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Star Cruises is a member of Genting Hong Kong, and is the third largest cruise line in the world. They dominate the Asia-Pacific market and are credited with almost single handedly developing the cruise industry in the Asia-Pacific region.


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Feasting done properly

If travelling is not so much your thing but you still want the feeling of leaving the country, then a trip on star cruises will put a smile on your face. Just like most cruises, there is plenty of food, outdoor activities, live performances and entertainment options. But what makes Star Cruise or more specifically the Superstar Virgo more special than other cruise liners is that it serves up seriously good Asian chinese food.

Despite the need to churn out massive volumes of food to satisfy the many hungry families, the chefs behind the restaurants have managed to consistently whip out seriously good food.

For me there is little about the outdoor pool and live performances that I find interesting, it is the food that will keep my coming aboard again.

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Perfect for young family vaction

Every parent will know just how much of a hassle it is to travel with babies. Minor things like hot water, tissues, clean toilets, a place to change a diaper all become major pitfalls you have to watch out for.

So when my wife suggested taking a cruise, I had my doubts. But our experience was perfect for our young family. Everything we needed was on the ship. Clean rooms with even a baby cot provided and all the necessaries provided by their attentive staff.

All the entertainment was on the ship as well, which made it very easy for us to enjoy ourselves with out having to leave the ship and rough it out with the baby.

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Lovely cruise experience!

I adore Star Cruise Virgo. Back when my sister was younger, my family used to go on cruise trips on Star Cruise Virgo all the time, and I've always enjoyed running amok in the cruise, and stuffing my stomach full with all the various buffets onboard.

The flooring of the cruise is carpeted, usually in maroon or royal blue, and when coupled with the dim lightings and elegant stairways, lends the cruise a very classy atmosphere. There are various restaurants throughout the cruise, so there is no doubt that food is pretty much abundant in the ship. I particularly enjoyed the Mediterranean Buffet, which offered a plentiful selection of snacks and finger food. There is also Western cuisine onboard, as well as a Chinese restaurant, so the cruise can definitely cater for all tastes.

There are also various activity rooms on the cruise, so passengers can definitely find something to do onboard, be it going to the library, swimming, going to the gym or playing a light game of mini golf. The swimming pool on Star Cruise Virgo is pretty impressive, as is definitely not just any run of the mill swimming pool, as it houses slides and jacuzzis.

As for the price of boarding the cruise, I would say that it can be a little steep. However, there are frequent promotions and offers, so be sure to look out for them. Definitely worth the slight splurge for a few days of luxe living!

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(Updated: December 05, 2012)

Singaporean Style

Star cruises is catered towards the Asian taste, and indeed, it makes Singaporeans feel at home. The food is excellent, with both Asian and Western food to cater to everyone. The live shows are spectacular, special kudos to their acrobatic shows. There is never nothing to do, as the ship lines up several programs throughout the day I have been on Superstar Virgo 4 times and superstar Libra once, and have enjoyed every trip.

However, I do have several complaints. I feel that the ship is too 'Singaporean', in the sense that everyone is too 'kiasu'. People start queuing outside the restaurants half an hour before meal time and they rush for seats at the buffet restaurant. It takes away the comfort and relaxation that one is supposed to enjoy during a cruise. I personally prefer it when everything is hassle free, and we do not need to rush around. After all, it is a time for us to relax and enjoy. Also, I am highly disappointed about their embarkation and disembarkation procedures, which pales in comparison to other cruise lines such as Costa.

I woud recommend star cruises for families with young children, especially first time cruisers, but not to couples or those who truly wish to take it easy.

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All you do is eat all day

2 years ago, I went on my first cruise trip on Star Virgo before they had a major revamp of the cruise.

It was a unique experience “living” on board in the sea. For those who may be interested, keep a look out on some of the amazing promotions that Star Cruise has occasionally. Sometimes, promotions can be in the form of buy 3 tickets get 1 free, free cabin upgrades or buy a 2nd ticket at half price. Do not expect much from the cabins which are minimalist in their facilities.

I would say, there is honestly nothing much on board except to eat all day. If you are into casinos, then cruise might be suitable for you. We are given coupons to dine in a few choices of restaurants on board and they are mostly buffet style. Most of the restaurants on Start Virgo have windows overlooking the sea, therefore, it is quite therapeutic to enjoy your breakfast buffet while looking out at the vast sea.

On top of that, there are also pools with long slides as well as jaccuzi! However, the pool can get really crowded which makes swimming pretty impossible. If I have another chance to go on cruise, I don’t think I would again.

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'Row row row your cruise gently down the ocean'!

As a cruise company, it is important to keep your passengers safe, and to keep them entertained at the same time. Star Cruises has managed to do just that. With an accident-free record which has been maintained since it first docked in Singapore, its cruise 'Virgo' was also one of the biggest cruises in the world at the time of its glory.

I went on my first cruise 'ride' on the Star Cruise 'Leo', which is smaller than the Virgo. However, it was still very thrilling to be on the cruise. I was only six or seven, and they had these huge arcade centres inside which excited me a lot. The food on the cruise was delicious. I remember I had these sausages that didn't taste like food that could be found in Singapore, but it was delicious for me nonetheless. The second encounter I had with Star Cruises was on the 'Virgo', which was much larger than the 'Leo'. I don't remember what occasion it was, but they had these mascots who took pictures together with the passengers! Seeing mascots so lively and cheerful is hard to come by on cruise ships nowadays.

The price was quite affordable in the past (probably due to fuel prices), but now it has increased, ranging from $300 to $600. Don't be Mr. Scrooge though! Enjoy yourself while you can. It's worth the experience, and I promise you that!

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A Pleasant Experience

Of all the different ships I have found Virgo to be the best by far. As for the meals which are all inclusive in your package, I would recommend skipping the medetarian buffet and go for the western or chinese buffet.

In my experiences I've enjoyed the cruises and the staff are very helpful. Our trip itinerary included some time to disembark at Penang and Phuket for a quick land trip. We got to eat some of the famous local delicacies like the asam laksa. It was quite rushed and we did not have much time for shopping but I guess that can be expected, so we weren't too disappointed by that.

Overall I found Star Cruise to be an enjoyable experience but I am curious to try the different ones they have from Singapore now!

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