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#05-43/44, Orchard Central 181 Orchard Road Singapore S238896
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Listing created by kremekitten on September 30, 2012    

Founded in 2004, Funz Centre was formerly located at the small kiosk beside Ang Mo Kio's Long John Silver since 1999, which was known as Ang Mo Kio Bicycle Centre at that time They have since moved to Ang Mo Kio Hub, conveniently located near Ang Mo Kio MRT station and Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange, making them more accessible. They specialise in trading card games, video games, Japanese collectibles and latest toys.


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Great place for avid gamers

In my time, I've managed to visit every single game store in my area and in town. Funz strikes me as one above the rest and will always be the place where I got my first PSP. As an avid gamer, I patronise Funz especially for PC and PSP related games.

One thing I like about Funz is the layout and concept of its stores. Your first step into the store immerses you in an aura of gaming. This mood shifting brings you into a paradise of your own. One in which you are free to explore your deepest desires and secret fantasies through the extensive collection of games with every genre represented. Moreover, I like the star wars suit in front of the store at Orchard Central, which I felt gives the place additional intrigue and fun.

Another great thing about the place is that the staff are extremely knowledgeable about their wares. Moreover, together with their friendliness and willingness to help out customers, it almost guarantees me a fruitful conversation about games whenever I patronise the store.

Overall, a great place where time is well spent!

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Gamers serving gamers

Whenever I was in Ang Mo Kio Hub, I would visit this shop. They had a big collection of games and most of the staffs there were also gamers.

When I was browsing in the shop, I would sometimes hear a staff discussing some games with the customers. Gamers made the best salesman for games to other gamers. When they talked about how they cleared certain levels or what were their special tricks to level up faster, you would be tempted to try the games for yourself.

The staff being gamers themselves were also better able to help you when you brought back your gaming machines for servicing. They would be able to quickly identify the common problems with the gaming machines. All these add up to a good experience when shopping there.

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Nice variety, good service

Funzcentre is a nice place to check out your new games, they always bring in the latest games without much delay. This doesn't mean that they phase out the older games. Sometimes, they have promotions for their older stocks too. Nice store with ample walking space to browse not only games, but anime figures.

Good thing is that pre-orders for games can also be safely placed here as they are quite established and reliable.

However, I feel that the prices for similar games (xbox and PS3) are marked up quite significantly as compared to Qishan, another shop in Orchard. However, of course, the trade off would be accessibility, ambience and to some, reliability.

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Satisfied with my purchases

Funz Centre is the go to shop for all video games, computer games and card games. The shop is neatly arranged into different areas according to the category.
When I went into the shop, the retail assistant cheerfully greeted me and asked me if I needed any help. Upon hearing my requests, she immediately went to find the computer game I was looking for and brought it to me. She even suggested a few other similar games that she thought I might like. Her good customer service made it a good shopping experience.

The prices are labelled clearly on the products and are comparable to other shops & online sites. If you do not understand how to play the game or how to set it up, the shop assistants will be more than happy to help you.

The shop even has an Xbox for you to try out the latest games and the shop assistants will not chase you away even if you are playing it for too long, provided there aren't any other customers who want to try out the game. In fact, I saw a shop assistant play the game with a kid which made me smile.

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