Mega Food Court

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567 Balestier Rd Singapore 329884
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Emma Lee
Listing created by Emma Lee on January 18, 2016    

Mega food court is located in Balestier. It is famous for it's Thai stall which sells a huge variety of Thai dishes. Mega also has the usual hawker stalls selling chicken rice, pork rib soup and fishball noodles.

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Mega space with mega variety of food

Those working around Balestier would have already heard and tried the dishes at Mega Food Court. I wouldn’t be surprised if they become regulars there - the food is pretty amazing. The Thai stall alone has so many types of dishes, I’m usually spoilt for choice.

My favourite dish I’ve tried so far is the pork rib soup. It tastes just like the soup my grandma used to make, and it is so delicious. The stall uncle is so generous with the meat, there are usually three big chunks of pork which are really tender and tasty. I didn’t think it would be filling but my tummy was satisfied after I finished the last drop. The wanton noodles are worth a try too, not extremely amazing, but satisfactory.

I’ve yet to try the Thai food, but I heard their pad thai is quite flavourful and the sauce has a unique taste. For Thai food lovers out there, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to give this a miss!

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