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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on December 10, 2013    

A fish and chips along Bukit Timah road famed for its authentic British taste. It is mostly patronized by expats unwinding here after work.

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I love the atmosphere.

I came here late one night before drinking and I was extremely hungry. I love all things British from their entirely not-subtle-at-all accent to Top Gear so I dragged my friend in. She didn't like fish and chips and was on some fad "eat clean" diet as usual so we agreed to disagree and I just sat my ass down so she had to oblige.

(subsequently we went to a salad bar but that is definitely not a fun sport so let's move on)

I ordered their special, a very highlighted fish and chips bestseller. I ordered it and settled in with my friend eavesdropping on the sexy accents all round. We didn't realize we waited twenty minutes for our dish.

The fish as alright, nothing much to be raved about. The chips were pretty good - my eatclean4ever friend caved in and finished much of it. But I would still rather go back to my fish & co than here again.

Still, typing this is making me hungry for smith's again.

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I suppose the atmosphere
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Total letdown

I visited Smith's Fish and Chips with a friend yesterday for fun and we ordered a standard cod fish and chips to share as it was recommended by the staff. With high hopes, we sat down and waited for our fish and chips to be ready.

Once we got our fish and chips, it looked great - crispy golden brown fish and small potato fries. However, once we tucked into the fish, we found that the fish was devoid of any form of seasoning and was thus tasteless; we didn't enjoy the fish at all. The fries were decent, but not excellent.

After having paid $18 for our fish and chips, we definitely expected something better. Honestly, I wouldn't eat at Smith's again - I'd rather spend my $18 elsewhere!

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