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Koufu refers to the Chinese belief that it is a person's good fortune to feast on good food. In that way, the logo represents the company's commitment to making a difference to the well being of everyone through its food services. Sweeping calligraphic brush strokes used to write the Chinese character for the word "mouth" links the logo to the food business and the company's emphasis on treasuring traditions. In contrast to the bold monolithic Chinese character is the Hanyu Pinyin representation of the name underneath. It conveys the youthfulness and friendliness of the business. This juxtaposition between traditional and modern demonstrates Koufu's drive to stay competitive while preserving traditions. The Chinese phrase for Koufu reinforces this ideology. The colour of the logo conveys the passion Koufu has for the business and also the strength acquired by ensuring excellence from which prosperity will come. This positive spirit extends from the logo to the food and services.

Additional Details:

Opening Hours:
9am - 9pm
Avg Price:
< $10
List of Outlets:
Anchor Point
370 Alexandra Road
Singapore 159953

Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
8 Grange Road
#B1-01 Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
Singapore 239693

Compassvale Street
Blk 263 Compassvale Street
Singapore 540263

Dawson Place
Blk 57 Dawson Road
#02-09/10 Dawson Place
Singapore 142057

Enterprise 1
1 Kaki Bukit Road 1
Singapore 415934

Fernvale Point
21 Sengkang West Avenue #01-01
Singapore 797650

Giant Building
No. 21 Tampines North Drive 2
Level 3 Giant Building
Singapore 528765

HDB Centre
Blk 500 Toa Payoh Lor 6
Singapore 310500

Kallang Leisure Park
No. 5 Stadium Walk
Kallang Leisure Park
Singapore 397693

Loyang Point
Blk 258 Pasir Ris St 21
Singapore 510258

Millenia Walk Shopping Centre
9 Raffles Boulevard
#02-02, #02-05 to #02-22
Singapore 039596

Nanyang Polytechnic
180 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8
Blk A Unit 235
Singapore 569830

Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Ngee Ann Poly 535 Clementi Road
Blk 51 Level 2
Singapore 599489

NUS University Town
1 Create Way
Singapore 138602

Pioneer Mall
Blk 638A Jurong West St 61
Singapore 641638

Punggol Plaza
Blk 168 Punggol Field
Singapore 820168

Rivervale Plaza
Blk 118 Rivervale Drive
#02-15 Rivervale Plaza
Singapore 540118

Sembawang Mart
Blk 511 Canberra Road
#01-01 Sembawang Mart
Singapore 750511

WTS 72 Palawan Beach Walk
Singapore 099344

Singapore Polytechnic
SP 500 Dover Road
Foodcourt No. 4
Singapore 139651

Singapore Management University
70 Stamford Road
University City Campus
Singapore 178901

Tampines St 44
Blk 478 Tampines St 44
Singapore 520478

Tanglin Halt
Blk 88 Tanglin Halt Road
Singapore 141088

West Mall
1 Bukit Batok Central Link
Singapore 658713

West Plaza
Blk 735 Pasir Ris Street 72
Singapore 510735

Woodlands Mart
768 Woodlands Avenue 6
Singapore 730768

Yew Tee Point
21 Choa Chu Kang North 6
#B1-17/22 Yew Tee Point
Singapore 689578

Changi City Point
5 Changi Business Park Central 1
#02 -01
Singapore 486038


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A food court with dishes at restaurant standard

We all have that one common first world problem when it comes to lunchtime – we don’t know what to eat. Koufu offers a range of cuisines such as Korean, Chinese and Italian, and I was really spoilt for choice.

I love to go to Koufu as it is quite accessible by bus, and it is air-conditioned. Prices are affordable and the food is satisfactory. You have to try the Carbonara from the western stall at Koufu. Surprisingly, it is one of the best spaghetti dishes I have tasted despite it being from a food court. The soft spaghetti is mixed in a creamy sweet base, topped with savoury chicken and bacon bits. The pizza is quite decent and savoury, and value for money as well. I also love the sliced fish congee as the fish is well seasoned and soft, whereas the porridge is smooth and is of the right consistency.

Next time when your friends don’t mind “anything” for lunch, just head down to Anchorpoint Koufu. There is surely something to satisfy every taste bud!

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Delicious food, plus affordable rate and comfortable environment

To be specific, I am mentioning about the Makan Place in NP, run by Koufu. One of the biggest campus food court, it has mainly the Subway and other cuisines like Japanese, Korean, Hotplate, etc. I remember a cup of Teh-O cost about $0.50. That is so much cheaper than other food court or even, the hawker center. Most importantly, some stalls are open at night as well, sutitable for students who have their CCAs in the evening and students who mug their projects overnight.
However, the place is very scary when it comes to lunch time, and the ventilation isn't very good. My clothes tend to have a smell after as I leave the place after I finish my meal. Although I could get a seat, but the queue is rather long for almost every stall.

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(Updated: July 05, 2012)

Good Food At KuoFu

Kuofu food court is just other ordinary food courts that you can find in shopping malls such as the food junction which is similar to koufu, with all the varieties like western food, Korean Food, Japanese food, and Singapore's local special like the chicken rice, and mixed vegetable which you can choose what you want from the store.

You can expected it to be crowed during lunch and dinner hours, as students from nearby school would choose to take their lunch here because it is nice and yet affordable, and same goes for people that are working in the shopping mall themselves.

I personally like the Korean store and Japanese store, which have my favorite Saba-Fish set, which the grilled fish was very crisply and meaty as compare to other place which doesn't really have much meat on it. The curry chicken rice from the Japanese stall was also my favorite , because of the thick and creamy curry sauce and the tender chicken, which keeps me coming back for more.

However there are times when you couldn't get a seat, because of the lack of cleaners to clean up the tables during the lunch and dinner hours. Therefore I really hope that they can improve more on the hygiene issues. To make it a better place for everyone that likes going to food-courts.

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Spoilt for choices!

I am met with a wide array of food stalls when I visited the Koufu at CCP, as with most of the Koufu island-wde.
There are many tables available at this particular branch and the wooden tables are clean with efficient cleaners clearing the dirty dishes.
However, lunch time would almost always be crowded as there are quite a few office buildings in the district and it would also be filled with families during the weekends.

Apart from the must-haves: economic mixed vegetable rice, yong tau foo and handmade noodles, stalls of note include the fusion food, bah chor mee and jap food.
The fusion food stall is definitely the most unique stall in the food court with dishes like curry chicken with rice/bread, grilled chicken with rice and papaya soup.
Patrons with exquisite tastes can try this stall although the prices would be a tad higher.
What's special about the jap food is the availability of fried takoyaki balls as a side dish in some of the bento sets.
I haven't seen takoyaki balls sold at food courts and it tastes fine except that maybe it would've been better if they had the sauce that usually goes with the takoyaki balls.
My favourite stall by far is the bah chor mee as it has strong flavours although it might be a bit too spicy for me.

Koufu is where practicality and taste come together to whip up a delightful meal!

Optional Information:

Best Part:
Bah Chor Mee
Branch Location:
Changi City Point
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Wide variety of choices at affordable prices

I have been patronising Koufu since my Poly days (I studied in Singapore Polytechnic and there is an outlet in the campus).
Well, I love the wide variety of different stalls they have to offer! Ranging from Taiwan delicacies, indian and even indonesian dishes, I always had a headache with my choice of food for the day.
I particularly like the Western stall that has my favorite mushroom or corn soup! Being a "budget eater", I find that the prices in Koufu are considered generally reasonable.

A bowl of Taiwan-inspired mee sua will cost around $3-$3.50, and it tastes great. If you are a fan of the famous "Taiwan chicken", I am sure you will love it as well as it's affordable (approximately $3) and consists of a generous amount.
Of course, it depends on different individual.
Referring to the Koufu outlet in Singapore Polytechnic, I like its cleanliness and the staff was quick in clearing up the plates and tables.

However, one bad point about it is that the foodcourt will tend to be crowded on certain peak period (avoid going during 12pm or 1pm during weekdays). It will be difficult to locate a seat and requires long waiting time for queues (unless you go for the least popular stall)

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Best Part:
Taiwan chicken, Western food stall
Branch Location:
Singapore Polytechnic
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go to a hawker centre instead

Koufu is somewhere that I will go to only if there aren't other food court/hawker places nearby. They serve local delights at a marked-up price. Of course, I can't expect to eat in an air-conditioned place without paying for it right? No pain, no gain. I would gladly fork out the pennies to eat at air-conditioned places provided the food is tasty and good. But in this case, it is not. Living in Singapore makes me desperate for air-con sometimes. So this tells a lot.

The only few stalls I would eat from is either from the Yong Tau Foo stall and the Thai/Viet stall which sells stewed beef noodle soup. Firstly, one can never go wrong with Yong Tau Foo. It's the same few generic ingredients chosen by yourself, eaten with rice/noodle. Probability of anything going wrong here is close to 1% as compared to a bowl of curry chicken which could be around 90%? The stewed beef noodle soup is excellent!! Generous portion of stewed beef with al dente noodles and fragrant soup. It's definitely your best bet if you're being adventurous and steering away from the boring Yong Tau Foo.

Do not try the fried fish soup/fish soup/all kinds of fish-related dishes. The fish meat used are of below average quality and the soup was simply horrendous. I still hate my tongue for craving a bowl of hot fish soup that rainy day. That soup killed my craving though. Yucks. It was watery and smells nothing like how fish soup should smell like. Those of you who've had good fish soup would know what I am talking about. That fish soup... makes me shake my head a little every time I see it.

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Food standards can continue to level up

Koufu being a food court, has many different food stalls in it. All of which sells common local fares such as duck rice, chicken rice, veg, fishball mee, malay food, indian food and so on. I frequently go to the one that is at Jurong West Pioneer Mall for my meals.

The environment there is typical of any food court, but i must say a word of appreciation for the cleaning team as they make the effort to clear the plates as fast as they can all the time to ensure that the customers have a clean table to sit. This is no mean feat especially when it is the lunch or dinner crowd. Kudos to them.

Talking about the food, it is a good attempt for Koufu to bring in some known brands to fill up the stores. This adds variety and standards to the place instead of having generic stores. I have tried about half the stores there. Among them the better ones are probably the vegetarian stall, the curry yong tau foo, and the dessert stall. But the not so good ones are the japanese food, and the dim sim. The rest of the stalls are pretty average, and even some known brands just feel average like the duck stall.

Optional Information:

Branch Location:
Pioneer Mall
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I got awesome experience there!

The Koufu at my area (i.e. SMU concourse) is awesome. It is always, especially during eating hours, filled with people. There are a right mix of outlets here that offer different types of food, from western to Asian to Malay. I love the Western stall, especially the chicken bolognese! It is the cheapest and tastiest pasta around the school! Only $3 for a big portion of savoury spaghetti! Of course, as expected, the queue is also super long. So, it is recommended that you queue at the not-so-crowded timings, such as 2pm. :) Besides, I also love the fruit stall where the aunties always ask 'the usual?' or flash the nicest and most friendly smile i can ever ask for. The fruits are also reasonably priced at $0.60 per watermelon, which is so much cheaper than other stores nearby. The new outlet that recently just opens, sells crepe. Now, it's having an offer of $2! It's a great offer, given that the food around SMU area is just already above $2!

Of course one thing that I don't really like about Koufu is that, there is no student discount for SMU students, and the fact that the place is filled with the office workers around. It is nice to have a mix of patronizers, but it is not so nice, especially when you have a class to catch in 5 minutes! I would think that the space is big enough as a normal eatery area, but not so sufficient to cater to everybody! However, again, if you go at other timings, it's a great place to chill (and study) :)

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Average Spent Per Person:
Best Part:
Chicken Rice
Branch Location:
SMU Concourse
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Good Food

I eat at Koufu almost every day because it is right beside the hostel I stay in school. However, the variety of this branch is extremely limited and I am reduced to eating Mee Hoon Kuay practically everytime I eat there. However, the taste of the food is of acceptable standard, especially the malay food stall, which has delicious sambal fried rice (which also tends to be overly spicy). There is also student price so the price range is reasonable for food court standard food.

The other branch at Utown has more variety and the food also tastes nice. There is also a yoghurt chain within it, but I am not sure if this is available at other koufu outlets outside. The yoghurt tastes wonderful, especially the chocolate chip mint. It tastes just like the ice cream version except that it is healthier, in the form of yoghurt.

Service at the Utown branch is also extremely high standard, perhaps because there are more foreigners around and they want to leave a good impression on students having exchange in NUS. But this makes the experience enjoyable for local students eating here as well.

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This is not Tom Yum!

As I was spending my evening at Sentosa, I came across a food court at Palawan Beach. There weren't much people and it seems very quiet. Nevertheless, there are families with kids on the outside of the food court as there is a playground for them.

I went to the Japanese and Korean stall. I wasn't sure of what to eat so I choose something I know of the flavor which is Tom Yum Ramen. After waiting for 15 minutes, my ramen was ready. It doesn't look as appetizing as the one I saw on the menu.

Nevertheless, I still give it a try. It was horrible. It tasted like Myojo Tom Yum instant noodles. Perhaps she used the same seasoning for her ramen. I went through the ingredients and there is only one prawn and the rest are all sliced fish cakes. I was upset because the menu shows three prawns and real fish slices. What's worse is the blunt taste as I could tell that the seasonings were less and the water was too much. It feels like drinking Tom Yum without any spicy feeling.

The next thing I bought was Iced Milo and thank God, it's nice.

Overall, this is the only stall not recommended.

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