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King Koil mattresses have been the epitome of quality and value. With over 100 years of manufacturing expertise, it provides people worldwide with better and restful sleep. In 1968, it has been the leading manufacturer and distributor in Singapore.

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My erstwhile companion of the night

Comfortable and reliable, King Koil mattresses have accompanied me through the night for most of my life. Whether it be a dream thats embarassing, a nightmare, a sleepless night, a pleasant night or one where I woke up vomiting on my bed, King Koil was there for me.

Made through scientific principles, with coil guards and springs in high concentrations to repel the weight of your body resting on it, the feeling that one has lying on one is that of half floating in the air due to the power of such as concentration, not enough to sink but not powerful enough too to propel you upwards.

Moreover, King Koil mattresses are easy to maintain as they have dirt and bacteria repelling properties. In fact, they not only offer protection against bed bugs, but also encases a natural odour remover, has temperature regulation properties and even a cool ability to have a cool down effect (check the website under mattress cover features if you don't believe me).

Hence, I attribute much of my postive sleeping experience to King Koil. Unashamedly, and outrightly, trusting the brand.

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(Updated: January 19, 2013)

Lasting mattress

When my wife and I were sourcing for our mattress, we were deciding between spring pocketed mattress or foam mattress. Spring pocketed mattresses were generally cheaper so we decided to go for spring pocketed mattress.

At that time, my uncle was operating a furniture shop and he recommended me to get a King Coil. He told us that this brand may be a bit more expensive but it could definitely last longer. He advised that unless we like to change mattress every three or four years, if not, this would be the best choice, King Coil mattress could easily last ten years.

I was glad I listened to his advice, my first King Coil mattress had been with me for 14 years despite my children using it to practise their jumping skills. I think it should still be able to last a few more years.

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(Updated: January 20, 2013)

Definitely the king

The mattress I lie on every night is from King Koil. After almost 20 years of tossing, turning and jumping, the mattress still stands strong. It is still as good as new. I have no problem with my back all thanks to its sturdiness.

The pricing of the mattresses are high, but it's really worth the money. Which other mattress can last 20 years without any alterations in quality? Only King Koil.

I strongly believe one mattress from King Koil is sufficient to last you a lifetime. All you need to do is to change your bed frame.

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The King of Mattresses

Of all the mattresses I have tried, King Koil is still the King. Their mattress are comfortable and very long lasting. My parents bought a King Koil bed and today, 12 years later, it still feels as firm as it did when it was bought. They bought another King Koil bed for me and my wife as a wedding present and it is working out just as well.

The downside would be the high price tags, but a good night's sleep is really priceless. When you consider that you are paying $400 or even more for a mattress that will last for almost 10 years, it really is not much.

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Great quality, but pricey.

I prefer to shop at King Koil when it comes to my family's bedding needs'. Apart from great quality, the standout feature about King Koil is their wide selection of fillings, ranging from the traditional feather and natural latex collection, to the more technologically advanced micro-gel and smart bedding collection.

Personally, I'ma fan of their micro-gel and memory foam mattresses. The comfort I feel during a night's sleep on a King Koil mattress is miles apart from a mattress of cheaper quality.

I think King Koil products could be priced a little lower, but I guess I'm paying for the long-lasting quality of their products.

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Best mattress !

My family and I have been using King Koil for many years, it is the best out of all. Sometimes, when I visit my friends' house, some people likes to buy mattress from night market. It's not bias but, the mattress there is soft but no spring, and when you sleep for a period of time, it starts to flatten, which is not very good for the back.

Sometimes when you patronize the store, if you're lucky you will meet nice staff, but if you're not, maybe you won't get nice and friendly staffs, but nevertheless, you will still get the information you want as they're trained to be knowledgeable with their products.

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