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National Young Women Leaders’ Day

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National Young Women Leaders' Day is an annual event organized by the Halogen Foundation and Singapore Chinese Girls' School. This conference influences young women in Singapore to reach their own personal goals and motivate them to help those who are leading to achieve their goals.

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A great step forward

With the difference of only one chromosome, with males of XX and females XY, it could be argued that males and females differ hugely based on genes alone. However, I felt that whilst females may be different from males physically and mentally, the essence of the person is largely the same in members of both sexes.

Hence, I felt that the National Young Women Leaders' Day is definitely a step forward in the annals of Singapore history. There is huge potential in women in contributing positively to the country. It is extremely heartening to see efforts being made to promote leadership in women, as with their unique perspectives of things, their generally cautious and well thought through modus operandi and also their ability to perceive things more sensitively, these traits can indeed oil the cogs of industry and commerce in the country. Moreover, women leaders could make large contributions in other arenas such as politics, education and even in the military (Don't laugh, one of the most capable women I respect is my unit's RQMS, whose a frigging experienced ma'am).

Cheers to future lady leaders!

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Inspiring Leaders

A few years ago, I represented my secondary school as the Vice President of the Student Leaders' Board to attend this talk that takes place annually.

Initially, I was afraid that I would not be able to relate to what would be shared during the seminar but to my amazement, my attention was entirely captured by the speakers that day. One of the speakers that left a deeper impression and inspired me most was Nanz Chong- Komo. She taught us how she faced reality and how she braved through those difficult and desperate times when her 1.99 business went bust.

I am thankful for the opportunity given to me to attend the talk and I am over the moon to see more of such seminars surfacing as it indicates the higher position that women stand in today's society.

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Inspiring and motivational

The National Young Women Leaders Day is a compulsory school event for every sec 2 and 4 student in my school. Having attended the conference twice, I must say that I have really benefitted immensely from it.

The event consisted of 4-5 women speakers delivering each of their speeches with engagement, confidence, and empowerment of the hundreds of young girls as their audience. I vividly recall women leaders such as Ms Yip Pin Xiu, a Paralympics swimmer who suffers from muscular dystrophy recounting her struggles and the challenges she overcame to achieve what she achieved. I was truly inspired and in awe of what the various women leaders achieved in their own fields, be it sports, volunteerism or journalism.

The event was indeed an empowering one and motivated me to strive for what I stood for and believed in. Call it a feminist event or what not; I see it, rather, as the abolishment of sexism and gender discrimination and of course, the empowerment of the women to become leaders in their own rights.

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My school made it compulsory for all secondary 2s and 4s to attend this conference every year. Out of the two times I've gone, I've been empowered by the speakers.

I like this conference very much, as it inspires me to dream and achieve my goals. Every year, a group of women leaders are invited to speak to us, and their speeches are always peppered with interesting anecdotes. It makes me think about how much I can become, and it also allows my friends and I to bond over such an event. I aspire to become a woman leader one day, and to empower the generation after me.

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