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#01-03 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands 2 Bayfront Avenue Singapore 018972
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Au Chocolat is a French-inspired confiserie (confectionery) and bistro.

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Au Chocolat Cheesecake
Hens In A Blanket
Litche Rose Macaron
Mocha Pork Ribs
Roast Chicken With Gravy
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Best truffle fries around but…...

Au Chocolat serves one of the best truffle fries around. I usually dislike thick cut fries but Au Chocolat's one is really good. The truffle fries taste is really strong, in fact, the entire restaurant smells of it and every table orders at least 1 serving of truffle fries. The truffle fries is served in a huge paper cone and the serving is enormous.

They serve brunch food too. Like the usual pancakes, eggs, ham, bacon and the works. I have tried their brunch food and they are all pretty good! I loved it in fact. Their burgers are good too. One thing to note is that their serving is pretty big so we usually order less dishes and share among friends/family members.

So, continuing my statement from my title, it is sad to know that Au Chocolat at MBS has closed. Not too sure if they will relocate somewhere else. Was truly upset when I learnt that they are closed as it serves all my favorite food at a comfortable setting. Let's hope that they reopen another outlet soon.

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truffle fries
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Deserves a second round

My sister and I ended up at Au Chocolat for tea break and for a time to catch our breaths after the horrendous long walk from Esplanade to Marina Bay Sands. We got ourselves a slice of one of their chocolate cakes (forgot the name of it. It has been about 4 months since I dined there), and their moccacino. A word of advice from a coffee lover to another, DON'T order their coffee. It was by far the worst coffee I ever tasted, and I think the kopi susu from Kopitiam was a lot better. Their cake, on the other hand, was pretty good - moist and rich with chocolate.

It was only when i reached home that i read reviews about their popular Truffle Fries. What a shame. Looks like I have an excuse to pop into their bistro again!

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A Fine Parisian Patisserie Experience

Au Chocolat is a French inspired patisserie and bistro, located in the opulent Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands, and is one of the more affordable, casual dining restaurants here.

Ambience at Au Chocolat is styled after the French / Paris streetside cafes, with cobblestone walls and elegant furniture. But the decor is a little over the top as well, as the walls are covered with cartoon paintings of French images. A toy train runs in on a looped track overhead, and while visually interesting, I fail to see how it links with the overall concept. The open show kitchen is a plus, allowing diners to see succulent chicken being roasted in the oven.

Service at Au Chocolat is efficient, though staff don't really make small talk or ask for feedback. While not exactly fine dining standards, staff will do their best to accomodate requests such as seating arrangements. Pretty decent service here.

The food at Au Chocolat is mainly focused in 3 areas: Brunch, French inspired main courses, and desserts. As a patisserie, Au Chocolat stands out for its wide range of gourmet chocolates, as well as really good cheesecakes. Their macarons, while larger than normal, are just decent. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to try their ice cream / gelato.

Their French main courses are pretty good as well, with big flavours and hearty portions. Cost is each dish is pretty affordable, and by far cheaper than most other dining establishments here. The Brunch menu at Au Chocolat is quite extensive, though much of the dishes available during Brunch are English / British inspired rather than French.

A rather interesting selection of sweet Fruit Beer, and I think it'll appeal to ladies as well. Choose from 5 flavours: Lychee, Pineapple, Mango, Grape or Green Apple. The Mango flavour seems to be constantly out-of-stock, and of the choices remaining, I felt the Lychee Fruit Beer was probably the best. On the other hand, the Latte was flat and rather bland. Skip it.

The Mocha Pork Ribs had a nice char outside, and the sweet taste of caramalised coffee. But the meat within was slightly tough, not as tender as it should have been. Taste profile is very similar to a Chinese Zi Char Coffee Pork Rib, but with a slightly richer taste because of the dark chocolate used. The sweet potato fries are a healthy choice, but rather lacking in taste.

The Roast Chicken With Gravy was done well. With succulent and juicy meat within, it's well roasted with skill. The skin is nicely savoury, as is the sauce, though it got a little too salty near the end. A little less seasoning might be good. Fortunately, the sauce was able to lift the taste of the sweet potato fries.

The Hens In A Blanket is an interesting concept, but the execution falls flat. Basically chicken sausages wrapped in pancakes, it is a filling dish that is also rather lacking in overall taste, as the sausages are just average. The scrambled eggs weren't fluffy, but rather, semi-solid... A sign of being cooked too long. But I liked the lovely grilled tomatoes and crisp tater tots.

The house signature Au Chocolat Cheesecake is rich and chocolately, and the taste of dark chocolate is quite strong. The Peanut Butter Cheesecake has some crunch because of the crushed peanuts, but the actual peanut butter taste isn't that prominent. The Dutch Apple Cheesecake is sweet, and tastes very similar to the filling in an Apple Pie. The Try Me Cheesecake was rather odd with its blue and pearl hue, and tasted very similar to bubblegum or cotton candy.

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Au Chocolat Cheesecake
Hens In A Blanket
Litche Rose Macaron
Mocha Pork Ribs
Roast Chicken With Gravy
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Nothing short of wonderful.

When breathtaking ambience, delectable grub, great service comes together, what do you get? - An awesome dining experience. Nothing short of wonderful.

This was what I felt when I visited au chocolat at Marina Bay Sands yesterday afternoon for Brunch. The whole diner was HUGE, spanning a few shop spaces each section specializing in different things. There was one section for breads and takeaway sandwiches, one for icecream, one for chocolates and pralines, and another where all the cakes and desserts sit ever so prettily in their sparkling glass displays.

We ordered their au chocolate Benedict which were two poached eggs sitting on english muffin halves with spinach, a slice of tomato 2 slices of bacon each and then slathered with brown tinged hollandaise. Why brown? The sauce is, as their name suggests their specialty, dark chocolate and red wine infused.

Another order was their parma ham with rock melon savory crepe and an ice chocolate to share.

Both did not disappoint and the service provided by the waitresses were excellent, checking with us if we had anything else to order, if there was anything she could help. I was really pleased.

Can't wait to go back again to try out their other choices!

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(Updated: February 02, 2013)


There’s no way to my heart like a French bistro (albeit an inspired one). I love the numerous paintings of different sizes across its colourful walls. One commendable detail of this restaurant is that tables are arranged in a clever way to have enough allowance for one’s privacy, rather than the usual side-by-side manner that makes private conversations a chore. The dishes that I’ve tried are as follows:

Frozen Chocolate Cup — iced chocolate drink that is not too thick, good enough for 2
Truffle Fries — do note that fries are thick cut, not my favourite but truffle anything works
Classic Burger — I find this adequate, nothing much to rave about
Ultimate Benedict — 2 eggs benny infused with red wine and dark chocolate sauce, pancakes, roasted meat (chicken and steak), bacon, tomatoes.. fit for a King!
The Hardworking Farmer — a hearty dish comprising of scrambled eggs, tomatoes, hash browns, bacon and brioche bread. Friend mentioned it looks like a glorified BK breakfast set, but personally I find it extremely satisfying

Overall I find Au Chocolat a good dining experience and will go back for more! The menu is ever tempting.

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