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Concorde Hotel Food Court 100 Orchard Road Singapore
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Ivan Teh
Listing created by Ivan Teh on May 01, 2014    

Kim Dae Mun provides tasty and authentic Korean food without breaking the bank. That's restaurant food quality at foodcourt prices.

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Tue - Sun: 10:30am - 9pm, Closed Mon
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Kim Dae Mun Stall
Hot Plate Pork
Spicy Tofu And Seafood Soup
Fried Saba Fish
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Great Korean food at affordable prices!

Korean food is ridiculously overpriced in Singapore. I hate how I have to pay so much just for Korean BBQ or an army stew, and some of the restaurants aren't even good. And then a few years ago, my saviour came in the form of Kim Dae Mun, which satisfied my frequent cravings for delicious and affordable Korean food.

Nestled in the corner of a food court basement, the stall is inconspicuous but attracts a lot of customers. I like how the serving portions are generous, and come with free side dishes for you to choose from. My favourite dish is definitely the grilled pork, which is served sizzling hot on a hot plate. The sauce goes really well with the succulent meat and rice.

Even though the place is no-frills and self-service, the food is so good that people keep coming back for more. I hope that this place will be here to stay, so that I can continue to get my delicious Korean food fix!

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Cheap And Good Korean Food

I never go out of my way to eat at a foodcourt stall, but I'll make an exception for Kim Dae Mun. Located in the basement of Concorde Hotel, in between Plaza Singapura and Centrepoint, Kim Dae Mun has been serving up tasty and affordable Korean food for years.

Ambience around Kim Dae Mun is a typical food court, clean and brightly lit, but with a slight smell due to the encolsed area. Concorde Hotel is rather old, and the place, while spacious, does show signs of age.

Kim Dae Mun practises self-service, place your order, wait, then collect it. Food is prepared very quickly, non-peak periods only have a waiting time of 1 - 2 minutes! Even during peak periods, the queue is rarely longer than 10 minutes of waiting time.

The dishes are Kim Dae Mun are consistently tasty, and rather authentic, judging by the Korean customers they attract. Prices are very affordable, costing an average of SGD $6 - $8 per meal. Freshness is key at Kim Dae Mun, the food you're served is sourced daily. Kim Dae Mun is easily the most economical Korean food in Orchard, and may even beat other Korean franchises in terms of taste!

Every meal comes with 1 side dish, and there are only 3 sides dishes to choose from, Kimchi Cabbage, Kimchi Cucumber and Anchovies. These are decent at best.

The Hot Plate Pork (SGD $7.50) has a generous portion of nicely marinated and grilled pork, really tasty!

The Spicy Tofu And Seafood Soup (SGD $7) has a lot of soft tofu and egg floating in a savoury, slightly spicy soup. I liked that the prawns and squid rings, while small, are very fresh and tasty. The same can't be said of the small clams inside, which were frozen, and not so fresh.

Their award winning Fried Saba Fish (SGD $6.50) features a whole deboned fish, perfectly seasoned, perfectly grilled, and sitting on a mound of fresh vegetables. Absolutely a delight to eat, really affordable, highly recommended!

The Hot Plate Beef (SGD $8), while well marinated and seasoned, is on the dry side. The sweet sauce does help to lift it slightly, but I still wouldn't go for this.

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Hot Plate Pork
Spicy Tofu And Seafood Soup
Fried Saba Fish
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