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103 Lavender Street Singapore
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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on November 06, 2013    

This cafe popped up along Lavender Street one day. Since then, it has been luring passerbys and office ladies by the block with its warm decor and staff.

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Another accidental gem

Me and my friend came here on a warm, sticky thursday night.

We were trying to look for windowsill by the woods, which is just around the corner but we didn't know then, and I got slightly irritable so we decided to drop by here for a drink. This place looked like winter, with gentle windows tinged in the cold moist air.

Which is why I went in because god damn the weather and I need air con.

I ordered their caffe mocha. The staff smiled sweetly and got on it while me and my friend settled into their cushy seats by the window. Maybe it's just me but in that dim light, this place looks very lvoely and brown and alluring and I was glad to be here.

The drink came shortly and it was an impressive size, so I'm glad my friend was too lazy to order because I didn't manage to finish it. To be honest, it tasted alright, nothing very special. But it was the warmth of this drink contrasted against the cold of the place that made it extra frothy.

I think I'm coming back.

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Feels like Starbucks but homelier
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