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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on February 23, 2014    

This festival is a platform that enables flowers and gardens to be showcased. It is held at Gardens By The Bay for a total duration of 9 days. Both international and local green fingers designers are encouraged to flaunt their magnum opus via this festival.

Additionally, Singapore Garden Festival was organized by National Parks Board.


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Bang for your buck!

For a first-timer to Gardens by the Bay and the Singapore Garden Festival I was blown away. I visited the festival on both a weekend and a weekday and both times I was not disappointed. Local residents enjoy discounted entry rates of $10 on weekdays and $14 on weekends that allow access to the Flower Dome as well as the Garden Festival.

The festival features several themed pavilions with names like Fantasy Garden and Miniature Garden. Interior design coupled with relevant flora help to bring these themes to life. There's also a Learning Garden for children to discover how familiar vegetables are grown and how they look like before harvest.I also recall seeing a Bonsai pavilion with little award winning bonsai trees but my favourite was the mock-up of HDB balconies that furnished feasible and beautiful ideas for transforming your own home space.

There is a small stage in the middle of the festival grounds where musicians will perform live. Festival staff brought out tables and chairs in the evening and the atmosphere was absolutely fantastic. Guests brought wine and finger food and I was so tempted to go over and join them! I also highly recommend stopping by the Supertree Grove for the light show. Remember to bring your camera because the visuals are stunning.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed the gardens and the garden festival even though I'm usually not a huge fan of nature. The only drawback was the fact that it rained for me on one of my visits and as a result it was difficult for me to navigate the entire festival grounds, but pick a good sunny day and you will definitely not regret going for this.

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Take time to Smell the Roses

This place is the place to be if anyone wants to appreciate the flora and fuana that nature has bestowed upon us. Where better than Marina Bay Sands to check out their huge collection of rare plants and unique plant diversity?

Although I've only been to the garden festival once, I know that this event has been ongoing for a long time now. I think it has always been going on as separate events that promote the beauty of specific flowers of a certain species. While this year's event is being held in MBS I think the events used to be held in places that could accommodate the space. I think I have been to the Garden Festival once when they were at Suntec - the variety of flowers that they had there were stunning.

I only had to glance briefly at the sight in front of me and I could actually see that there were different colours that lined the place neatly. It was a sight to behold. While I'm not someone who loves plants, I still do like to take time to smell the roses.

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