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Since its opening in Singapore in 2011, H&M's only outlet has its own solo standing building dedicated to itself. Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M) is originally a swedish-retail clothing label that is famous for its spunk among the younger generation. Its worldwide chain includes cities like Hong Kong and Dubai.

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My tastes are upscale but my budget is not. Therein lies the fashion conundrum that fast fashion chain Hennes & Mauritz aims to resolve.

The designer collaborations are actually very interesting, giving high end labels the opportunity to throw some crumbs from their chic tables to the masses. I cannot be bothered to queue overnight, so have never managed to get my hands on any H&M x Lanvin, H&M x CDG, H&M x Marni etc. And I am not likely to be in the running for the upcoming H&M Margiela due to my churlish unwillingness to queue.

It is a well known fact that H&M t-shirts fall apart after the third wash but nobody seems to care since everything costs next to nothing. I resort to H&M from time to time for a fast fashion fix but it is like trying to replace sugar with Equal.

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The Affordable Answer to Your Fashion Prayers

For its price points, H&M can be a heaven on Earth to indulge a shopping impulse. This mass market fashion heavyweight is pre-eminently known for its wide range of fashion answers to everything - from ridiculously cheap basics to inspirational Coachella-worthy choices, to even options for the prim and proper ladies of the office.

Weekends or sale periods at H&M can be an utter mayhem though- clothes and accessories jumbled up in piles, long lines at every counter, and just, chaos, everywhere; although, this isn't something that is extraordinarily peculiar in fashion retail - just goes to show what a crowd pleaser it is, I guess.

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Fast fashion at a cheap price

I’ve never been a fan of H&M, until I saw how crazy their sales could be. The big red sale sign drew me into the shop - I mean, which girl can resist a sale? Their prices were slashed by so much, and you could get a dress for just $10 which is amazing.

However, for their cheap prices, don’t expect the quality to be exceptional. Oftentimes there would be loose threads and the some fabrics are quite flimsy and thin. The designs are pretty nice though, and the H&M always keeps up with the latest styles. This attracts many girls and it won’t be surprising to see five people wearing the same thing from H&M on the streets.

The affordable and fashionable clothes from H&M keep me visiting frequently. It’s a great place to shop at if you’re looking for a wardrobe makeover without a feeling the pinch.

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Affordable Chic

H&M is one of my favourite places to shop simply because it's chic and affordable without looking cheap. I especially love purchasing my basics from H&M because they are well-cut and comfortable.

My favourite time to visit H&M is during the end of year sales - when the regular items drop in price from $50 to $15. It's every shopaholic's worst nightmare and best fantasy - all at once.

H&M also brings high fashion to the masses at a fraction of the cost. I'm looking forward to the H&M x Alexander Wang collection due to appear in stores this November.

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Affordable Thrills

I would always have mix feelings whenever I enter H&M. I would always skip the basic apparels as the quality seems to be very low. I guess that's why the products are always so cheap. I would glance through racks of clothing until I come across an item I really like. The quality seem to be of a higher quality than usual. All these good feelings evaporate when I see the price. It was a bit too pricey for an item from H&M.

I then wonder myself to the accessories section and spot great items that were below $10. The necklaces, earrings and rings were really pretty and worth the price they're selling at. The sunglasses were really retro looking which I absolutely adored. The shoes are mostly comfortable and affordable.

Lastly, I wonder myself into the kids section. If only I could fit into a children's size, I would purchase some of the tops which were too adorable and the quality seem to be much more better than the adults' clothing. Too my surprise, I even got myself a pencil case that was selling for $2.90! Such a great bargain. Hopefully H&M lowers the prices of the better quality clothing.

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Messiness and lower quality for variety and low prices

Be prepared for long queues and crowded pathways when you shop at H&M. The clothes there are fashionable and wallet-friendly, with a range of professional and casual clothing, hence attracting both youth and adults.

When there is a sale especially, tops can go at around $10. H&M also sells accessories, swimwear, kids' clothing and shoes, making it even more popular amongst the masses.

However, there is a drawback to the variety and low prices. Besides long queues, the displays are often quite messy, and the quality of the clothing is not the best. Then again, for low prices, one can hardly complain.

Although not every thing is a bargain buy, and there are also higher quality clothing reflected by their higher prices, I would recommend H&M for those constantly wanting to keep up with the latest trends without having to spend lavishly.

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Rather cool

When H&M just opened their first outlet at near 313, there was a big hype over it and I was one of the girls who went crazy over it.

I think it is still generally one of my favourite clothing shops because the clothes there are pretty trendy and most of their items are pretty affordable too but I am not as obsessed as I was before.

This is so because I have come to realise that most of their clothing are made of cheap material that wears out relatively easily. So in actual fact, the items are rather overpriced for the quality. I would suggest that you wait for their clearance sales because I've gotten a few pieces off the sales which was a really good buys.

Another thing I hate about H&M is the queues for the fitting room. If you go there on a Friday evening / weekend, I would have to wish you good luck because the queue for the fitting rooms are absolutely crazy.

Also, some of the staff there are not very helpful. There was once I was looking for a pair of shoes in my size and there was no one there to assist me and when I approached the nearest staff, she responded with a "sorry this is not my section".

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Pretty Normal

I remember all the rave that H&M created when it landed in Singappore, actually people are already hyped up when they heard about the news that they are entering the Singapore industry. Needless to say, I was looking forward to its opening due to all the excitement going on and the posters of fashionable clothings I saw plastered on the walls of Somerset MRT.

Due to all the excitement, the first few weeks of its opening were flooded with people, there's even a need for security guards to restrict the inflow of customers and we all had to queue. Even now where the crowd isn't as overwhelming, there is still a considerable amount of crowd in H&M which honestly speaking, isn't really appealing. This is especially reflected when you want to try out a piece, the long queue just make you go.. "oh well, ok.. nevermind" and decide how much you like the piece and gauge if it will look good on yourself. To counter the long queue, they have the 30 days policy for exchange and refund, which is a really good news for shoppers.

The prices in H&M can go considerably high and definitely not for one who is price sensitive, unless there is sales. Some of the basics are quite affordable and the quality is pretty good. When there is sales, the prices can be pretty appealing. Although they have nice designs, but I would say it isn't good enough for me to buy it for the price tag attached to it; there are cheaper alternatives around.

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Get Your Worth of Retail Therapy

Fashion is undeniably part of all of our lifestyles, be it once a year (y'know, CNY and such), or for my fellow fashionistas out there, we breathe and drink fashion. It probably burns a crazy hole in our pockets though. Having to painstakingly pick 1 out 2 favourites that you absolutely must buy.

H&M solves your problem (most of the time at least!!). They offer really great deals, with trendy in-season clothes. It's really no wonder they were all the hype when they first landed in Singapore. I found myself patronising the store more often than not, and it's always affordable to bring home a piece or two from the store, without straining too much of your weekly budget.

It's like Cotton On with more class, and New Look more affordable, together in one. Fast-fashion is a deadly sin, we all (sub-consciously know we're somewhat killing the Earth bit by bit with our fast-fash desires)(and think of poor Bangladesh workers stuffed into crammed buildings and literally risking their lives to make our clothes for affordable prices, when they receive extreme less than proportionate pays) are somewhat conscious of, but OMG. H&M has been delving into Eco-Fashion. Showing their support and attitude toward being responsible producers. (Yes, am aware of their recent controversy with the Bangladesh factory collapse. But this just shows their effort to change!) And yes, it makes us less guilty too.

I'd definitely shop here, and support the Eco-Fashion lines when they land in stores, even if they're a little pricier. :)

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Affordable but responsible too
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Once a favourite

When rumour had it that H&M was stepping foot into Singapore, I was thrilled! It is the brand we so raved about before. Oh-so-fashionable-oh-so-nice-oh-so-cheap. The clothes were so affordable and cheap then, or maybe just in its stores in Korea and Hong Kong? I remember lugging bags and bags of loot back. Dresses, skirts, shorts, swimwear, hats, heels, pumps, anything! You name it, they would just have that perfect piece at the right price!

My craze for it weirdly died down when the first store stepped foot into Singapore. It is probably the constant crowd that really puts me off. The second store was worse. The music they play in the store is a tad too loud. The lightings are way too strong making the shopping experience a little pressurised under the heat and the noise. The prices and quality of the clothes do not justify. Not my cup of tea. Anymore.

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Under $50!

H&M has a wide variety of clothes at different prices. I like its plain clothes which are unassuming and simple. I bought a cardigan at $24.90 and believe that it would have been sold at a higher price in other outlets for the same quality. I particularly like their trousers and pants as the slim fit cuts are very fitting and easily affordable. I have bought two from them at $34.90. Perhaps the most enjoyable thing I find about H&M is that I can walk in with just $50 and come out satisfied with my purchases and still a few dollars to spare.

The layout of the shop at 313 is easy to navigate. Males just need to head for the 3rd floor. Fitting room queues are usually long as expected from a brand which is easily accessible. One of my favourite place for clothes.

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