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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 16, 2012    

On level four of Grand Park Orchard – the one that’s joined at the hip to Singapore’s very own Knightsbridge – this open-concept dining restaurant is open from way too early in the morning. A diverse menu includes everything from pizza sandwiches to dim sum and claypot dishes.

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12pm - 1030pm


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Lovely service

After seeing an article of a discount on their festive buffet, I headed there with my friend in tow, eager to try out their offferings for the christmas season. Oh I love christmas buffets for the meat and the meat and the cakesss.

Their choices weren't phenomenal, but they have many live cooking stations which the staff would serve right to your table after they have cooked it ala minute. Their festive buffet consisted of a range of seafood complete with oysters and fresh and sweet prawns (oh my love), appetizers and salads, turkey carved right in your face, a range of roast meats and delectable sweets placed oh so prettily on their cake stands. (perfect for pictures!)

I enjoyed their food, all the more made better with excellent service from the staff. We went there for their buffet lunch and after the discount, each one of us paid 40 nett which was a great deal I feel!

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