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It was founded in 1987, established in the production, wholesale and retail including mattresses, pillows, bedding, sofas, and sections of the furniture. Headquartered in Hong Kong. It has a worldwide business covering Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Canada, UK and Malaysia. Sea Horse is now a renowned brand name, its mattresses and pillows have been the best sellers in Singapore.

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Very comfortable

My whole family and I use mattresses from Sea Horse, and we've never thought of buying from another brand. Their mattresses are really comfortable, and have lasted us for several years.

My sister and I love to use the hard mattresses, as the harder kinds are good for the younger ones to facilitate the growth of their spines. My parents favour the ultra soft mattress which you can just sink into very comfortably.

Overall, a good brand to consider buying your mattresses. I can't comment on the prices as my parents are usually the ones who buy them, but for the quality, I wouldn't mind paying for quite a high price.

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I have three pieces

I have three pieces of their foldable mattress. I bought them all at half price. In fact, I had never seen these mattresses not sold at half price. I bought the three pieces of mattresses over the years and each time, they were selling the mattress at half price.

I bought three pieces not because the mattress did not last and I need to replace with new ones but instead my children had grown bigger and needed a full size mattress. The foldable mattress was made of hard foam. It was a bit thin but still it was comfortable enough for my children. At least they had not complained to me yet and it had been years since my eldest daughter slept on hers. Before my daughter changed to this mattress, she was using spring pocketed mattress and that only lasted three or four years because the mattress was bouncy and they jumped on it.

The advantage of hard foam mattress is that it is not bouncy so I do not need to worry about my children jumping on the mattress and shortening its life span.

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Sea Horse's prices might be slightly above average, but their items are of good quality. My family bought our sofa from Sea Horse during a crazy sale for only $400, with free cushions and two sets of extra covers. Cushions can be easily washed and replaced.

Sofa frame is very study and is still working at its optimum after 5 years of purchase! Colour of the covers does not fade when washed too.

Service provided is good enough. There aren't promoters at the stores but I guess everything is self-explanatory.

Good enough for a middle class family like mine.

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Good and Bad = Neutral?

My parents bought me a bed frame and mattress from Sea Horse when I was around 15 years of age. They used to have a small outlet at Causeway back in that time and we got to know about it whilst window shopping.

The bed frame that I have is of a light wood colour and I am still using it after almost 10 years. I simply love the mattress! All I have to do is lay down on it and I will be off to dreamland in just a couple of minutes. It is that much comfortable and honestly its quality remains intact till now.

However, there is one single downside and that is the bed frame itself. While I would recommend the mattress, the frame just keeps breaking at the bed end I use present tense here because it still collapses once in awhile giving me a heart attack! Over the years, it has collapsed quite a number of times and my dad had to hammer it back in place over and again. But as the price was quite low when we bought it, I have to say that the value isn't bad at all.

On that note, the mattress is a plus side for me but the frame is a minus factor in Sea Horse products. Though mine was a product of the company from 10 years ago, perhaps being wise in studying the wood types and construction of the frame would be advised before purchasing their furniture.

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I love their foldable foam mattress

I bought a foldable mattress from Seahorse because I saw that it was on sale: 50% off. The material of the mattress is very heavy, making it firm. Other than the mattress, I came back later for a pine chest of drawers and wardrobe both for less than $1k.

Service-wise, I'd say that their service is pretty heartlander-like, plain and straight to the point. For the value of the items and quality, I have no complaints.

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