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Clean And Green Singapore

Clean And Green Singapore

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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on February 22, 2014    

Clean And Green Singapore is an annual carnival that encourages fellow Singaporeans to harnass the habit of being environmentally-friendly. Events to promote it are held in numerous venues including the north-west and south west sections of Singapore.

There is even exclusive awards alotted to venues that are impressively hygienic. The awards ceremony is called ' CGS Awards'. The awards are divided into several ' National Level Awards' too. The 'National Level Awards' comprises of 'Best Constituency', 'Best Community Achievement' and 'Best Community Commitment'.


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A reminder not to take what we have for granted

February was an extremely hot month indeed. For me, the perception of Singapore being a 'garden city' shifted to that of a 'chaota plant arena' after relentless hot, sunny days without rain forced the natural vegetation here to beat a retreat. Not for the first time, I felt as if I'm losing something I've always taken for granted.

The environment is integral to your everyday life, it determines your health and hence your overall well-being (compare a smoggy, concrete environment to one abound with lush vegetation an d clean smelling air) to even your comfort (would you like walking on a foul smelling street where you keep stepping on random pieces of trash). Hence, I wholeheartedly endorse the launch of Clean and Green Singapore.

Generally, I find the concept sound and the mode very well planned. For example, I once saw an exhibition at the carnival which informed me of many facts, such as tons of garbage produced in Singapore yearly. Moreover, the general use of social media has helped in spreading much awareness on the importance of preserving the sanctity of our environment (A very important message indeed).

Practically, giving out awards for hygiene is a brilliant stroke. This create competitive and hence motivation of parties involved in vie-ing for the mark of honour. Hence, it is actually sustainable in ensuring clean, well tended streets and housing estates. Another point I can see complements this is Singapore's strict laws with regards to littering, which enhances its effectiveness.

Overall, a good initiative!

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