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#01-07 Aliwal Arts Centre 28 Aliwal Street Singapore 199918
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Wei Ling
Listing created by Wei Ling on July 15, 2013    

An Asian fusion eatery, Eatplaylove is a lovely cafe located at the Aliwal Arts Centre in Kampong Glam. A major hit with cafe hoppers seeking a novel experience, Eatplaylove encompasses 2 little craft corners for you to put your creative minds to use. Just $5 for 2 hours (weekdays), a huge variety of craft materials are available for endless possibilities of creations. Multiple artworks and craft books are also available for you to peruse through.

Food-wise, Eatplaylove offers Western & Thai food in a simplistic, unadulterated fashion. A small dessert refrigerator display also includes favourites such as the localized Milo tarts. It has also recently started merchandising The Tiramisu Hero's jar cakes as well.

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12:00 pm - 10:00 pm, Everyday except Tuesday


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(Updated: February 10, 2016)

Extremely affordable Asian Fusion fare

With a name as whimsical as Eatplaylove, one would expect brightly-coloured ice-cream scoops on waffles and the atypical cafe which serves all-day breakfast. Who would have thought - Eatplaylove actually serves Thai food!

Located in the midst of a series of shophouses in Aliwal Road much akin to those in Holland Village (minus the crowd), the cafe was quaint and cozy with familiar childhood toys and snacks for sale. However, with a Craft Corner in the cafe specially for children, do not expect a quiet experience. The food was alright - nothing mindblowing - but it’s value for money with the cafe’s $10 set lunch! Do try the waffles, which comes in the unique flavour of S’mores (toasted marshmallows and chocolate). One thing to note - though the cafe opens at only 12PM, it already stops taking in lunch orders at 2.30PM. But you can, and should, try out their yoghurt smoothies any time of the day.

Private events are often held here, so check their Facebook page for updates to avoid disappointment after the 5-minute walk from Nicoll Highway MRT Station!

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(Updated: April 29, 2014)

A Perfectly Beautiful Mess

It's amazing how EatPlayLove is decorated with all sorts of handicrafts, lanterns, posters, flags, cupcake holders that look so cluttered but absolutely lovely together. Every spot of the cafe is quite damn Instagram-worthy. From cute wooden shelves with tea pots and patterned flags at the corner of the cafe to a simplistic plain wall of inspirational posters.

Food wise, pretty mediocre, regular Thai fare. Drinks are quite overpriced at $5 - $8 for juices, flavoured syrup nonsense and regular drinks (that's almost as ridiculous as the price of non-alcoholic drinks in a bar)

I'm a total fan of Tiramisu Hero and I used to eat them here but the last time I went they didn't have it anymore. Not sure if it was sold out for the day or they didn't carry it anymore. The waffle smell was super alluring and the price was very repelling ($6 - $9) but cravings > everything else and I regretted immediately cause it tastes like $1 Prima Deli waffles.

Pleased to hear my personal favourite acoustic cover soundtracks on replay! (yay) There is a wide variety of handicraft available from coloured macaronis for kids to intermediate level of sewing handicrafts. Great place to chill and chit chat over some dainty sewing as souvenirs of the day!

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Came on a lovely weekend evening

I was very tempted to fail this place.

But its so very beautiful, how can you let something so pretty face rejection?

I came here after getting excited all week and past experience have taught me to expect to be a little disappointed but when I found the place, I squealed like a 10-year-old girl.

My friend was trying to have a conversation with me before he finally realized that I'm more interested in the surroundings of the place than I was in his chit chat (I'm sorry darling) and so we got up and explored the place!

It is littered with childhood toys, little crafts and arts, and interesting pictures everywhere. He settled with a bubble-blowing toy and I decide a rainbow crafts of sorts. It is right now hanging on my study table. Hello childish art that I love with all my heart.

The menu is really lacking. We ordered a grilled fish (I hate all things grilled, it kills the taste but he loves it so) and it was very, very under-performing. I barely had 3 bites before I went back to explore the place.

I'll definitely be back!

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The crafts here
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Nicoll Highway area
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Keep Calm & Craft On

This place is majorly popular with parents bringing their kids out for a eat-cum-exercise-your-creativity-outing, so you might want to reconsider going there during the weekends or during the June Holidays. Twice when I dropped by, it was so filled with children that my colleague decided we should come another time instead.

That said, this cafe is pretty awesomely decorated, what with the walls painted in the lovely Tiffany shade of blue. An old school charm cloaks over it with various vintage items displayed, including olden-day typewriters and the like. Everything looked neat, tidy & artfully put together.

We had a decently priced lunch set at $10 which came with a soup as well. The plates they use are the Chinese-y kind of ceramic plates with oriental motifs - similar to the ones I use at home - which added a tinge of homely and laidback feel. The Pesto grilled fish was decent and came with a soup. The lemon mayo-like sauce that came with it was really good.

The craft corners were also arranged in a very bright and enticing manner! The side meant for kids is on the right, and is much larger then the adult section. I personally found the kid side more appealing though, it made crafting look really fun even though I'm personally bad at art. It'd definitely bring out the kid in you when you look at it. You could also "Adopt-a-Monster", which refers to the stuffed toys you can decorate on yourself to create your own monster. Adorable sock monkeys that look both ridiculous and cute are also stashed in a basket as well.

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