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David Tan
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National Day is the commemorate the independence of Singapore and is marked as 9th August. Singapore has been independent since 1965. This day is marked with a nation wide event, the National Day Parade which has been held at the defunct National Stadium, the Padang, and the F1 grandstand.


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(Updated: July 15, 2013)

Has National Day Changed?

National Day has always been a time where Singaporeans get together. It is a time where we could come together and really feel bonded. Besides National Service for Singaporean men, this is the other time where Singaporeans feel their sense of belonging.

What is National Day without the National Day Parade? As the marching contingencies proudly march pass the parade square and platform, we as viewers can't help but to feel proud for them and for our nation. Every year, the National Day Parade gets a new theme song along side with a chain of performances. But some Singaporeans complain that National Day could never be the same again.

With the exponential influx of foreign talents each and every year, Singaporeans just don't feel home any more. With the foreign population increasing, some Singaporeans wonder if the sense of belonging could still be retained. They also said that the National Day theme songs have fallen a great deal compared to those that were sung by Kit Chan, Tanya Chua and Stefanie Sun. In short, they feel National Day is just going to get worse each year.

However, I feel that isn't really the reason why National Day has changed. Yes, we are experiencing an increase in foreigners each and every year, but doesn't that make some of them Singaporeans too? Instead, I believe Singaporeans no longer just belong to the 4 major races. Singaporean now constitutes to a diversity of race and culture.

And the National Day theme song? I believe this change is inevitable. Singapore is constantly finding new talents each year for the National Day theme song. If they kept clinging onto the veteran singers for the NDP theme songs, how can the new singers and the music industry grow? Furthermore, we should give new faces in the music industry to share their love for Singapore as well. In my opinion, theme songs in the past were more sentimental and emotional. Today, the theme songs are more of a relaxed and fresh genre.

I feel it is unfair to push all the blame onto the government for not delivering a good National Day Parade like the old days. Yes, they have been allowing more foreigners to come into Singapore but is that really the only reason why we do not feel a sense of belonging to our nation anymore?

I feel that social media plays a part in this as well. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc has created this virtual gap between fellow Singaporeans. Showing your love for Singapore has never been easier. By liking the Facebook page, you are indirectly declaring your love for Singapore. But in the past, you would probably do something more like going down to the National Day Parade or volunteering to help in some of the event segments. We also no longer have a reason to watch the National Day Parade on TV or watch it live since we can always catch the part we missed on Youtube. Many a times, we only watch the portions of the National Day Parade we like to watch. Therefore, National Day indeed has become more and more virtual these days. That is the real reason why National Day could never be the same again.

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Singapore here we go!

I was presently surprised at how the production team for the national day parade is able to churn out different styles and themes for it every year, despite the events remains roughly the same (and most of the themes were unique and attractive)

Other than celebrating Singapore's birthday, having this national day gives all citizens a sense of belonging and identifies us as one whole nation. Most of the events held were actually consistent (like army marching and stuff) so I will just skip those parts. My favourite event is actually hearing guest singers sing the national day theme song (its like being in a live concert) as well as the magnificent fireworks which never fails to amaze me.

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Heartwarming memories

The memory was cheering on top of my lungs, clapping along with touching national day songs, singing fervently our National Anthem with my schoolmates despite rain beating on us and loving the creative National Day bag is still fresh in my miind, as if National Day Parade (NDP) in 2007 was just yesterday. That was the day when my schoolmates and I went for a rehearsal of the NDP as Primary 5 students.

National Day is one of the most celebrated days in Singapore. I always look forward to NDP every year although I have never managed to get tickets to the parade through the balloting. My family and I never fail to catch the live telecast of the parade - the fireworks at the end of the parade is so dazzling!

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A day to be patriotic and proud of our nation

Forget about those awful mornings whereby we curse about how we have to squeeze in the sardine-packed trains or bus, smelling random scents from random commuters.

Oh, and discard those negative and enervating impulses at heart, on the GST rates, high prices, inflation, and the daily mundane chores of work as well as life in Singapore.

On August 9, it's a time to celebrate and exalt the achievements of our nation.

Yes, Singapore is a place that ain't easy to live in - fines are imposed on people almost on every single act, there are rules we are obliged to follow, prices that are affordable yet somewhat pricey. We can't deny that there is always something citizens like us want to lodge a complain on.

But as we frown and furrow our brows on this minor issues and trivial matters, let's be contended with Singapore - for it's safety, assurance and security it provides us with. As we compare it to many other countries, we should count ourselves lucky.

On this joyous occasion, it is heartening to witness the commemoration of our nation's achievement and graceful aging with sagacity, getting better every year. Oh, don't forget the excitement we get as we look forward to the goodie bags every year of that day!

Let's hope such patriotism continues to burn bright in the hearts of our fellow Singaporeans on every National Day!

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(Updated: November 14, 2012)

oh how we love singapore.

9th of August.
This is the day where Singaporeans hold their right fists to their chests and pledge their love and allegiance to the country. The country where we grew up and natured in. The place where we belong.

This day is of great significance. Every year, there would be a National day parade, whereby citizens would have a public holiday to rest and for all to celebrate the nation's birthday. It is truly something to be happy about, Singapore is maturing year by year.

We must always stand by singapore and be united as one. Never forget this day from the past and the significance it holds to us singaporeans. Remember to proudly declare that we are independent and free from the control of others.

All hail Singapore!
"this is my countryyyy, these are my friendssss, this is my futureeee, this is my ....."

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True Unity

I believe that every Singaporean school goer gets to attend the National Day Parade when they are Primary 5. However, when I attended the parade then, it was all fun and games and simply singing along the songs and enjoying fireworks. I enjoyed myself, but I did not learn the true purpose of National Day.

Years later, my friend had tickets to the parade and invited me along. I was stoked because I always watch the parade on television and craved to attend it once more. It was extremely sunny that day, and the sun blazed on our shoulders as we squinted at the parade happening on the floating platform. It was a fantastic show they put on, and I could see the effort that all the performers put into everything that they presented to us, and I felt the true atmosphere of the event finally, by being there in person.

When I cannot attend the parade, I often watch the fireworks together with my friends by squeezing with everybody else at City Hall, and it is still a great sight to behold, despite the crowd.

The National Day Parade is certainly an event worth attending and I am also happy that the tickets are free of charge!

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The day of pride

Singapore achieved independence on 9th August 1965, and it is without a doubt a day of celebration. Despite the small size of our country, we have achieved much in a short period of time, and the parade every year rightly shows it off.

From the army commander shouting commands to the amazing fireworks, this is something that each and every Singaporean should experience at least once in his/her life. Also, in the weeks preceding this event, most outlets and shops will offer an XX% discount on their goods, making it the perfect time to go shopping.

Tourists, if possible, join the revelry at the Marina Bay Platform next year!

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Increasingly typical every year, but I still catch it anyway.

National Day itself constantly reminds me of how proud I am to be Singaporean, and how grateful I am to be living on this sunny island despite all the complains being thrown around each day.

I hardly expect anything more than 'what took place last year' every year when I catch the National Day Parade (NDP), and true enough I seem to be seeing similar things take place every single year. It still is entertaining in a way, though, from the theme song of each year (I do look forward to hearing the different NDP songs, no matter how cliche they may be written and composed, such as this year's "Love At First Light") to the simple yet dazzling fireworks.

Yes, it's getting pretty repetitive as the years go by, but there will always be things to admire and be in awe about every parade. There will always be parts of NDP that I will always look forward to as well. Knowing every year that the parade is taking place assures me that our country continues to stand tall and strong.

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Getting stale in it's variety...

I'm not being unpatriotic when I'm saying this; I love my country as much as I possibly can. I just think that the NDP is getting stale and repetitive over the years.

Year after year, it's basically the same songs and the same dance sequences. The only items that excite me are the military parade segment and the fireworks display. Everything else in between is just basically a repetition of the previous year's.

All being said, I'm waiting for the day the NDP moves back to the National Stadium once it's finished. That will be another milestone in the history of our NDP.

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National Pride

NDP is always one of my favourite days of the year, as it is a time where the nation comes together as one and celebrates the independence of Singapore. This is a day where Singaporeans started putting up all the Singapore Flags and every block of flats would be lined with the red and white of our nation flag.

This is also a day where most of us would try our hands in getting free tickets to the parade so that you can get to enjoy the fun and laughter with everybody else. For those who could not get any tickets, like me, we would stick in front of the TV and enjoy the biggest parade of the year. It is always great to see the smiling faces of the participants at the finale and even the mobile column display which takes place every few years where the strength and might of Singapore is displayed for all to see and be reminded.

I have taken part in the parade a couple of times, and every time it was with pride that I completed the event. To tell myself that I had a small hand in delivering this event to the Singapore. It was always a great but tiring experience.

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