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The brand Paul Frank's signature monkey Julius and whimsical creatures like Skurvy brings to life a more fun and childish twist to adult apparels. With cartoon looking skulls and monkey prints, the designs on clothings and accessories are usually brightly coloured.


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(Updated: December 11, 2012)

Not worth the hype

Alright, the monkey is cute. But that's about it.

I don't get why Paul Frank is becoming so alarmingly popular these days. I mean, it's just an ape, isn't it? Get over it already.

I visited the Paul Frank store at ION Orchard and all I could do was to look through the clothing, raise an eyebrow at the intruding monkey that somehow appears on every article of clothing that I lay my hands upon, and then proceed to raise the other brow upon seeing the price. Why people are actually willing to pay such high prices for a moderately popular brand is completely beyond my comprehension.

That said, the quality of items at Paul Frank seems pretty durable though. My cousin has had her iPhone cover for about more than a year, and it still looks as good as new.

Otherwise, I'd say, skip Paul Frank. If you're talking about cute, I can draw a cuter ape.

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I am never a fan of Paul Frank. I can't understand why people would like that monkey with the big mouth printed all over their t-shirts and shorts. Their shop front at ION Orchard is indeed very bright, cheerful and inviting. However, everything that is sold there is nothing but expensive. I am actually rather amused and how a normal cotton t-shirt can be priced at nearly $30-$40. Not like the material is fab nor the designs attractive, the fitting of the t-shirt is big and not flattering at all. The same goes with their shorts and bags.

Probably the only thing worth considering is their flip flops. Costing about $20+ for a pair, its a cheaper alternative to Havaianas.

Worth the look, but definitely not worth the buy.

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The monkey thing doesn't do it for me.

The monkey motif is a little childish and juvenile. It cheapens the brand, making it seem almost kiddish. I suppose the whole monkey thing has worked in its favour though, given that the monkey symbol is now globally recognised as a Paul Frank thing.

There have even been ripoffs of the Paul Frank symbol, and the image of the little monkey have been plastered all over T-shirts and polos to be sold at pasar malams, to which I only have one response, WHY? The Paul Frank logo just makes these clothes seem childish.

The items there are decent though, and I've owned a rather cute Paul Frank watch that has lasted me a pretty long time. Quality is fine, although prices are a little steep.

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Not my thing

Call me fickle, but a lot of my perceptions are based on my first impression of the product/person/brand. And my relationship with Paul Frank did not get off to a good start - nuff said.

Though there are a large range of designs and colours, I feel that they are a little too juvenile for my tastes. For the price that I have paid for a shirt, I would much rather get a couple of tees from ASOS or Uniqlo. It just doesn't appeal to me that much. Sure they have their fans, but to me, I would much rather spend my hard-earned cash on something that I like rather than what the 'market' dictates.


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Quite the charming monkey

I have never been a fan of Paul Frank.

It's quite an ugly monkey to me so for the life of me, I'll never understand why people adore it so, enough to pay $59.90 for a pair of Paul Frank slippers.

And as life likes to educate me on things I don't understand, I found myself at a Paul Frank store with my friend shopping for birthday presents. My best friend has shamelessly showcased her love of Paul Frank so I had to come here and finish up her collection.

I chose a Paul Frank wallet. I guess it's pretty, but still deadly unworthy of the $89.90 I paid for it. The store here is well-stocked and there's a huge variety. You should steer clear if you're a fan with no money, you'll lose your soul here.

I guess if the prints were all switched for Sanrio's My Melody, I'd go mad too but it's Paul Frank. It's a moderately well drawn monkey. I am not impressed.

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Ion Orchard
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Monkey Business

From what i remember, there used to be a time when I was insanely crazy about Paul Frank and its colourful merchandise so much so that almost everything of mine was from there. The craze died down though, luckily for me or I would certainly be living in Paul Frank mansion which would really be quite scary.

The designs and colours of Paul Frank items are really appealing because it captures the vibrancy and wildness of life itself. It beings some extra fun to the item, somewhat like it makes one happy just looking at the happy coloured pencil case from paul frank for example. I mean even the skeleton head is so comic. However, it is also undeniable that there are many paul frank imitations around as it is easy to copy the paul frank trademark ( julius in particular ).

Having been a "fan", I would think that the price of the items are really quite reasonable. The products may not look all that wow other than its unique designs and colours but they are actually made of quite good quality. For instance, the pouch that has been with me has been washed several times and has gone through much mud and dust but is still relatively in good condition. The colour doesn't seem to fade much even after washing, and the shirt still stays in shape, so I must say that I am rather pleased that up till today I would still buy paul frank items.

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I’ve been a faithful follower of Paul Frank products since I was a teenager. The 14-year-old me was always stalking the Pacific Plaza outlet, buying small accessories like coin pouches and the occasional cute and whimsy tee shirts.

Paul Frank is more commonly known by its signature character, the Julius Monkey. Other than the monkey, Paul Frank has also quite a number of adorable characters, like Clancy the giraffe and Skurvy the Skeleton. I love Paul Frank plushies and pajamas the most! Price is slightly on the higher side, especially for young adults for whom Paul Frank is catered towards. Try to search online for Paul Frank products — Karmaloop stocks their merchandise (albeit limited) at much cheaper prices! Paul Frank has made its presence at Bangkok as well, however Singapore still reigns in terms of prices.

The vibrant store front of Paul Frank at ION definitely calls for attention. Paul Frank has also managed to steal my heart with their bicycles! Due to the issue of practicality, I can only look forward to ogle at them when I pass by the store. One can expect to be dazzled by the plethora of products (and colours) Paul Frank store has to offer.

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cute and fun! but a little pricey

I love this brand for its cute monkey, whimsical prints and bright colors!! I love colors and fun stuff and this brand is right up my alley. Although I love girlier kind of cute (think Barbie), a change is nice as well. This brand is unisex and I know of both male and female who likes this brand. The signature monkey is the main attraction of this brand and it is found in merchandises like pencil case, bags, wallets, flip-flops and even boxers! I'd highly recommend you to shop this brand for gifts if the recipient is a teenager/young adult, fun, loves colors and brightness. There is a flagship store at Ion and they have shelves at Takashimaya.

Prices run a little steep but for its uniquely Paul Frank brand, I do think its worth it. The colors and designs used can not be found anywhere else! The Tare of a good quality as well. The paper bags come with a slogan that say "Bring Julius Frank home". It makes you feel a sense of attachment with the item you're bringing home! The whole appeal of the brand is just too cute and fun to resist!!

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