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Pamplemousse Bistro and Bar

Pamplemousse Bistro and Bar Hot

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#01-04 7 Dempsey Rd Singapore 249671
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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 16, 2012    

Fusion food, all the rage 15 years ago, is now so commonplace that any restaurant that announces its fusion credentials invariably feels at best unoriginal, at worst, dated. Husband-and-wife Adrian Ling and Cleo Chiang-Ling, however, seem determined to buck the odds with their new Dempsey dining room. It quickly became clear to us, on recent visits, that the duo are not trying to chase trends, nor are they trying too hard to impress the diners. Instead, the meals at Pamplemousse gave the impression that restlessly creative minds in this kitchen are churning with one goal in mind: to produce brilliant tastes.

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12pm - 1030pm


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