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Spotlight offers a wide range of crafting, fabrics and home decorating products. It has Creative Class Studios that runs many classes including sewing, quilting and many others.

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takes time

I need time to walk through the whole shop before I can decide on what I want to buy, which also means I need to be prepared before I step into Spotlight to buy any crafting materials. This place is great for people like me who likes Do It Yourself items, or in other words, handmade.

I am thankful for the place to be catergorised before shoppers start to walk about but it would be better if the signboards of categories are bigger or placed in a place more noticeable for shoppers. It is still a large craft shop. Service there is not that fantastic for me but still appreciable.

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design students heaven

Spotlight at Plaza Singapura proves to be one of the most sought after shops, whether you are searching for a way to refurbish your home or searching for materials to complete your design project.

I have been to spotlight quite a number of times to search for decorating materials, and I have to say I really like the items that they have on display. From costumes to gifts, and even letters. This seems like the more high class version of Art Friend, and most would agree with me that this is a one stop destination for all designers.

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plaza singapura
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Great selection

This is the place to go to if you are looking for craft supplies or even beautiful pieces of fabric or knitting materials.

Personally, I could just spend hours in there browsing through the myriad of supplies there, looking for something to buy.

This is not your typical Popular store, Spotlight has a huge supply of unique and large selection of craft materials that you could definitely find something that you like, be it glittered paper or even imported supplies from Martha Stewart!

Also, my fav time to visit Spotlight is during Halloween, as they do stock up on Halloween deco and costumes!

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Less well-stocked than I expected

I headed to Spotlight at Plaza Singapura one weekday afternoon. As expected, most of the customers were females like myself looking for craft materials. The experience was largely a relaxing and pleasant one, though I did not find all that I needed.

At first step into the shop, the wide area and high shelves filled with all sorts of material can be a bit overwhelming. But I suppose getting lost in all the stuff is part of the experience, and allows you to explore and perhaps discover some treasures for yourself or your own project. Their jewellery-making section, however, was less stocked than I was expecting, and I could not find the thread and some of the beads I needed. Maybe I was more disappointed due to the fact that I had made a special trip to PS just for this shop.

Still, the place seemed well-stocked with other materials such as fabric, needles and party goods. Spotlight may also be a good place to pick up new hobbies with their offer of some needlework or crafting workshops.

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Where you could get all your crafts needs.

Spotlight is one of my favorite stores that I frequently visit every time I go to Plaza Singapura. The store is huge with a wide variety of cloth and sewing materials, household needs, crafts and bedding accessories. However, I feel that not all the items in the store are worth buying. For example, the crafts materials could be expensive and low quality. For example a pack of just small decorations can cost up to $6 and that is costly. 

If you visit Spotlight, the items that are worth buying would be the household needs such as the curtains, cushions and cloth and materials for sewing. They are of good quality and it is quite affordable too. It is definitely a good place if you intend to make your own clothes and costumes. Spotlight also provides a creative class where you can learn how to sew and do the handcrafts that you can add on to your home decorations. 

Also, if you often shop at Spotlight, you can consider becoming the VIP member where you can get 10% discount in the items you purchase. 

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Be in the know before you go!

Spotlight is a spacious store dedicated to sating your lust for craft or sewing materials, or anything in the spirit of DIY. At Spotlight, you would almost find any material you would need or even stage props that you would need. Think white clay masks and pink feathered boas!

Spotlight is my trusted and reliable friend during the years doing home economics where I could design my product beforehand and scout for materials and designs closely similar to what I had envisioned. Going to Spotlight the first time might be quite a blur. This is compounded by the fact that there are no other retail assistants stationed around to assist you, except to cut your cloth by yards.

Hence, be sure to do enough research on the type of materials, size of equipment, length of fabric, etc. that you need beforehand.

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expensive items, and only worth buying during the promotional periods

Spotlight provides a wide range of products for Do-It-Yourself purposes. They have scrapbooking materials, sewing and knitting materials and even jelly making containers.

Being a member of Spotlight is useful in getting the latest updates of discounted items and promotional periods, which usually lasts between three days to a week. The items are generally expensive, but it is worth shopping at Spotlight during the promotional period as the discounts ranges between 30% and 50%. During this period, I often get the knitting and scrapbooking materials. The quality of the strings is good and light and the papers, ribbons and buttons are unique.

Without the offers, products sold at Spotlight are expensive, and similar items can be purchased at any other art and craft shop for a fraction of the price. Since membership is free, it is recommendable to sign up for it. Some of the staff can be rather rude though, being unwilling to assist in looking for the products. And at the checkout counter, they do not ask for the membership card or promote the benefits of being a member, which means unknowing customers often pay more for their items than they should.

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under the spotlight

Spotlight is the first place I would think of when I need new fabrics or home decor materials. Do not confuse Spotlight with Art Friend as they are essentially forte at their own areas. For spotlight, it would be more of a craft store with everything mixed in. Home wares, bedsheets, fabrics, sewing materials etc. Art Friend focuses more on art & craft so if you are deciding between these two, I'd say choose Spotlight if you are not looking for art-specific stuff.

I love the huge array of goods that spotlight carries. It makes me feel that I will be able to get whatever I need there and true enough, that is always the case. I need velcro straps, they have it. I need cute printed fabrics, they have it. Need festive decorations? They have it as well! It's everything you need, really. They also have party wares available as well. Oh and another thing, they also have full utensil sets, bed sheets and home decor items so if you are looking for them, do head down to spotlight to take a look. I guarantee it would not burn a hole in your wallet.

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Art Warehouse

I first came into knowledge of this shop as I had to purchase banner cloth to paint school banners, and it seemed like it was the most recommended place around the whole of Singapore. I always wondered why the place was called spotlight, because it seems to have completely no link with the products that it sells what-so-ever. However, it is undeniable that it is a great place to pick up craft products including cloth, sewing machines and other materials.

Situated in the heart of the city, it is a convenient place to purchase all the items as it is easily accessible. Lugging the items around the mall may be a little embarrassing though, if the materials are bulky. Spotlight offers a wide range of materials and designs to choose from. The shop spreads out around almost the entire level of Plaza Singapura, somewhat like a mini-designer paradise. The price of the items may however, be a little bit over the market price but I would presume that it is normal since it is afterall a niche craft company.

Handicraft workshops are also available, which makes it ever so convenient as the materials are all available in the shop. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable about the products, providing very useful information and advice for the materials, which is a huge plus for the art-dummies like me when purchasing items occasionally.

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wrap arounds

Spotlight always seems to be the place where I find myself spending a whole lot of time and money, on the most unnecessary things that would eventually either end up at two extreme ends - being used thoroughly, or left aside to collect dust. It has been years since spotlight first opened at plaza singapura and it has the shop has expanded from when it first started. The larger facility now, houses more variety of cloths and equipment for the crafty hands to get to work, it even has the space for its own work-space studio where it holds mini lessons.

When the creative juices suddenly erupt, and you find yourself no where to getting the materials you need, try spotlight. It is perhaps the most convenient place to purchase the random-est craft items. I love how it is sells all the art materials in one place, although there is a wide variety, it may be limited in range for some of its items. One thing to note is that prices may be a little more than the regular art store, if you're not thrifty by the cent it should not be too much of a problem. I feel that with spotlight it gives me the option of creating my own things, as I can just pop by to grab a piece of cloth or such while dropping by to have a meal at the mall. Great location sure does come in handy!

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