layout of their stores, always refreshing, casual and sporty. Aeropostale seems to be quite the brand for spring!

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Nice but expensive

I was so excited to shop here after seeing the great outlook of the store. The shop itself is nice and shopping is a breeze.

The collection during that time was variety but quite expensive. I was so eager to buy something for everyone back home but upon seeing the price tag and did some simple conversion, I decided to give it a miss. Some items are nice and affordable but most of them are just plain expensive. Simple t-shirts are overpriced and I might as well buy from Topshop for value for money.

This store is actually a big disappointment for me, mainly for the price. I might give it a go the next time, most probably during sales period for more shopping.

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good quality clothes with lovely designs, but overpriced

Aeropostale has many good deals, such as 'Buy 1 Get 1 Free' or '2 for $20-if I recall correctly' and the like. Designs of the shirts are beautiful, but they can be quite boring after awhile, especially for the menswear section. I purchased two sleeveless floral tank tops which came in lovely, vibrant colours, the clothes fit well and made one look good. Furthermore, the material quality of their clothes is high, as it is very comfortable on the skin (:

They also have an accessories section, selling belts and wallets/pencil cases. The designs are cute and fun to look at, with citrus fruits and nautical themed designs. I definitely would like to purchase them if I was in need of a new pencil case.

Staff are friendly and helpful, and also suggest clothes for you if you happen to be looking for something in particular. However, I recommend shopping here when they are having sales, as import prices can cause some of the clothes to be overpriced.

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nice but really overpriced in Singapore

When i visited US, I bought many clothes from Aeropostale as the t-shirts are of really good material, design and cut. Plus, you can't find this brand in Singapore then. It is difficult for me to find a t-shirt that I like as I like my t-shirt long. Aeropostale has many nice t-shirts that are long and slim-fit as well! Just the type of t-shirts I am looking for. In addition, each t-shirt costed only USD10 which is about S$14. These happened before Aeropostale opened in Singapore.

When i heard that Aeropostale was opening its first branch in Singapore, I was very excited. However, to my disappointment, the clothes were very very expensive. Each t-shirt costed nearly $30. And it is so much more expensive than what I expected. The quality, designs and fit were the same but I don't see why I should pay such a price when it is so cheap in the US.

I heard that they've got some really awesome sales and clothes were going at up to 70% discount. Maybe I would buy from them again when they've got such sales.

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Love the quality!

If there's one thing I look out for when I shop for clothes, it's quality. I cannot stand to buy clothes that are of a low quality because I hate to see them become out of shape after a couple of washed.

However, after at least 10 washes I have to say that my Aeropostale print tee still looks brand new and it's so comfortable. I've even taken to wearing it to sleep and no it doesn't look tatty even then. I have to say I'm extremely impressed. You might think $39 is expensive for a print tee, but I've worn it at least 15 times. (and slept in it at least 5 times) It still looks brand new. compare this to the $15 tee you can buy from a random shop. It loses it's colour and shape after two washes. Mine has lasted 10 looking brand new. Which is the better deal? Aeropostale!

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