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Topshop is a British multinational clothes retailer specialised in women's clothing and fashion accessories. It has shops in around 20 countries and online operations in a number of its markets. Topshop is part of the Arcadia Group, which is wholly owned by Philip Green and owns a number of other retail outlets including Burton, Dorothy Perkins and Miss Selfridge. Topshop was founded in 1964 as Peter Robinson's Top Shop, a youth fashion brand within the Sheffield branch of Peter Robinson, a now-defunct department store chain. The first stand-alone Topshop store was opened in 1974. In 1978, Topman was created as a spin-off brand to cater for male customers and is now run as a separate chain, although some stores are co-located. Since launching in 1964, Topshop has become a major style authority and one of fashion’s biggest success stories, appealing to fashion forward shoppers and industry insiders alike. Topshop also features clothes of the petite, maternity line and studio brands like Cupcake and Tee and Motel, just to list a few.

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My On-Off Relationship with Sir Phillip Green

Now, I have a love hate relationship with Topshop. I sneer and criticise its overpriced frocks and yet every single time without fail, if there is a Topshop- I will window shop. It all started with its collaboration with British fashion icon Kate Moss. Ever since then, I will always fawn over its simple yet unique designs of floral tea dresses and distressed denim cut offs.

I own numerous dresses from Topshop, and my heart aches with every purchase no matter how hard I try to justify them to myself. Although the quality of the workmanship of its products far supersedes its contemporaries in the high street, I do not agree that they warrant such a high price tag.
But I still shop there, and many women my age do too. There is an intangible charm that comes with owning pieces from Topshop; whether it's feeling like Cara Delevigne or knowing that you're shopping at the upper tier of the accessible high street market, it keeps you coming back for more. Be it to admire its daring blouses, or to treat yourself to a cute skirt too short it'll make your grandmother upset. It doesn't help that the music played in stores make you feel like a London 'It-Girl' too.

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It's like being in a long-distance relationship

My relationship with Topshop is a lot like being in a long-distance relationship: we see each other online frequently and love each other deeply, but i'm not sure if it's really working out.

You see, I really like the clothes and accessories at Topshop in terms of its style - they are edgy, versatile and fashion-forward. In fact, I find myself subconsciously walking in to Topshop stores whenever I spot one, but I hardly ever buying anything from it. Price, to me, is the main issue. For the kind of quality they offer, I don't think it's worth the $69 they charge just for an average top. Even their basics are around $33! I remember when Topshop first came to Singapore in around year 2002, their basics cost just $9, but yes of course there is inflation and stuff like that, but $33 for a basic is really a little too much for me. And some of their dresses cost more than $100! Oh, how much you have changed, Topshop.

I guess Topshop I will continue to admire the edgy Topshop pieces from a distance, and occasionally pampering myself with one of the overpriced Topshop items.

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Too overpriced for words

Don't get me wrong, I love their designs and every time I see a Topshop, I absolutely HAVE to go in. However, I tend to just window shop and gaze longingly at the clothes and jewellery that I will never have the money for.

Their clothes are pretty and edgy but the price is No way am I paying fifty dollars for a plain cotton dress! And when I say "plain", I really mean PLAIN. No lining, no detailing whatsoever. FIFTY DOLLARS. I could probably get that same dress in New Look or Cotton On for half of the price and it would be of the same quality!

Overall, probably a nice place to have a look-see, but trust me, there are other cheaper alternatives.

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Way too Overpriced!?

Topshop, sad to say that it is one of those high-end shop which I spend the least on. Reason being the clothes are way too overpriced. Way too overpriced, i mean. Can you imagine a singlet selling at a price of $39.90 or even $49.90?! C'mon, to be frank, its just a singlet. Apart from their singlet being sold at a ridiculously high price, the same goes for their top. A normal printed tee selling at a average retail shop may cost at around $19.90 or at most $29.90, however its a different story at Topshop. Their tops are priced within the range of $ 49.90 to $69.90, not to mention some even escalate to a 3-digit figures. Nonetheless, there are still shoppers who are willing to go for quality and uniqueness of their top and bottom, so as long as they are more than willing to pay, I'm fine with it. Hit Like for those who are suffering the same agony as me, thanks!

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I (window)shop here all the time

Topshop is and has been my all time favourite store to window shop at. It's is pretty much well-known among teens for its fashionable clothing, good customer service, great atmosphere and it's incredibly steep prices. (read: about $49 to $60 for a knitted top.)

I love topshop clothing, it's always very on trend, pretty to look at and always a tempting buy. However, the prices are a huge turn off. Topshop clothing are grossly overpriced, you pay more for the brand's name then the quality of the clothing. Quality is only so-so; Topshop has a range of clothing under the name MOTO, mostly jeans and shorts. The jeans stretch after a couple of washes, very disappointing for clothing that is priced at $80. Their tops are thin and lose shape after a few washes as well.

I love how they stock a wide variety of clothing, bags, accessories, swimwear shoes and even makeup in certain outlets. Bags here are more reasonable, $25 for a canvas bag which do last pretty long.

Customer service is great, they always greet and are very friendly to anyone who comes in, whether or not you end up buying anything. Stores are brightly lit and the music choice is well picked.

I go there usually only just to see the latest stocks and drool at the clothing. If you're a student with only a modest shopping budget (like me), it's best to give topshop a miss and go somewhere more affordable to shop.

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Why do I keep coming back

Topshop is grossly overpriced, but I keep coming back and buying stuff there. It's awful, but their clothes are all so pretty. The quality is a joke, though. My MOTO jeans have a shredded hole because I fell down once, and my cute brown jumper is starting to lose it's shape after only a few washes.

The customer service isn't that bad though, I'm usually greeted with warm smiles and most times the staffs are always very helpful and patient. Granted, there are times when they'd be inattentive and somewhat careless, but nothing's perfect.

One thing I do like about Topshop is that they always play the raddest music. I guess that's probably one of the reasons why I keep coming back even though I always swear it's the last time I'm buying anything there.

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Not my cup of tea

Of all the high street brands in Singapore, surprisingly, top shop is the one I frequent the least. I find their prices a little too steep for the quality we are paying. Just a piece of cropped top can cost up to $69.90?!? You got to be kidding me. Moreover, Top shop is one who always stays on top of trends. From fringe top, cropped top, studded shorts, Aztec prints, sequins dressings, floral trends etc. I am one who does not believe in paying this much for something that I know will go out of trend soon.

Personally, their clothes are loud and daring. Think short sequins shorts, Aztec bralets etc. To be fair to them, Top shop also does a basic line with working blouse, blazers, tank tops, jeans and so on. However, at the price I am paying, I would much rather shop at Zara which I believe has better quality. I purchased a pair of black jeans from Top shop few years ago. It cost about $90 odd and it actually expanded after a few washes. For this quality, the only time I visit Topshop is when there are sales ongoing like now.

However, Topshop has a good range of jewellery from their “freedom” collection. Though slightly steeper, their jewellery are extremely unique and durable.

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Haute Couture Dresses

Topshop is my all-time favorite high-street fashion label. Whenever I am along Orchard Road, I always make it a habit to enter the flagship store at Knightsbridge. The store is three storey's high, with the highest floor dedicated solely for men, but let's face it, I never bother to climb the stairs up to the men's section because I am simply overwhelmed by the vast array of choices of women's wear!

With a new category for women called "Dress Up Topshop", a whole range of high fashion dresses for any occasion is made available for the fabulous fashionista. Pretty pink bubble dresses for prom and truly outrageous cut-out dresses fill the racks of this section, with slightly heftier price tags of course. But let me assure you that Topshop dresses are truly cutting edge chic.

I mostly go to Topshop for my party dresses and dresses for special occasions, and these dresses have never let me down! Whenever I don one of my Topshop dresses, people always ask me where I got it from or how much they love the design. The quality of their dresses is good as well!

If you are a fan of the brand, I strongly encourage you to become an F3 member because of the amazing discounts made available to members only! You will also be notified in advance of the sales and be able to snatch all the good stuff in your size before it is all gone!

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Not really my type of fashion store

I always visit Topshop every time I'm shopping with my friends. They always shop for something in there while I couldn't find anything that suits me. Although there are many varieties of apparels and accessories that they provide, the qualities might not be up to my expectations. Even the display of the items could sometimes be messy and looks unappealing.  However, the service staffs are friendly; in each stores , there would be one or a couple of staffs greeting you at the entrance and that is a nice welcoming greet. 

The ladies apparels would include T-shirts, pants, jeans, skirts, shorts and dresses. In some outlets, they would also have lingeries and sleeping wear / pyjamas. They would range from $20$70 depending on the apparels that you purchase.  Other than that, ladies could also get their make up accessories in the store. 

But, despite the wide range of ladies wear and necessities, I would still reconsider before purchasing anything from the shop. 

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Fashion forward

Topshop by far is one of my favourite high fashion labels in Singapore. Topshop offers Singapore a piece of British fashion right here on our shores; due its cutting edge styles and trendy apparels, Topshop is more often than not the top choice of the fashion savvy.

Located at different parts of town, each Topshop outlet offers a slightly different (probably customized) product mix. I drop by Topshop each time I’m in town to check out their new arrivals, or at the very least, to ogle at them. Prices may be on the steeper side, and many have commented that the declining quality of the apparels do not justify the amounts that are charged. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

Topshop has a loyal following, known as its F3 card members. On birthday months, members get to enjoy 20% off one receipt. Points accumulated on the F3 card can also be exchanged for cash vouchers.

Retailing not just apparels alone, Topshop now offers swimwear, shoes and cosmetics! If there were only one type of item I can buy from Topshop, it’d definitely be their shoes. The pricier ones (comes with shoe boxes) are quite sturdy, and my few pairs have lasted about 2 years or so.

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