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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on February 14, 2013    

Amore is another leading fitness centre in Singapore. Amore is split into three differing clubs. Amore Fitness & Boutique Spa, Amore Living and Amore Define. The first caters to those who would like to engage themselves in cardiovascular activites or even dance. Their outlets include those at Bugis, Heartland Mall, Jurong Point, Plaza Singapura, Thompson Plaza and Woodlands Civic Centre. Amore Living includes 500 workout classes, aquatic aerobics and even programmes for kids.It can be found at Tampines 1 and City Square Mall. On the other hand, Amore Define concentrates more as a boutique spa that provides therapeutic treatment. There is only one outlet for Amore Define; Liang Court.

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Terrible & Disgusting Experience

If There was rating for Zero, I will put Zero for the terrible experience I receive at Amore Fitness at Tampines One. I joined membership there & not long after the staff there keeps hounding me to renew my membership even though its Long way from due. Let me highlight there is a difference between reminder & harassment. Harassment is chasing after you a EVERY damn week & multiple times within same week.
2nd experience convince me not to ever rejoin Amore again. Because of insult I received from the Staff at Amore tampines One. Without verifying incident, I was accused of not returning the towels there. They even called my hp to accuse me of such petty issue! Its left me completely disgusted & angry because they didnt verify the issue & had wrongly accuse me. No apologise even. I have written in to their HQ, I truly regret joining. There is True Fitness/ Fitness First nearby. No lost to abandon this lousy service at Amore.

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Tampines One
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a tailored gym experience to tone down fast

Keeping fit has never been a priority for me, and before Amore I never liked playing sports or exercise because I would feel really lousy while doing it. I thought a healthy lifestyle could be attained through diet alone, so I shunned exercise and focussed solely on my diet. I can’t say my attitude toward exercise has changed after trying out their 3-month Personal Training Programme, but Amore is definitely one of the best gyms in terms of environment and getting results.

Since Amore is primarily a gym for women, most of their programmes and equipment are designed for women and I can work out more comfortably as opposed to in unisex gyms. My personal trainer really helped me tailor my workout schedule to attain the best results, and even when training gets tough the classes are still enjoyable. My weight didn’t change very much, but I felt a lot more toned after the programme. They also have spa and other wellness packages, and a huge variety of gym equipment so exercise isn’t limited to just cardio. Amore Fitness is probably my favourite gym, and I highly recommend it!

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Amore Spa Nightmare!


I'm a returned customer after coming back from my overseas work, I thought of going back to Amore for a massage and facial package. But their standard has dropped a lot and could not find the good masseuse that I had a few years ago...Used to go for their fitness package also before couldn't finish all the sessions and they had fortified the remaining sessions that cost me quite a few hundreds! They refused to extend even if it is going overseas to work. 

Coming back to the topic of my very unpleasant experience with Amore Spa is that the massage tuina or qi massage as claimed by them to be their signature has turned out to be a disaster as I was injured during the hard pressing of the pressure points. The masseuse just claimed that she was only using very light pressure but it wasn't light to me as I was in pain for nearly a month to recover! They refused to admit it is their fault and even cooked up story to cover all their mistakes. They only refunded the remain massage sessions and as for the facial they refused to refund and even said that they would upgrade to a better facial ones. However, all these was again a lie as they did not honour their words saying that the offer was over since I didn't agree at the initiate stage. I didn't want to transfer my remain package to my friend who had offered to help me out as I was very upset at that time of the accident. Imagine that one will get injured at the massage session instead of feeling relax, I had to suffer in pain for so long. So this review is to serve as a warning to those ladies out there who thought of going for any massage or signing a package with Amore, you have to think twice for your own safety and well-being!

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Love it.

What drew me to Amore Fitness was that majority of their branches were exclusively for women. This meant that the facilities and equipment were more suited for women, as well as the services provided. Coupled with the affordable student package that was offered to me, I signed up for a 6-month membership with little hesitation. Fortunately, I was not disappointed upon my first and subsequent visits.

Although there are comparably less equipment as compared to the larger scale gyms such as True Fitness or California Fitness, the basic ones such as the treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bicycles etc. are more available. Additionally, there are weights for those looking to do weight-training to complement their Cardio workouts, and other equipment such as balance boards and Yoga balls for those who require physio exercises. Classes (ranging from the more soulful Yoga and Pilates to more high-tempo classes like Kickboxing and Zumba) are also available for booking, with experienced and friendly teachers who are well-versed in their expertise and are more than happy to offer their help. Same goes for the gym trainers and the Spa masseurs.

I would definitely recommend Amore to anyone. Even if you are a guy, they have a few branches open to both sexes, one of which also has a pool facility available.

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first class facilities with first class services

Amore is my favourite gym due to it’s versatility in providing various fitness classes and the first class facilities. Each classes I went to was worth it, all the exercises really helped me improve my fitness level and my target of losing calories was achieved as well. I was very comfortable while working out in the gym since everyone, even the staff were females.

The gym trainers were friendly and helpful in giving me advices not only on workout but also dieting. For ladies who desire to burn calories in a comfortable environment, Amore is the right place for you.

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(Updated: August 21, 2013)

Fitness and Wellness Exclusively for Ladies

I've been an Amore customer for many years. I started off signing up for their aerobics classes. Later I became their gym member, and subsequently signed up for their spa packages as well.

Amore's aerobics started off with basic and step aerobics and today has expanded their repertoire to include more types of exercises like yoga, pilates, kickboxing, jazz, hip-hop and bellydancing. These classes are a fun way to get a sedentary person like me to exercise. The tough parts were the first few lessons, except when I attend a class with an over-zealous instructor--I keep glancing at the clock after the first 15 minutes of the 1-hour workout!

Amore's gyms are small compared to the big gyms like True Fitness and California Fitness. However, they are adequately equipped. The reason I signed up with Amore instead of the big gyms is because Amore's gyms, most of them at any rate, are restricted to ladies. I prefer not to have guys staring at me when I do certain exercises, most notably the squats. The great thing about a ladies gym is that one need not queue for long to use a machine, especially a weights machine, although the cardio machines are another matter. Being somewhat a lazy bum, when I lift weights, I usually use machines. Using machines does not require me to be too careful about how I lift the weights. Among the many weight machines are the cable machine and the smith machine. Cool! I especially love the smith machine as it allows me to practise with the barbell safely without the need for a gym partner. In addition to the weights machines, Amore also provides dumbbells. (I think the Bugis branch also has a barbell.) There are dumbbells for bodybuilders and there are dumbbells for normal ladies like me (thank goodness!)

One thing to note: Before one's first visit to the gym, it is a good idea to research more on weight-lifting first. This is because weight-lifting can be dangerous and we need to know how to train in a safe manner. I started off with the book "Weight Training for Dummies". Fortunately, Amore gyms have personal trainers who can teach you how to use the machines and do the proper stretches in case you forget anything. Also, always remember to bring your padlock for the lockers and a water-bottle (can be empty). It gets a little bit expensive if you forget to bring either one of them!

I love working out at the gym. This is the place, other than having a healthy diet, where my body shape changes--for the better! I sometimes complement my workouts with a tuina massage at Amore spa.

Amore spa started off with basic facials and swedish and aromatherapy body massages. Today they offer many more treatments, some with machines. I normally go for the most basic facial, with traditional extraction of unfriendly elements beneath my skin. For body massage I normally go for tuina, sometimes with guasha, as these treatments improve blood circulation and help to prevent serious illnesses or disabilities later on in life. Most therapists in Amore are great, although once in a blue moon I do encounter the not-so-good ones.

Now, what are the areas of improvement?
(1) Some treatments, like tuina, are considered expensive. One can get a tuina treatment at lower cost with a Chinese physician. But then, they're spas--they're supposed to be expensive.
(2) They impose expiry dates on their treatment packages. Some spas I patronise have no expiry dates on their packages. But then, they always voluntarily extend the expiry dates for me--benefits of being a long-time customer.
(3) If you visit the gym and forget to bring your water bottle, you have to buy mineral water from them, even though they have a water dispenser. Come on, can't they even spare some disposable cups???

So, since I sign up fitness and wellness packages from them, what do I like about Amore?
(1) They have many branches, so we can choose the most convenient branch for our workouts or treatments, and they do not restrict us to only specific branches.
(2) They specialise in catering to ladies. They understand ladies issues, e.g. the need to extend the fitness or spa package due to pregnancy. Also, ladies get to enjoy privacy when they work out.
(3) There is no hard-selling.

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Bugis, Jurong Point
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