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As Canada’s premier lingerie retailer, La Senza owns and operates over 300 stores throughout Canada, and a further 300 stores in 30 more countries around the world. La Senza has over 4 outlets in Singapore. La Senza offers women a unique shopping experience with outstanding lingerie presentation in a beautiful and intimate environment, featuring everything from bras & panties, to sleepwear, loungewear, bodycare, and accessories.


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Gorgeous bras which I will never own. Cruel La Senza

Trying to find my size in La Senza is like trying to find the meaning of life. You spend a long time looking around, and are always left feeling disappointed. The store in Ion is the one that I visit, and every time I go in with a new feeling of hope, perhaps this will be the time there’s one for me! Maybe they’ve just got new stock! maybe they’ve finally stocked my size! Oh. No? Every time I look upon the pretty balcony and the racy plunge bras wishfully, only to have to retreat back to the comfort and bore of M and S.

Don’t get me wrong, I love La Senza. There’s always pants on sale which I stock up on regularly, bra’s are often on offer and they sell super cute pyjamas. If I was a different size then this would be a glowing review. The few bras that I have ever bought from there have lasted years, the elastic holds and they’re always comfortable as well as pretty. The pants are always fit well and are of high quality and the staff are always keen to help, I just wish they would stock beyond a C cup.

By leaving me to buy the boring Grandmother style bras in much more sensible shops, La Senza leaves me sad. If their bras were average looking and boring, I would not be bothered, yet every time I walk past I am tormented by the lace and the patterns of the bras that I will never own. Not all of us are the size of a Victoria’s Secret Angel, however much we wish to be. La Senza. Please. How I wish I could buy from you.

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Knickers or Panties?

People tend to associate La Senza with Victoria's Secret. They are obviously two different brands, one originating from Canada, while the other from United States of America. The only thing similar between the two brands is their, what I call, burn-a-whole-in-my-wallet prices.

La Senza carries a range of intimates from knickers to lingerie. I suppose it can be deemed as a one stop shop for intimates. Because of their high prices, the only time I would actually step into their stores is during their sales. With banners and posters promoting their sales with big percentage discounts, it is definitely normal for one to be curious.

During sale periods, although most of their products are on sale, sale-goers have to focus on value-for-money. Some intimates such as their padded bras or lingerie are worth the buy; but others including knickers or panties are still over priced. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, I would still recommend La Senza for their high quality intimates.

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(Updated: February 15, 2013)

La Senza has that Wowza factor!

Yes! I was wowed the moment I stepped into La Senza's compound. Their designs are everything that I searched high and low for! Not lingering on the banal beige and black hues, La Senza had a wide myriad of designs that would sparkle my inner wear wardrobe till even glancing at them directly without any UV coated visual protection may do harm to the viewers innocent pair of eyes.

La Senza drips with comfort. It's padding is certainly ideal. It isn't too stuffy till you are robbed temporarily off your oxygen supply. The sales there are supremely applaudable. Percentage signs are plastered all over their glass panes. Even more percentage symbols were dangled from the ceiling. Never had there been a venue where percentage symbols were used so excessively. However, it was deemed a severely successful strategy! I see a throng of customers . including me, flocking into the store after being hypnotised by these symbols.

Unfortunately, the prices usually rockets to an ultimate high whenever the sales ceased to an end. Who would want to splurge three digits worth of cash on an inner wear not many could see??

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Sales and designs
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Tampines Mall
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Contemporary comfort

La Senza gives a whole meaning to lingerie by incorporating fashion elements into them. Now girls can look trendy “inside” too! The comfort of the bras is also one of its main selling points and keeps customers coming back. Season after season, La Senze dazzles with a wide selection of contemporary lingerie like no other.

If La Senza is too pricey for you, you got to check out their fabulous sale periods! Enjoy bundled prices and the more you purchase, the more you save! Sizes may run out so it’s best to purchase them as early as possible.

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My favorite lingerie line would always be from La Senza. I simply love their products. They carry almost everything that I'm looking for in lingerie. From basics to some funky inner wear, La Senza will be my number one choice.

I especially love their promotion deals where price can be quite cheap and they usually come in pairs or a bundle. The choice here are aplenty, and I like how their staffs never bother you and let you take your own sweet time browsing through their lingerie collection. And of course, help is given at their utmost level when you asked for it.

Since I'm a member, I always receive great deals and it's great to know that I can always be among the first ones to receive a fantastic bargain whenever they're having a promotion.

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sexy ... girlie ... pretty ...

Initially when La Senza first came to Singapore, I thought it was gonna be expensive. But surprisingly, when I decided to walk in to take a look, I find it really value for money! Their basic bras and panties in solid colors are on promotion most of the time and I am always tempted to go back for more colors whenever I see that they are on sale.

I especially love their matching lingerie sets in sweet prints like lace or polka dots, which are so pretty and girlie, yet sexy!

Just bought some with X'mas prints for my gal pals as X'mas presents ... pretty pretty!!

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Sexy + comfortable

La Senza is one of my favorite brands for lingerie. Not only are their designs girl yet sexy, they do have occasional sales which allows you to save a great deal!

Recently, I bought 3 bras for $70, which amounted to only $23 each. They are comfortable and makes me feel confident. The salesgirl there are really helpful. As I was looking for my size on the rack, the salesgirl approached me and offered to find for me. There wasn't a limit to the number of items that I can try on and I felt really comfortable shopping at La Senza.

I am so thankful that La Senza has 4 outlets in Singapore now. It makes shopping for lingerie so much more convenient now.

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Sexy and sweet deals

Hands down, La Senza is the most comfortable brand of lingerie that I've ever bought in Singapore. The bra cups are well shaped, with no poking underwire even after prolonged use, the patterns are fresh and exciting (so many colours! so many designs!) and it's reasonably long as you go during sale time.

My experience with their service staff has never been less than satisfactory. They are super helpful without being overbearing, and are always willing to help you pick out bras, and bring them to the fitting room for you. The brightly lit store with carefully designed layout is pleasing to the eye. Best of all, there is always a good deal available, or just around the corner.

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(Updated: December 04, 2012)

Love it. Love the sales.

La Senza has one of the best sales in town, especially on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) which few shops in Singapore seem to honour. I got 8 pieces at a discount of 60%, what a steal! Saying that I love the designs that the shop has to offer is an understatement.

The sales assistants are also very attentive and always willing to help but they do so in a manner that is not intrusive. Even my grandmother unleashed her wild side when she purchased leopard print pieces under the coercion on my cousin and I. Or should I say leopard preens?

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Walk on the wild side.

With fun prints and luxurious materials, La Senza can do no wrong.

Each collection never fails to amaze. From soft lace to cute bows to loud, bold prints, there's something for any girl, any occasion. La Senza offers a wide variety of gorgeous designs, each piece stunning in its own way, making it extremely difficult for consumers to choose between them. From cute to sexy to understated and subtle, La Senza does it all.

The lingerie there is also of high quality and is extremely comfortable. Being clad in La Senza lingerie guarantees an experience similar to being embraced by the softest silk, that conforms to your every curve in the best way possible.

Given the high quality and stunning designs of the lingerie there, the prices are pretty reasonable.

La Senza is definitely a place to visit for sensuous, beautiful yet comfortable lingerie.

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