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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on February 23, 2014    

Laneway Festival was conducted in Singapore on the 25th of January 2014. The lineup involved included Vance Joy, Kurt Vile and many more. 

This festival aims to promote fresh and unique music genres within an innovative environment. It was held at The Meadow, Gardens By The Bay.


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Growing crowds and mediocre line-up

I’m a huge fan of St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, which expanded into Singapore in 2011, bringing the live music festival scene to our small shores. So trust me when I say it pains me that the standard of the festival has reached a plateau or may even be going downhill.

It started out amazing. With the inaugural Laneway Festival held at Fort Canning Park, it felt nothing short of authentic - a passionate audience and an impeccable line-up with the likes of Foals, Warpaint, Beach House, Two Door Cinema Club, and Yeasayer. Yet, just a few years since moving to the larger-scale Gardens by the Bay, the line-up has been growing in number but reduced to a few headliners and… well, other smaller acts. Also, the venue has become so packed that it feels rather stifling.

No doubt, it’s still a fun way to spend the weekend and has a chill atmosphere to enjoy new music. While many continue heading to the bayfront annually to check out new acts, with similar festivals starting to pop up in Singapore, Laneway must up their game to maintain a loyal base of followers. And I’m rooting for them not to let us down!

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Awesome Lineup of Bands in Sunny Singapore

The Laneway Festival is an annual music festival showcasing an eclectic mix of bands, from electropop to indie rock. 2015 was Laneway’s 5th year in Singapore, and was held, as before, at the beautiful Meadows at Gardens By The Bay.

Laneway 2015 featured performances by Royal Blood, Chet Faker, Jungle, and many more. The event’s organization gets smoother and more thorough every year, with the staff handing out water bottles and special pouches that attendees could use to protect their valuables. The food at Laneway is notorious for being expensive, but credit must be given to the varied selection, with Philly cheesesteaks from Yellow Submarine, popsicles from Popaganda, pastries from Tiong Bahru Bakery and so on.

2015 was my 3rd Year at Laneway, and it was an absolutely awesome experience. The set lists and performances were stellar, and fortunately, the weather remained sunny for the most part aside from a short cloudburst in the afternoon. Even if you don’t know many of the bands, I would still recommend that you give Laneway a shot. It’s a great place for finding new bands and appreciating new genres.

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A favourite amongst music lovers across Singapore

Calling all tumblr users and indie enthusiasts across Singapore, Laneway is fast approaching! Beginning in Australia and first coming to Singapore in 2011, thousands flock every year to come and spend a day at Gardens by the Bay enjoying some of the best indie music from across the world. Tickets at $180 may sound a little steep, but for the amount of acts that you have the chance to see and the whole experience that comes with it, it’s always an event that I’m excited to see on my calendar.

Sadly, the line up can be a little hit and miss depending on the kind of music that you’re in to. The first year that I went, I got to see one of my favourite bands, get front row, and accidentally grope the artist as she leant over the barrier, so a very good day in my eyes. But then the next year was a pretty average line up, although I still ended up having a really good day. This year however, I am beyond excited. Pretty much the biggest act in the UK at the moment will be performing, and the atmosphere is guaranteed to be something else.

Laneway is one of Singapore's most popular festivals for a very good reason. It’s a fantastic opportunity to come and listen to some of your favourite artists, or in in fact just come and experience acts that you’d never even heard of before. Bring some friends and either dive into the action and try to get close to front row or just chill with a beer and some food from a distance, either way it’s always a favourite of mine.

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Atmospheric and Crazy Music

The Laneway Festival in Singapore this year was supposedly a blast. Malcolm, another writer for this site, decided to try and sell me the lineup for the concert that actually swayed me a little. I was told that for the price of slightly more than a hundred, I would get to see more than 10 bands (12 acts to be exact) that would be performing live.

And tell me about Indie - I actually knew some of the bands that were coming to perform. Being a little cash broke, I decided to give it a pass. However, subsequently, my friend had a free ticket and offered it to me - it was a pity I decided to decline the invitation. She later told me that the bands were much better LIVE.

Too bad, what a pity for me, I guess I'll have to live with not seeing Daughter and Chvrches live any time soon.

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