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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on February 14, 2013    

Equipped with some of the latest gym equipments, True Fitness also enables fellow members to participate in their wide-ranged of offered classes. The class includes yoga, pilates, spinning and many more.

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Impossible to book gym classes

I have been a member since early 2017 and for the last several months I have not been able to book any of the popular weekday evening classes such as body pump at the Tampines outlet. This is even after waiting promptly before the booking opens at 930pm.

I have written them a feedback but the response by the Ops Mgr was unsatisfactory. He asked that I go to other outlets. Other outlets are just as challenging to book.

My advice for anyone who is considering signing up a True Fitness gym membership - please do not bother if you are using the membership for gym classes. There are not enough classes to meet the increasing demand. Their enrollment has increased as a result of the shut down of California Fitness but their class availability has not changed to meet with the demand.

It has been a very frustrating process and I am now stuck with the remaining 2 years of my 33 months package.

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True Fitness but False Promises

Dear True Fitness

I'm writing this to you after I have underwent a week long unpleasant experiences with your staff

I got a call from one of your Membership consultant in your branch in Suntech city mall. He address himself as Yep and he offered me a package as below. His number is 81387537.

1. $99 per month Membership fee
2. No contract involved and every month can renew the contract.
3. Since there is no contract involved, I can terminate the membership any time.

I was taken a back with this offer with surprise and I repeatedly asked him if it is true. He re-affirmed that its true and invited me to come to Novena True fitness branch on 05April17 at 8PM.

I told him I had to travel all the way from woodlands to Novena and he confirmed to meet at 8PM.

He repeatedly called and Wats-app me on 05April to confirm the appointment. He messaged me till 7:45 PM and confirmed I reached the branch. When I reached the branch he stopped messaging me. I tried to contact him but he didn't reply. then I approached the reception in the Novena branch and enquired about this gentle men , they said he is Suntech. I called him and messaged him but he didn't respond to any of those. until 8:20 PM no one attended me. after then there was another consultant who explained me their usual package. Which was not promised by him in the call.

Later after 8:45 PM he messaged me and said sorry and he said he was busy in Suntech branch.

This is so un professional by calling customers to your branch giving a impression that he is there and making them wait and then later give them something which was not promised to us. Is our time become so cheap for you guys?

It did not stop here, He still messaged me and urged me to come to Suntech branch to avail the same offer. I asked him again to reconfirm the offer, he said yes it is the same offer and asked me to come to Suntech to avail it. I went to Suntech branch again.

After reaching there, finally I got to meet him there. To my surprise, after I reached there he acted as if he didn't knew of the offer that he promised me over the phone. he walked me through the club. Later he started to explain the usual offer or $129 per month with 24 months contract.

I asked him, this was not offered to me over the phone. But he didn't listen to me and started to persuade me to take the usual package in true fitness.

Is this your marketing strategy?

1.Give false promise to the customers over phone.
2.Make them visit all your branches by giving false appointments
3.Finally do not listen to what we talk and pressurize us to take your
usual package?

Please do not do this. Time is precious for everyone. do not try to do your marketing by giving false promises.

Be True to your business strategy and not just have True in your club name "True (False) Fitness.


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I’ve came across many reviews of True Fitness being a hard selling gym but despite those intimidating reviews, I decided to head on and try out True Fitness. To my surprise, the gym facilitator assigned to me was not hard selling. In fact he only contacted me when needed to. I guess the hard selling part is dependent on which gym facilitator was assigned to you.

Apart from their service, I find the place very cramped. Gym equipment were placed side by side giving us barely enough space to pass through. On top of that, I was unimpressed by the blaze of multi-colored lights at the front desk, locker room and resting area.

One thing I would like to applaud them would be for their Yoga class. Their yoga teacher was very patient and is definitely commendable.

Overall from my experience I would say that True Fitness is an OK gym with tolerant Yoga instructor.

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Best part:
AMK, Djitsun Mall
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True Fitness BAD experiences

I was also one of the victims of the marketing strategy by TF. After finally visiting their place in Tampines to try their “2-week no obligation" trial because they kept on disturbing me for almost 3 weeks in my work & home with their marketing promotion.

It was a nightmare experience with them since the start of the encounter. In the 1st visit I tried to use their facilities and they were already persistent to get me signing up for a membership. I got the sense I could not use the 2-week trial without signing up. The worst thing is they require you to pay the membership in full with "0% installment" through your credit card. Since I feel I need to take care of my physical fitness & health, I felt obliged to sign up for membership even though the location was not convenient for me. I’m staying in the North but they informed me that I can use the Ang Mo Kio branch once it opened (AMK branch opened Aug 5 2013).

When doing the 1st work out, they introduced me 1 PT trainer. After initial guidance with this guy boasting their state of the art facilities & analysis, they offered me a PT training session saying that faster improvement shall be realized with the personal training session. I didn't want to sign up but they are very persistent and when I asked what would be the minimum PT sessions I could buy, the guy recommended 50+ sessions… oh my God!

The PT sessions and membership fees were quite expensive altogether. They said they can give me 5 more sessions for free once I signed up. Again, it’s a one time payment through your credit card with 0% interest from your bank. They promised that PT trainer could also come with me once I used the AMK branch. After almost 3 months with PT training, I realized no improvement with my body after almost 15+ sessions.

So when the AMK branch opened, I asked my PT trainer if he could come with me but I was told no and recommended to continue use Tampines branch for PT sessions. I feel that there’s a breach of contract there or maybe breach of Trust. The problem is that was just a verbal promise and not stipulated in the signed agreement. They just recommended me another trainer who was working at AMK to continue. Realizing that PT sessions had no significant impact on my body, I did not agree on the replacement & requested to stop this and demanded for a partial refund for unused PT sessions. They REJECTED the request referring me to clause#27 that I cannot terminate the contract.

My biggest problem came to me as I lost my job recently. Again appealed to TF management to reconsider my request since it would be very difficult for me to pay all monthly (Membership + PT) with other personal fixed expenses also as I was the only the bread winner in the family. Customer representatives refer my case to the AMK branch manager and I was told to bring the job termination notice from the company. I went to AMK branch then & spoke with the manager – Jovy Li handing over my job termination notice.

Again She REJECTED the request told me the agreement contract doesn't allow that. I really felt bad how inconsiderate they are….I have no choice but to continuously pay the monthly payment even I am not utilizing the PT sessions for 3 months now as I have the obligation to my credit card bank & no longer to them since they already received the payment in full. I filed the incident to CASE to appeal but again REJECTED. I tried one more time to make a counter proposal with the help of CASE & so far they haven’t come back.

I will try to bring this case to our MP here and see if they can help me since I still cannot find a job for 2 months now (I’m a Singapore Citizen manufacturing professional btw).

Hope our government can do something to protect the consumers from this irreversible contract once the consumers not satisfied to their service & hope the TF management reconsider my appeal for a PT session stoppage and refund for unused sessions. Hope other consumer will learn from my experiences and be careful on this marketing strategy.

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Best part:
Tampines and AMK branch
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Hard selling

As a junk food lover, it was time for me to exercise. As yoga seems to be a pretty easy and non-strenuous sports, i decided to give true fitness a go. I was given a 2 week trial. After the first lesson of yoga, a woman toured my friend and I around the place showing us the gym and the huge shower room and they even had a steam bath room, jacuzzi and lounge area. It seemed so prefect for relaxing after yoga lessons.

However, after showing us around came the hard selling. The woman was trying to sell us a 2 year package and we had to pay $112 every month for unlimited access to the classes and gym. After signing the package, you can't terminate it and even if you go overseas you still have to continue paying every month unless you are medically certified to me in critical condition and unable to continue exercising than you are allowed to stop paying but have to transfer the package to one of your family members. Signing this is like signing the contract with the devil. There is no way out and the only way is to keep going for lessons.

Luckily i did not sign the contract but i attended 2 weeks of yoga trying most of their classes like hot yoga, zumba, kick boxing, bolly wood dancing, hatha yoga and others. I had a great time in their steam bathe and jacuzzi too!

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(Updated: October 25, 2013)

Like a library sanctuary that talked trashed about their rivals!

True Fitness had the knack of hiring the breed of humans who had persistence flowing through their veins. I was severely annoyed how they persistently called no matter the time. They buzzed on and on about their gym.

Finally, I decided to pay the gym a visit. The venue wasn't horrendous. It exuded a posh aura with mirrors reflecting chandeliers that shimmered across the room. We reached the entrance of True Fitness. Oh my god. There were approximately six or seven workers huddled together at the entrance table. I approached them and requested for a tour. All seven pair of eyes shot laser beams towards me. It was rather intimidating. They incessantly asked who recommended me the venue and which of their worker had been calling me up. I relented to their interrogation by skimming through my phone messages in search for the True Fitness guy's number. The number which I had zero intention of saving. How awkward.

Finally, we were ushered into the compound. I was impressed. The scale was much larger than my previous expectation! However, the boxing ring was located right smack in the middle of the facilities. It was like a stage. Foreign to boxing, I shuddered when I visualised myself being flung all across the ring under the watchful eyes of many. The rooms for yoga and pilates weren't enclosed within a translucent room. In fact, it seemed to be the epitome of exposure. Separated by truly transparent glass walls, it would be severely embarrassing if my pants tore whilst busting a yogi move. Their washroom had cubicles with queer layouts. It was designed so that my hands rested on the base of the basin. Cleanliness wasn't guaranteed. It was like rinsing away the dirts off, letting it trail into the basin only to be greeted by your hands once again at it's base.

I was requested to step on a supremely high technology gadget. One I've never chance upon before. It measured BMI, muscle mass, everything. Simply by standing on it for several seconds. I was intrigued. They claimed this machine had an accuracy of 99%. I wasn't exactly impressed thought when they boasted how much they purchased the gadget for. While they explained the results of my mass that was sprinkled across an A4 paper, I realised what struck me as weird from the moment I first stepped into their fitness grounds. The silence. It was akin to being in a library. Liveliness seemed absent here. Why wasn't it buzzing with people? Why wasn't there the frequent clinging and clanging of dumbbells or irons? Why did they not blast any music? Queer.

The staffs in charge of the paperworks didn't seem to pull of a sense of professionalism. They seemed oblivious to the art of advertising. They were blunt which turned out to be rather offensive at times. Especially when they began to rant complains about their rivals. Their advertising technique portrayed them as a desperately pushy fitness centre. Definitely not a good image.

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Best part:
Almost nothing
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Located on the top level amongst the business buildings in Tampines, me and my best friend would always debate about what that was. Judging from the striking blue lights emitted amongst the pale, lifeless business building, I guessed it was a bar. My friend, on the other hand, was convinced they wouldn't have approved a bar in a business building and argued that it might just an attention-seeking office, like a design company or so. We never came to a conclusion because neither of us had the guts to find out personally.

I was introduced to True Fitness by street promoters along the interchange and they offered me a one-week trial. At that time I was looking for a gym so they caught me at the right time. The Tampines outlet of True Fitness was brilliantly glamorous, (maybe because it's new?) and I honestly would have easily succumbed to the temptation if not because of the hefty membership fees.

The entire gym is very modernized, with spotlights everywhere, the mirror walls made the entire gym look enormously spacious and the equipment was new and up-to-date. The best part about it is the members, that particular outlet was practically like a breeding ground of highly attractive youth. As you stroll by, you'll hear the loud breaths of six-pack hunks lifting heavy weights, you'll see beads of perspiration dripping from the sexy hot babes on the treadmill in their tight-fitting sports attire and don't even mention about the ladies in the yoga studio..... It's like a celebrity spokesperson, when you see your dream body on someone else, you'll get the impression that if you work as hard as them in the same way (in the same gym), your wish will be granted. Which I personally don't think so because good looks are natural (or plastic) it can't be "trained" and for a toned body it's arguable, because you need to know your body and basic work out techniques before you can achieve your ideal figure but on the other hand, I know of people who are toned by traditional sit-ups, push-ups and jogging. Either ways, it requires sheer hard work.

One thing I must point out though, is that during my trial I found myself very motivated to work out because of the presence of these good-lookers. Besides wanting to have an ideal body (who doesn't?) I found myself quite engrossed with matching up to their standards to fit in. The mirror walls everywhere did not help because I'd stare at my muscles throughout my workout to see if are toning up, and that has spurred me to persevere in my gym routine. However, that being said, I did not join True Fitness for that same reason. After that one week was over, my muscles were overworked, I wasn't for the idea of exercising over-excessively as the inconsistency and extremism might be unhealthy in the long run, which beats the whole point of me trying to healthy.

In conclusion, I feel that True Fitness is the best that it can be, aesthetically appealing, quality products with good facilities, equipment and a wide range of classes. Just don't get fooled by appearance, be it a shortcut to a hotbod..... or a bar. Hahahaha :)

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So bad

Please do not enter all branches of this fitness. Now I feel like a victim. It just feels commercial with no quality. Flashback to 6 months ago. I had enrolled for the Yoga and had the guy from True fitness call from the raffles place branch. He proposed to me kickboxing classes etc. I said okay lets try but I felt it was because the trainer didn't care about my program. I missed 2 classes from the trainer not showing up because of waking up late. On the third try he assigned me to another guy for the training. This guy just let me warm up by running on the machine for 30 minutes which left me with 30 minutes less to train. I think i paid $80 for 1 hour, running by myself for half an hour. After that my trainer quit the fitness and I was stuck. In 1 month I had only gone 3 times but the objective was 2 times a week. I was not even finished with what he said.

No one contacted me. I waited for 2 months before they said I had a new trainer. Decided to give it a try. The new guy seem to be more experienced. He asked me what my plan was. I said I needed to be well before my yoga training. He said he will design me a special program but... but i needed to buy more classes because the 12 class i bought before can't make me strong. My old program was not even finished yet before he sold me a new course. I said ok it doesn't matter. I must go on. I need this program that seemed to be helping me. I had a short time from now till my yoga training. The guy said we needed to do lessons 3 times a week. I signed a contract to add 24 more classes. In the end he didn't do what he said. Now the program is supposed to be 3 times per week. He had done the training twice before stopping and quitting the fitness centre, Again! This time it was worse. It meant 12 classes before had just finished 7 classes with +24 new class classes that did not even start yet. I asked the gym to refund me the 24 classes that i had signed with the new 2nd trainer. He sold it to me, if he left what could I do? So the gym had to pay me back right? But the worst thing was this is what I heard. I can't have my money back as there is no refund by their rules. It meant i have to continue with whichever guy they sent to me.

Oh my god. What can i do. I bought the class from someone i chose but now my hands are tied. So this is my true story. I am so frustrated and don't want to do this again with this gym. Can anyone help me get my money back? Also about their Yoga. It like u enter in a yoga factory. Just do and do with no improvement by the staff. The class schedule says "hatha yoga flow" but the teacher entered and teached Pilates. How fun is that? If u take this yoga class but u found yourself in Pilates. It is such a bad organization. I don't even know how this gym can win any awards.

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True fitness raffles place
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Good if you are willing to pay

I went on a trial with True Fitness for a week last month. I like the equipment and classes, however I feel uncomfortable with the persistent sales calls and pushy sales staff. The classes were of wider variety than California. The equipment available were rather new and interesting.

However I find the membership price a little to expensive for me to tolerate the pushy sales people and the hygiene of the locker area was also a push factor. The locker area were not well maintained and the dim lighting in the workout area is not friendly for older crowd as I have seen an uncle hitting his head after bending over to pick up his towel, not realizing he is near a bike machine.

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